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  1. ilovelabs2021

    Universal is dropping indoor mask mandate for vaccinated individuals

    Will Disney follow suit? Everyone will just say they are vaccinated b/c it says specifically on the Universal website that they are not asking for proof of vaccination.
  2. ilovelabs2021

    Grand Floridian Cafe

    We are booked here on one of our MK days as we couldn't get Chef Mickey's. I am not jazzed about the sit down options at MK and you can now walk to the GF. The menu looks very tasty. Any one want to chime in on this place?
  3. ilovelabs2021

    Dining day was today!

    Our TA got us the following this morning: Liberty Tree Tavern, Sci-Fi, Teppan Edo, Beaches and Cream, Topolino’s, and Oga’s. The only one she couldn’t get was Chef Mickey’s. She is setting alerts to see if she can get us one, but honestly, we do have a character meal already, so if it doesn’t...
  4. ilovelabs2021

    More park reservation advice

    Here are our current park reservations for our July trip: Arrival day, M: Epcot T: MK W: HS (or waterpark) Th: HS (or waterpark) F: HS (or waterpark) Sat: AK Sun: Epcot Mon: MK Departure day, M: Epcot I have three reservations for HS W-F to give us some flexibility on which day we...
  5. ilovelabs2021

    Liberty Tree Tavern or Garden Grill?

    My kids who are 11 AND 13 want to eat at both of these places on our July trip, but seeing as though the menus are so similar, I think we should just choose one. We are planning on two other character meals, so not sure we need a third. Any opinions out there?
  6. ilovelabs2021

    Best day to go to a water park?

    Is there a better day than others to go to a water park? Right now the plan is for us to attend BB (or TL if open) on a Saturday, but I'm wondering if that is a bad idea. Our dining day isn't until May 6, so we have time to decide, but I want to have our park days somewhat settled by then so...
  7. ilovelabs2021

    Looking for a few more restaurants

    We like to do one sit down meal a day. For our 8 night trip in July, I am planning on seeking reservations for the following: Beaches and Cream (never been) Chef Mickey's (never been) Teppan Edo (I know there mixed reviews on this place, but my kids really wanted to go last time we went and we...
  8. ilovelabs2021

    Water park question

    We plan to go a water park for our July trip. The last time I was at an outdoor water park was YEARS ago. Is there place to put your flip flops before you get in line for a slide? Or do you suggest we get water shoes? Thanks!
  9. ilovelabs2021

    Another park reservation question

    So, we have just increased our July trip from 7 to 8 nights and thus have added another park day. Here is what we have now; I changed our second MK to our last park day, but am not sure about what to do on Sunday. Arrival day, Mon, Epcot Tues, HS Wed, MK Th, Epcot Fri, HS Sat, AK Sun, ? Mon...
  10. ilovelabs2021

    Il Mulino/Shula's feedback

    I am trying to decide on a restaurant at the Swolphin for our July trip as we are staying at Beach Club and will be close by. We would like to have one "fancier" dinner. I am thinking Il Mulino. Shula's looks very good, but the prices are high, which is understandable since it is a...
  11. ilovelabs2021

    Back and forth, MK and Contemporary

    Has anyone ever gone to MK for opening and walked over to the Contemporary for a meal and then gone back to the park? We would like to fit in Chef Mickey's, but I don't want to take up the morning when there are no fastpasses for rides, so I am thinking of a later reservation (11:45) so we can...
  12. ilovelabs2021

    Feedback on park reservations

    I previously posted about this, but thought I would start a new thread as I have made some changes. Can I please have some feedback? We are going 7/5-7/12 and staying at Beach Club. We have two reservations for HS as we want to maximize our chances of getting a boarding pass for ROTR. Thx...
  13. ilovelabs2021

    Park reservations advice

    We are booked for 6 days/5 nights at Beach Club in early July. What do you think of these reservations? Arrival day-Epcot; Day 2-MK; Day 3-HS; Day 4-MK; Day 5-AK; Departure Day-HS (have a late flight) We have two for HS to maximize our chances of getting a boarding pass for ROTR and two for...
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