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  1. LittleMerman

    What are lines like for Early Theme Park Entry and Extra Magic Hours?

    I'm going to WDW in early Feb and staying at AKL. What are the lines like during the Early Theme Park Entry and Extra Magic Hours (or whatever it's called now) in general? About how many rides can you fit in? And do you still need to get Genie+ and buy a la carte Lightning Lanes if you have...
  2. LittleMerman

    Tips for getting Ohana/BOG/Cinderella Table ADRs?

    My 60 day window is coming up soon and I'm going to try to get some "harder to get" ADRs like Ohana, Be Our Guest, and Cinderella Table. I've heard that these are really competitive to book. I know the booking window opens at 5:45am but are there any tips for getting these popular reservations...
  3. LittleMerman

    Is the Mickey Balloon Baseball Cap still available at WDW?

    I was at WDW last Feb and saw this hat. I can't find it to buy online but I'm going back in Feb 2022. Anybody know if WDW is still selling it? Thanks!
  4. LittleMerman

    Is Feb 5 - 13 a good time to go to WDW?

    I'm thinking about a trip for the week of February 5 - 13. Any insights if that 's a good or bad week to go? Thanks!
  5. LittleMerman

    No value resorts in Feb?

    I'm planning to go to WDW for a week in early Feb but when I search for available resorts, I only see moderate and deluxe hotels. Are the value hotels not open or would they potentially be all booked up already? Thanks for any input.
  6. LittleMerman

    Does using a free travel agent really help?

    I've never used one to plan a Disney trip. The main reason I would love help from an agent is to book the dining reservations I want. Is that something they can help with and are they successful at getting the ones you ask for? Thanks for any advice.
  7. LittleMerman

    Has anybody "attended" the D23 Magical Milestones virtual event?

    It's $10 so I was wondering if it's actually interesting or just a money grab. Thanks!
  8. LittleMerman

    What do you think December is going to be like this year?

    I was considering going in December for the holiday season but I'm wondering if this year will be crazy busy for the 50th. Anyone know the prediction? Thanks for any advice!
  9. LittleMerman

    Christmas 2021 in WDW?

    What do you think it'll be like? Holiday editions of "Disney Enchantment" and "Harmonious"? Return of "Jingle Bell, Jingle BAM!" and MVMC Party? What about Candle Processional? Just curious about your predictions! I'm possibly going for Christmas this year and I'm hoping they will have most if...
  10. LittleMerman

    Both parks + Halloween Horror Nights on the same day?

    Has anyone gotten the 2-park 1-day ticket and a Halloween Horror Nights ticket for the same day? I know it sounds exhausting and we wouldn't be able to do everything in the parks in just one day, especially if the Halloween offerings kick in around 7p but I've been considering doing this on a...
  11. LittleMerman

    ONCE UPON A DISNEY WISH - new info regarding the Wish

    Today, a select group of travel agencies and influencers were invited to a private event called “Once Upon A Disney Wish.” The invite reads: "Once Upon A Disney Wish, a first-of-its-kind digital experience revealing our newest Disney Cruise Line ship setting sail summer 2022! You’ll be among...
  12. LittleMerman

    Cinderella Castle - 50th Anniversary Additions (Photoshopped)

    I wanted to see what the castle might look like with the 50th embellishments we got in the recently released concept art. I wish we were getting more elements but so be it. It was a pretty quick Photoshop job but this gives us a general idea from the rendering. Enjoy!
  13. LittleMerman

    Question: How to see hotel charges from a previous trip?

    Hey there, just went to WDW a couple of weeks ago and can't figure out how to find the hotel charges on the MDE app or website. Can anyone help with that? Thank you!
  14. LittleMerman

    Rapunzel's castle in Hong Kong Disneyland

    The Castle of Magical Dreams debuted recently which is really beautiful in my opinion. In the Building a Dream: The Magic Behind a Disney Castle exhibit in Hong Kong Disneyland it was revealed that Rapunzel's castle from "Tangled" was considered as a replacement for the Sleeping Beauty Castle...
  15. LittleMerman

    Trip Report Trip report!

    I went to Orlando from Thursday to Sunday and have never written a trip report so I thought I'd share. I went with a friend who had never been to the parks for his bday (this was my 19th or 20th trip, I lost count). We stayed at Art of Animation which was sooo cute! I had never visited before...
  16. LittleMerman

    Fuel Rods?

    Hey there. Is WDW still letting you swap Fuel Rods? Didn't know bc of Covid. Also, I heard they aren't free anymore? Is that the case? Thanks for any info.
  17. LittleMerman

    When does Magical Express pick you up on the day you leave?

    Hey guys, it's been a minute since I've used ME and I was curious to know what time they pick you up at your resort to head to the airport. I remember it being about 3 hours before your flight but these days Orlando airport security is so quick to get through, 3 hours seems really early, like...
  18. LittleMerman

    Universal closing policy?

    I know at Disney you can enter a line one minute before the posted closing time and stay in line and ride. Is Universal the same way? I'm doing a 2-park 1-day soon and there are so many popular rides among the two parks that I was planning to hit up one of them this way but I don't know...
  19. LittleMerman

    What time do the parks really open these days?

    I've heard from multiple sources that the parks have been opening an hour earlier than the posted times to prevent gathering for rope drop. Is this still happening? If so, are the buses running early enough from the resorts to accommodate? I'm going in a few weeks and would love to go as early...
  20. LittleMerman

    How do virtual lines work?

    Hey guys! I'm going to US/IOA in a few weeks and I've never used the virtual line system on the app. Do I have to know anything special or is it pretty intuitive? I've been looking it up but thought I'd ask the experts directly. Thanks for any info!
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