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  1. aliceismad

    When is your favorite month to visit the Mouse?

    I'm looking at options for 2021. DD will still be young enough that pulling her out of school isn't going to make her miss anything. (And her school is one of the seemingly rare ones that supports parents taking vacations during school time.) Our previous two trips were mid-May 2019 and late...
  2. aliceismad

    Star Wars Dessert Party

    Hi, all, How do we feel about the Star Wars dessert party? This trip includes a milestone birthday for my DH, and he's a big Star Wars fan. Plus it seems like you get more for the money, since you can use the time for meet & greets (is that still true?). Also, if we get the party (which starts...
  3. aliceismad

    Rank the current nighttime shows

    How would you rank the current nighttime offerings at Disney World? What's the most important for you to see when you visit? Which do you skip? Happily Ever After Once Upon a Time IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth Fantasmic! Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular Wonderful World of Animation...
  4. aliceismad

    Flower & Garden Kitchen operating times

    I can't seem to find this anywhere, but maybe I'm not looking in the right places. What time do the Flower & Garden Kitchens open? Is it the same time as World Showcase?
  5. aliceismad

    Which restaurants are too nice for kids?

    We love good restaurants, particularly my husband, who will turn 40 during our WDW trip. But while we’re on vacation, we’d prefer to keep our 5 year old with us for meals. She’s well behaved (for her age) and is an adventurous eater (loves seafood in particular). But I wouldn’t dream of taking...
  6. aliceismad

    Which hotel for 2 short nights of a split stay?

    My family and I (me, DH, and DD age 5) will be staying 7 magical nights in WDW in May. Our last 5 nights have already been booked by renting points for Bay lake Tower. I’m looking for recommendations on where to stay for the first two nights. We’ve been to WDW just once before and only for three...
  7. aliceismad

    If you can only go once...

    If you knew that in the next 5+ years you'd probably only get one chance to take a weeklong trip to WDW, would you go in 2019? Or would you wait? For background, my daughter turns 5 next spring. Part of me says wait until she's a little older. Part of me says it will be magical for her now when...
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