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  1. MickeyWaffleCo.

    The Imaginarium - Competition Thread [Finale]

    We've been making our picks in a PM in order to ensure that nobody's feelings are hurt by the picks or anything like that. I believe the draft is complete, but I don't know when @tcool123 will be officially announcing the team lineups. (I definitely want my team name to be Team Breakfast.)
  2. MickeyWaffleCo.

    WDWMagic Imagineering's 20th Anniversary: The Platinum Celebration - Information Thread

    10 days left to get your submissions in for the 2022 Logo Competition!
  3. MickeyWaffleCo.

    The Imaginarium - Competition Thread [Finale]

    I don’t think we debated it, persay. I think I mentioned it in passing as an idea and it didn’t really catch on.
  4. MickeyWaffleCo.

    The Imaginarium - Competition Thread [Finale]

    If the opportunity presents itself, I’d love to try to branch out to doing more illustrations. My artistic skills aren’t great, which is why I typically default to Photoshop art and graphic design, but I think trying some hand-drawn art would be a good way to expand my skillset.
  5. MickeyWaffleCo.

    The Imaginarium - Competition Thread [Finale]

    Alliances aren’t guaranteed to be successful. If Todd wins the immunity challenge he’s immediately safe and one of the alliance’s members is eliminated in his stead. There’s also the possibility of backstabbing, plus the redemption challenge later on. In short, alliances aren’t all-powerful, and...
  6. MickeyWaffleCo.

    The Imaginarium - Competition Thread [Finale]

    It’s just part of the game. There are competitions like SA that are less strategy-based, but comps like these provide a bit of excitement and ensure that newer people like me have at least a small chance against veterans like Hulk and DDad.
  7. MickeyWaffleCo.

    The Imaginarium - Competition Thread [Finale]

    In a way, yes. We had just finished the Planet of the Apes and Teen Beach Movie rounds, during which I was fairly inactive, so I was ready to contribute more for the Pokémon round. (I’m still not too familiar with Pokémon, but luckily it’s a fairly easy concept to grasp.) I really put a lot of...
  8. MickeyWaffleCo.

    ABC's - Disney Style...

    Yacht Club
  9. MickeyWaffleCo.

    The Imaginarium - Competition Thread [Finale]

    I’ll be honest here and say that my vote for you was a bad idea on my part. I literally didn’t realize we were down to five people, so I voted you because I saw you as a threat. If I had realized that there were five of us left, I would have tried to convince you and Jokers to help me vote out...
  10. MickeyWaffleCo.

    The Imaginarium - Competition Thread [Finale]

    Somehow forgot to answer this one 😅 I don’t know why I should win the comp, but I know why I’d like to. I was a semifinalist in SAVII, and wasn’t trying my hardest in SYWTBAI because I knew I would need to drop out. I’d love to win a competition to close out my first year on the forum.
  11. MickeyWaffleCo.

    The Imaginarium - Competition Thread [Finale]

    Or just don’t, and forfeit to me. 😉
  12. MickeyWaffleCo.

    The Imaginarium - Competition Thread [Finale]

    @MickeyWaffleCo. Imaginarium Resume What has been your favorite project to work on during this competition? I loved doing the Pokémon project, particularly the Pokédex write-up and brainstorming. I was coming off of a couple difficult rounds, so I was eager to dive into a project again. Writing...
  13. MickeyWaffleCo.

    The Proposals: Dream Wedding

    Friday, but right in the middle of the house.
  14. MickeyWaffleCo.

    The 2021 Imagineering Awards - VOTE NOW

    Team Reality
  15. MickeyWaffleCo.

    The Imaginarium - Discussion Thread

    Well, I knew that it would be bad, but I wasn't quite expecting it to be this bad:
  16. MickeyWaffleCo.

    Bible World [ONE NATION UNDER GOD]

    Close but not quite. Main Street wasn’t originally planned to be any larger. Both Liberty Street and Edison Square were designed after the park opened. As you pointed out, they were announced in 1956 and planned to be built, but the expansion obviously never happened. I believe the prevailing...
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