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  1. SweetDuffy101

    News Club Mouse Beat Officially Debuts.

    Surprise Surprise! from Tomorrowland`s Showbase 2000, After 6 months of refurb and 8 months after One mans dream II: The magic Lives on! took its final bow. Oriental land Company Surprised us with a brand new Regular stage show on June 30th `Club Mouse Beat` was announced. Debuted on July 02...
  2. SweetDuffy101

    Tokyo DisneySea 20th Anniversary "Time To Shine"

    Today on OLC shareholders meeting, for the first time ever they've revealed the new Slogan and Theme for its upcoming grand celebration"Time To Shine". Celebration begins September 2021.
  3. SweetDuffy101

    Rumor Mickey and The magician Coming to US PARKS.

    I read on some blogs that in exchange of Mickeys Philharmagic coming to Disneyland Paris. Disneyland Paris Will be exchanging it with Mickey And the Magician at US Disney parks. Where will it fit In WDW? or Disneyland?
  4. SweetDuffy101

    E-Ticket! Tokyo Disney Resort new ticketing System.

    Tokyo Disney Resort Rolls Out E-Ticket! a brand new system to enjoy a day at a park with your very own smartphone.The new system will start February 20 2018 . It can issue a Fastpass ticket and Lottery ticket for now only available on Oneday passports and Special event passport only. Regarding...
  5. SweetDuffy101

    Universal Spectacle Parade-Best of Hollywood!

    USJ just announced a brand new Nighttime parade that will shatter the nighttime parade concept with Projection mapping all over the parade route of USJ ,Giving life for the most popular Universal Faranchise Minions, Transformers, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter through Jurrasic park. and...
  6. SweetDuffy101

    [New Magic kingdom parade in 2019]

    I just saw this video on Youtube called Magical of Wondrous Parade coming to the Magic Kingdom in 2019. Apparently it’s a daytime Parade not a nighttime parade tentative debut says that it will be in spring 2019.
  7. SweetDuffy101

    Pixar Fest 2018!

    Starting in the Beginning of 2018. Both Disneyland park and DCA will have a special event called "Pixar Fest" I don't really know what are the details of this event is, But it will have Fireworks/shows/Merch themed to Pixar. and at the Same year Tokyo Disneysea will have a Pixar Themed event...
  8. SweetDuffy101

    TOKYO DISNEY RESORT 2017/2018 offerings

    Publicity Department Oriental Land Co., Ltd. Exciting Offerings Coming to Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea in Fiscal Year 2017 URAYASU, CHIBA— Tokyo Disneyland® Park and Tokyo DisneySea® Park announced their annual schedule for fiscal year 2017 (April 1, 2017 – March 31, 2018). The two...
  9. SweetDuffy101

    Universal wonder Christmas 2015

    This year USJ just put on a grand scale show Called The Gift of Angels3: The Voice of Angels. This will will wow you. literally its impressive and they're using drones in the show like disney patent but never really happened.
  10. SweetDuffy101

    Frozen Fantasy and My sweet Duffy celebrates 10 years.

    Two of this year’s biggest events at Tokyo Disney Resort are returning for an encore engagement in 2016. Anna and Elsa’s Frozen Fantasy and Sweet Duffywill come back with updated editions in the new year. Frozen Fantasy will feature many of the same events as 2015’s edition with a special...
  11. SweetDuffy101

    TDR new ticketing system. Fall 2016

    a new ticketing has been announced at TDR parks where on weekends you need to reserve a ticket to enter the parks. this way the parks won't reach capacity during weekends and construction is set to start in Fall 2016. (Be aware that if you don't reserve a date you can't enter both parks.) and...
  12. SweetDuffy101

    TDR 4th Disney Hotel.

    Tokyo Disney Resort Might open a new Disney Hotel in the near future.as of last month There was a permit filed at the resort regarding a new hotel and owned by Walt Disney Enterprises. not OLC. Really interesting is that WDC is starting to invest some money at Tokyo.
  13. SweetDuffy101

    TDR Christmas 2015.

    The Christmas press for TDR has been released by OLC. I've summarize the entertainment section. On Tokyo Disneyland -New Parade Mickeys Christmas Story. Featuring Disney Friends,Princesses and of Course Frozen. (100 performers,7 Units with a FROZEN finale float.During show stop snow will fall...
  14. SweetDuffy101

    Tokyo Disneyland Electrical Parade Dreamlights 2015

    Tokyo Disneyland Recently re-Debut Dreamlights with 8 new floats and some music tweaks. new floats with almost has the same design as the old ones but with new technology integrated into it. -Blue Fairy -the Pegasus(formerly known as the knights) -Peter pan -Small world Unit(4 Floats)...
  15. SweetDuffy101

    The Year of Wishes! the Tokyo DisneySea 15th anniversary Celebration.

    http://dpost.jp/2015/06/11/wp-24913/ http://www.olc.co.jp/en/news/olcgroup/20150611_01e.pdf Starting on April 15th 2016 through March 17 2017 Tokyo DisneySea will celebrate their 15th anniversary. This years theme is Crystal ,Wishes and Sea. Upcoming entertainments -Big band Beat (Renewal)...
  16. SweetDuffy101

    New Fantasyland Tokyo/Orlando

    According to Dpost.jp this expansion plan at tokyo was a joined project with magic kingdoms fantasyland and according to the article the construction was to begin in 2011 and to open in 2013's 30th Celebration. as part of its offerings .
  17. SweetDuffy101

    Tokyo Disneyland/Sea expands!

    http://www.tokyodisneyresort.jp/blog/pr141030/?adpcnt=7uK_2Ul Above is the link of the press release. -Tokyo Disneyland gets Famtasyland Forest with a different theme and without removing Toontown -Tomorrowland Bids goodbye to Starjets and Autopia -Alice in wonderland Moves in and Beauty and...
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