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    Updates to the Seas Pavilion

    save the turtles: presented by crush;)... Sorry I couldn't help myself
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    Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway confirmed

    I just planned a last minute to trip I was able to book a room in French Quarter.March13-20. This ride will be open by then how does everybody think I should book this fast pass if available. I have 60 days before the 30 day rush so hopefully I can catch one. I haven’t been to good ol’ Disney...
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    Small construction site in Germany.

    I might be wrong, but I'm sure that one of those show buildings aren't being used. And I believe there is another empty show building in Japan as well. Which might help explain why there is mold on the roof
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    News New Park Entrance coming to Epcot

    I didn't even see the GOTG building there first glance. Seriously, before I clicked the photo scrolling through the form I wouldn't have noticed it. The effect works... when your not in the parking lot loll
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    Rumor Cinderella Castle turning rose gold for the 50th

    Wouldn’t having the castle rose gold, screw up the projection mapping anyways?
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    The Muppets Present… Great Moments in American History'

    It's sad that it lasted for just over 3 years. I'm going to miss this show
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    Entertainment cuts

    I just choked on my soda when I read that muppets is leaving..
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    TSA bans Star Wars Land Coca-Cola Bottles from all U.S. flights

    Disney doing budget cuts without blaming themselves at fault. But seriously, if I empty it, because it's not no special Disney soda inside. buy a ornament hook at Target, and no not the one on property yet, and attach it to the bottle, will it be different, and putting it into a ornament box. Im...
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    Slinky Dog Dash rider experience and comments

    I just edited that in before you replied.. 😂
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    Slinky Dog Dash rider experience and comments

    Wheezy stopped moving. Just his mouth is moving now. It's awkward. How long until they fix it, or temporarily fix it with a strobe light for a couple of years..
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    News D23 Expo 2019

    Is there a way to watch this live? Question wasn’t answered due to my lack of knowledge of time zones😂
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    News D23 Expo 2019

    Your right! Wow.. 😂
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    News D23 Expo 2019

    It’s in less than an hour! Is there a way to watch this live?
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    News Announced: Mary Poppins Attraction in UK Pavilion

    Last time I checked. This isn't Universal. We still use animatronics:cool:
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    So what merch are you planning on buying at GE?

    not visiting until 2021, well see what the prices are then. I don't suspect they will decrease, but one can pray.
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    Predictions! Secret WDC Project — August 22 @ D23

    Probably something to blow Universal out of the way, with the "fourth park" as Universal claims..
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    Star Wars Land announced for Disney's Hollywood Studios

    They can't stop all of us👽;)
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    Will world showcase eventually add a new country pavilion like Brazil or India?

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    Pipe bursts at DHS

    If guests went by it to get wet.. Then Disney just got them selves an A ticket attraction.. When does FP+ open?
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