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  1. sshindel

    sshindel's Epcot Manifesto

    Editor's note The following is a slightly modified version of a thread written in the Premium Members Lounge. I will be modifying it slightly not to change content, but because I don't want to cut and paste side-conversations with people who may or may not want me posting their content. The...
  2. sshindel

    Disney Infinity Marvel Expansion

  3. sshindel

    7D -- "Hip" Seven Dwarfs

    http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/kelly-osbourne-leads-voice-cast-693299 http://www.nerdist.com/2014/04/disney-re-imagines-the-7-dwarfs-as-hip-in-new-cartoon-series-7d/ Discuss
  4. sshindel

    Pre-Trip George and Scott plan a family-free ToT Ten Miler trip

    I guess you could say that the beginnings of this thread started in another Trip Report. Mine actually. In November of last year I took a trip to run in my first runDisney race, the Wine and Dine 1/2 Marathon. I finished the race, had a good time, got home, wrote up my trip report. Next...
  5. sshindel

    Pixar Star Wars

    According to Latino Review, Pixar has been given the green light to develop film in the Star Wars universe: http://latino-review.com/2014/01/pixar-joining-star-wars-universe/
  6. sshindel

    Star Wars "Story Group" to define/maintain canon

    I saw this article this morning: http://www.blastr.com/2014-1-7/heres-how-disney-lucas-plan-define-and-redefine-star-wars-canon It makes sense. They've convened a group to sort through the massive amounts of material, define what is and is not canon (meaning what jives with the stories they...
  7. sshindel

    Celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Horizons!!!

    Disney posted a new T-Shirt available online today: http://www.disneystore.com/disney-parks-special-events/mn/1009902/?CMP=DTPM-CMR&att=PARKS_Horizons_Flash_Facebook :mad: So, let me get my venting done here, because it's kinda filled me with a special kind of rage. This T-shirt is a slap in...
  8. sshindel

    Trip Report Nov '13 - Surprise, 1/2 Marathon, Paraguayan Family, NOT totally a clusterfudge trip of a lifetime

    Well, we're back from our most out-of-the-normal trip to WDW ever. For details of what we had initially planned on, feel free to read over my pre-trip report (link here) and see how this trip came about, what it took to plan and set up, and all the other typical pre-trip stuff. I've been...
  9. sshindel

    Pre-Trip Nov '13 - The surprise, 1/2 Marathon, Paraguayan Family, likely a clusterfudge trip of a lifetime

    For my last trip, I had decided to go the lazy-person's route for my post-trip report, and just post a photo collage and called it a day. This trip though is going to have a few little interesting tidbits that lead me to believe that there might be something worth building a full-on trip report...
  10. sshindel

    Convoluted Trip and MagicBand/MDE questions

    So, this year is going to be a very special, and highly convoluted trip to WDW. We arrive in just over 3 weeks and check in to CBR. Running the Wine and Dine 1/2 (so the resort stay portion of this trip was booked by a travel agent). Staying a couple of days at the Caribbean Beach and then...
  11. sshindel

    It's a Small World - Disney Store Animators Collection

    I'm not sure how long these have been out, but when I stumbled into them at the Disney Store, I nearly fainted. They are amazingly well done, and they sing It's a Small World both in English and their native language. They are my favorite thing I've ever seen in The Disney Store, and I own 2...
  12. sshindel

    The Good Dinosaur release pushed to 2015

    2014 will see no Pixar films released: http://www.latimes.com/entertainment/movies/moviesnow/la-et-mn-pixar-good-dinosaur-pushed-to-2015-20130918,0,1607398.story
  13. sshindel

    Tickets2you.com reputable?

    We're staying offsite at a Westgate resort for the first time, and some of our family has seen that they use a company called Tickets2you.com for park tickets. I've never heard of them; only used Disney directly or Undercovertourist.com for tickets. Anyone know if that place is legit, or a scam?
  14. sshindel

    Premium Contributor status just disappeared

    You can connect with me directly on a conversation if it makes more sense, but kind of at random, noon-ish today, my Premium Contributor status looks to have disappeared. I went into the "Upgrade" link and is shows that my membership is active until 8/12, and I also went into PayPal to check on...
  15. sshindel

    New Lucasfilm animated feature film

    This is the first I've read of this, and not sure if it's already been discussed but: http://www.bleedingcool.com/2013/06/11/pixar-alum-gary-rydstrom-directing-animated-film-at-lucasfilm/ Pixar alum Gary Rydstrom (Lifted, Hawaiian Vacation, and the cancelled Newt) doing some sort of animated...
  16. sshindel

    Star Wars standalone film ideas

    I've not seen this officially elsewhere on here (mods, kill it or move it if it exists, a quick search didn't bring anything up), so I thought this would be a good place to start out discussing the things we'd like to see, hate to see, etc when it comes to expanding the Star Wars "universe" into...
  17. sshindel

    "Am I lazy, or just uninteresting" Trip Photo Collage (Dec 8-15, 2012)

    So, I've thought about writing my first trip report after our last trip. I sat down, sorted through 900+ photos, picked the ones that represented just about everything that we did on our last trip (Dec 8-15th 2012). For my friends, I posted all of those pictures (214 in total) on Facebook...
  18. sshindel

    Disney Infinity

    I kind of hate to refer to other websites, but the only place I've seen mention of this is on one of the other sites. Today, Stitch Kingdom has been going a little crazy on Twitter regarding an upcoming Disney game called "Disney Infinity". All I have seen of it mentioned is some form of RFID...
  19. sshindel

    ADRs made for a larger party than attending

    I tried searching around for answers to this and didn't see one. Back at the 180 day mark, we called and made all our ADRs for our trip in December. At the time, we had one person who was planning on attending that has decided not to go. A second group on our trip might also back out as...
  20. sshindel

    Digital Copy of "Enchanted Tiki Room" LP?

    Hello, With the Tiki Room about to make it's return at WDW, it's got me in the mood to relive my favorite attraction, and I won't be back to the parks until late next year. I know that the old LP is out there to find on eBay and other various sites: The Enchanted Tiki Room: The Original...
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