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  1. Surferboy567

    runDisney Springtime Surprise Weekend

    If you’ve been looking for a new and exciting running event, the runDisney Springtime Surprise Weekend at Walt Disney World Resort is for you—because it’s a completely different experience every year! You never know what to expect, except that it’s going to be fun and distinctively runDisney...
  2. Surferboy567

    Armchair Imagineering: The Princess and the Frog retheme of Splash Mountain

    Preface I do not agree with the decision to retheme Splash Mountain you can check my post history if you do not believe me. The reality of the situation is that it will be rethemed. So, instead of campaigning to save Splash Mountain when we know Disney will likely not reverse their decision at...
  3. Surferboy567

    Obvious Future Medal Design

    Here’s a fun thread I thought of last night when looking at my Iron Man 5K medal. What is an obvious design that you can see being a medal? From any corner of the Disney universe. It can also be a set of medals or themes. The only obvious rule I’ll put into place is that this design can NOT...
  4. Surferboy567

    Attraction Themed RunDisney Virtual Run

    Seeing as last year I did the Iron Man virtual 5K and had such a fun time with it. I was super excited to see the theme for this year’s virtual 5K and wanted to discuss! The theme being Disney Attractions! I definitely want to do all of the races. Looking forward to seeing the metals as well as...
  5. Surferboy567

    Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway SPOILER Thread

    Share your SPOILER thoughts, reactions, and any other spoiler based observations about Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway.
  6. Surferboy567

    Trip Report (Complete) Till the Spire, a Trip Report five years in the making (January 2020)

    Bright Suns or (Rising Moons) depending on when you are reading this. This trip report is unique and calls for a different kind of introduction. As you may realize this is a trip report written for your reading pleasure. This, however, isn't just any trip report due to the detailed nature of...
  7. Surferboy567

    Frozen Ever After Update?

    So...I just got out of Frozen 2 and I really enjoyed it. Was wondering is their any chance Frozen ever After gets the frozen 2 treatment? New songs...other elements incorporated (those who have seen the movie will know exactly what I’m taking about).
  8. Surferboy567

    Feature Request: General Disscussion

    Was wondering if we can make another category in general for Galaxy's Edge Posts? I believe there are a decent amount of discussion posts that could fit nicely in such a category. Maybe even move some threads like the custom lightsaber, multiple threads discussing galaxy edge and custom droids...
  9. Surferboy567

    Expedition Everest...How bad is it?

    For many, this is a silly question. Historically I’ve been a wimp when it comes to “bigger rides”. Recently, though after going to Disney for so many years and missing out on a handful of great attractions I’ve decided that I need to branch out. Resulting in my most recent trip, finally...
  10. Surferboy567

    Must Do Disney...

    I think we should talk about a long neglicated show in the resorts...Must Do Disney! I always like watching this show not because it’s partially good or anything but because it has become a tradition among my family. I do have to ask though why does Disney REFUSE to update this? I’d imagine they...
  11. Surferboy567

    WDW 50th Anniversary...Space Mountain

    I was wondering as a part of “50 additions“ for the 50th anniversary is it possible that space mountain could get some love to bring it up to the Disneyland version? Such as on board speakers, better projections etc?
  12. Surferboy567

    Reputation Readers...Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge

    If you remember when Galaxy’s Edge was announced Disney told us about reputation. If you crash the falcon their will be consequences. You could side with the resistance or first order etc. This system kind of materialized with the Play Disney Parks app and the Star Wars datapad in it where you...
  13. Surferboy567

    Disneyland Trip Report August 24-25th: To the Edge of the Galaxy

    This is my first trip report I’ve ever written depending on how this is received I may do more for my future trips that being said let’s start with some general info about myself I’ve been going to WDW since I was 6 months old. Been their probably 20+ times. I’ve been to DL once five years ago...
  14. Surferboy567

    Reservations for WDW...Savi’s Workshop & Droid Depot

    I was able to secure myself a Oga’s reservation no problem, however when I try to either book Droid Depot or Savi’s I get a “something went wrong” error. I was wondering if anyone has had this problem. Was asking this question in the main thread to no avail, so is this normal? I just want to...
  15. Surferboy567

    Trip Planning in 2020...Feedback Requested for Current Plan

    The general gist here is that we are going for 7 great days, this is my friends first time in Disney ever (it’s like my 18+ time). It is my first trip not with my family. I just want to show them most of the things world has to offer...that being said as of July 26th here is the current plan...
  16. Surferboy567

    Aladdin in the Parks...

    Aladdin is one of my favorite Disney films. I even enjoyed the live action version with Will Smith. With Aladdin back in the spotlight thanks to that film being so successful, do we think it’s possible Aladdin could get some love and maybe become a dark ride like Beauty and the Beast. It...
  17. Surferboy567

    Per Jim Hill, the Star Wars restaurant is coming.

    As normal, this is a RUMOR and should be taken with a grain of salt. Jim Hill isn’t always the best source but has been getting good intel as of late. On the newest episode of Looking at Lucasfilm, Jim Hill reports that the restaurant that was originally in the concept art for galaxy’s edge...
  18. Surferboy567

    Marvel vs Star Wars: The Tale of Two Different Ways Disney Implements Properties

    Their has been something bugging me that I wanted to bring up. I want to preface this with some background I’m a huge fan of all things Disney animated Pixar you name it, and immersive lands. Star Wars and Marvel are huge parts of my life, and have continued to be thought out my years...with...
  19. Surferboy567

    The Saber Forge: Savi’s Hand Built Lightsabers

    Greetings Weary Travelers, Aspiring children of the force, and Blade Builders ...Do you seek the gatherers? Are you worthy enough to pass the gathering? “Build a lightsaber you shall, but harvest a crystal each one of you must” “Which will you choose, a simple grip? A curved approach? One...
  20. Surferboy567

    The Merchandise of Batuu/Black Spire Outpost

    With all the merchandise being shown off at Celebration and the hype around it I feel it is appropriate to have a separate thread for the unspoken gem of Batuu...the Merch! Use this thread to discuss everything in terms of merch around Batuu. I'll post some of the merch we know about below...
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