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  1. Kylo Ken

    Merry Christmas All!!!

    Merry Christmas all from my family to yours! Although we all like to complain about WDW at times, it's tough to deny the beautiful Christmas magic created at WDW. To me WDW is the gift that keeps on giving by making great memories and creating stories. Please feel free to post your favorite...
  2. Kylo Ken

    2017 Epcot Food and Wine Festival beginning August 31st

    Just read this on Twitter. I'm not sure if one of the insiders already picked up on this. The festival is going to run from August 31st to November 13th in 2017. 75 days! Hooray for DrunCot!
  3. Kylo Ken

    Happy Thanksgiving Fellow Disney Nuts!

    Happy Thanksgiving to all celebrating here in the states. I'm thankful for having found this site and having the opportunity to share my love for all things Disney World with like minded people. Although I may disagree at times, I love reading everyone's opinions and thoughts on the various...
  4. Kylo Ken

    Grand Floridian for a Conference

    Hey all! It looks like I'm more than likely being sent (against my will ;)) to the Grand Floridian for a conference from Feb 1-3. Those dates are from a Wednesday-Friday. My co-worker told me that she has gone to the same conference in past years and she stayed a few extra days. Now here is...
  5. Kylo Ken

    Disney-MGM Studios Memories

    So it's Saturday night and here I am relaxing and listening to my Sunset Boulevard/ToT playlist. As I sit here and write this, I'm thinking about the future of DHS and how much it's changed since it's inception. I'm not here to discuss the merits of the changes or whether the direction that the...
  6. Kylo Ken

    Universal with young children

    Hey all. I am sure this has been asked a billion times so forgive me for asking one more time. My family and I are considering taking the trip over to Universal but have our reservations regarding our two youngins. We are WDW APs and almost feel like we'd be cheating on the mouse, but we want...
  7. Kylo Ken

    How long before the inevitable "SW: A Galactic Spectacular" dining package?

    With the debut of "Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular" at DHS, how long does everyone think until Disney sells a viewing package similar to others around the parks? I think anyone that frequents the parks or keeps up with the haps at WDW know that this is inevitable. Personally, I think it'll be...
  8. Kylo Ken

    Hey Fellow Disney Lovers!!

    Hey folks! New member here learning the ropes. I'm an AP at WDW and looking to soon become a DVC member. Can't wait to connect with some of you!
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