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  1. captainkidd

    Candy Cane Inn vs. Sheraton Park

    Which would you choose? I like the free breakfast and free shuttle at Candy Cane. I like the rooms and pool at Sheraton. Surprisingly, CCI is actually a bit pricier. Which would you choose?
  2. captainkidd

    1st time guest - Is on site worth $2,000 more?

    Long time WDW veteran, 1st time Disneyland planner. Would LOVE to stay at the Disneyland Hotel for the ultimate immersive Disney experience, but the cost is as ridiculous as the Grand Floridian. So, opinions, for a 1st timer, is it worth the extra $2,300 more to stay at the Disneyland Hotel for...
  3. captainkidd

    Universal Swimming in Winter

    Been to Disney many times in the winter months, but will be at Universal for the 1st time in February during a colder month. First, I'm guessing all the pools stay open at the hotels, correct? Second, since they're all like bathtubs in the summer, is it safe to assume they are warm enough to...
  4. captainkidd

    Kids Birthday at Universal

    We're going in February and we'll be there for my twins 11th birthday. Is there anything special I can do (or request) Universal to do, like a cake in the room or anything at the parks?
  5. captainkidd

    Favorite Universal Hotel

    Haven't seen one of these here in a while. My vote was for Hard Rock. In all fairness, I've only stayed at Hard Rock and Royal Pacific, but have spent time over at Portofino. I love the vibe at Royal Pacific. Very serene and relaxing. But Hard Rock takes the cake for me due to proximity...
  6. captainkidd

    Mardi Gras Questions

    Booked a surprise trip for my boys birthday in February. Nine nights at Hard Rock! This is also same time as Mardi Gras. Just curious how the different stands and whatnot affect the look of the park. I'm old school and like the theme of the park as it is. Is the parade every night? Are the food...
  7. captainkidd

    Quick Hard Rock Cafe story

    Went to Hard Rock for dinner. They give you a slip so they can take a picture then bring it to your table. Girl takes slip and takes picture. We go to hostess stand and hostess asks me for the slip. I tell her the photographer took it. She says "Well, I can't seat you without it." So I said...
  8. captainkidd

    Pandora thoughts

    Just a quick review. I think I'm in the minority, but I wasn't impressed. I didn't find either attraction all that good. FoP is clever, but I simply couldn't get into it as I don't care at all for the story. I'd take the Simpson's, Soarin, or Minions any day. River Journey is relaxing but sooooo...
  9. captainkidd

    Shipping package to resort?

    Does Disney still allow this? We're staying at the Poly a week from Friday and were hoping to send a box down ahead of us with some stuff for the kids. I know the Convention Resorts were charging a fee a few years ago. Do the other resorts do this or is it free to have them hold for a couple of...
  10. captainkidd

    Magic Kingdom closing at 9:00 in July?

    Is this accurate? According to the app, park closes all of July (including the 4th) at 9:00. That seems really hard to believe. Usually open until 11:00 in the summer.
  11. captainkidd

    Are Uni's character meals random?

    By that I mean are the characters random? We booked one for the Hard Rock one morning, but a friend of mine was posting pics of his breakfast at Royal Pacific, and the characters were awesome. Simpsons, Woody Woodpecker, Scooby-Doo.
  12. captainkidd

    Ohana - Did they start serving dinner earlier?

    I've noticed that reservations are now available at 4:00, some days earlier. Was this recently changed from 5:00?
  13. captainkidd

    Royal Pacific Bathrooms - All shower only?

    Are all of the rooms now shower only, or do some have tubs?
  14. captainkidd

    Wilderness Lodge - SERIOUSLY????

    Haven't seen this posted yet, but in today's update of "What the hell is Disney thinking?", it was announced that the former Trout Pass bar by the main pool is to be converted into a hair salon.
  15. captainkidd

    No more hammocks at the Polynesian

    Just found this out. Wow. A resort themed to the South Seas and Hawaii with no hammocks on the beach. That was one of my favorite things to do at the Polynesian. Lie between 2 palm trees on the beach. Why was it necessary to remove them?
  16. captainkidd

    Housekeeping at DVC?

    Does anyone know the current cost for daily housekeeping at a DVC studio?
  17. captainkidd

    Any chance of this at Polynesian?

    We have a studio booked in July with DVC points. If it was available, any chance they would let us stay in a standard, non-DVC room instead? The studio, cash wise, is actually a bit more expensive but we much prefer the look and set up of the standard rooms.
  18. captainkidd

    5 people - Riverside or Wyndham Bonnet Creek?

    Just curious to hear people's opinions. There are two adults, one teenager, and twin 10 year olds. Would you do one room at Riverside, or a two-bedroom Villa at Wyndham Bonnet Creek if price was the same? My biggest concern is that I love the Disney atmosphere so I want to stay at Riverside, but...
  19. captainkidd

    Wilderness Lodge construction questions

    Was just hoping someone could give me some information on how the construction is disrupting certain areas. I know Roaring Fork is closed. Is it much of a mess down there? Can you still walk down there to get to the elevators? Also, is the beach totally closed off? Or can you still go down there...
  20. captainkidd

    Planet Hollywood Observatory

    Went last week. Definitely disappointed in the redo. Menu isn't much different but the fun, Hollywood feel of PH is gone. New decor inside is modern, but bland. Fits right into the rest of Disney Springs. In all fairness, we didn't go upstairs at all. The huge screen is cool, but given they play...
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