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  1. MickeyLuv'r

    What is this Tiki Room lyric?

    What word does Michael say at this point in the lyrics? Can any of our WDW experts give a definitive answer? Jose: Mi amigos stop the clucking, you sound like a bunch of old hens. There's a lot of birds waiting to go on. For instance: Michael: The boys in the back are ___________________...
  2. MickeyLuv'r

    Imagining Disney animatronics with masks

    For some reason, I'm suddenly picturing all the WDW animatronics with masks. Mind, I'm not saying this will happen, but a little bit, it could be funny to see on some rides. Remember the red tags WDW gave people to hold (while in line) to mark how long the queue waits were? One funny visit...
  3. MickeyLuv'r

    Help! HoJo plaza hotel

    I need a place to stay just for one night. Arriving a day earlier on a late flight was considerably cheaper than our original plan, so we just need a room with clean beds, and maybe a clean shower. I got a great deal on a room at the Howard Johnson PLaza Hotel and Suites, but now I'm wondering...
  4. MickeyLuv'r

    funniest overheard parent comment

    What memorably funny comments have you overheard parents saying to their kids? We all say stupid things sometimes, but the stress of trying too hard to have fun seems to percolate periodically at DW in particular. I've overheard some parents say some silly things to their kids at Disney...
  5. MickeyLuv'r

    Ft. Wilderness?

    Has anyone stayed at a Ft. Wilderness cabin? What did you think? How was the transportation as compared to other resorts? We will have a group of 4 (maybe 6) adults and two kids on our next trip. Otherwise, we are considering two rooms at a moderate.
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