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  1. monorail81

    Wolfgang Puck Express Tropical Tea

    Does anyone know what brand the tropical iced tea was at Wolfgang Puck Express? I miss it and wanted to try to buy some to make at home.
  2. monorail81

    Train refurb in Germany?

    Let me start by saying this isn't my picture. Saw the picture on another group to which I belong. The person is at EPCOT today and spotted the outdoor train tracks on Germany are missing. I am hoping that the stakes left in the ground are a good indication they are just rehabbing the tracks...
  3. monorail81

    T-shirt Size on Waiver

    Anyone else have a waiver with a blank shirt size? I've never had my size missing. I know they are supposed to be there because my friend's has hers. I tried contacting Disney people and all I got back was confirmation that I was registered in the race. Trackshack gave me a hotline to call...
  4. monorail81

    Race morning food

    Just curious what everyone else will be chowing down on their race morning next weekend. My stomach doesn't do well in the early morning on too much, so I'll be enjoying some Cheerios and a banana or two. How about everyone else?
  5. monorail81

    Yachtsman Steakhouse Phone Number?

    Does anyone have the phone number to the Yachtsman Steakhouse PODIUM at the Yacht Club? I tried to call the Disney Operator and be connected as I wanted to make special arrangements for my reservation next week and the Operator gave me the third degree! She told me that they had to screen all...
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