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  1. Jimmy Thick

    Toxic fandom ?

    Is Disney fandom toxic? In a word absolutely. This has of course risen due to the information age attributed to the internet, where people can pick and choose whatever they desire to make themselves feel miserable about and take that misery out anonymously over the internet to random...
  2. Jimmy Thick

    Who would be a great alternative to Rock N Rollercoaster?

    Aerosmith is the greatest Rock and Roll band America has ever or will ever produce. The Eagles are up there but a lot of their material is far too depressing. Guns and Roses would probably be the only logical replacement but if Aerosmith ever decide to pull out personally I would scrap the ride...
  3. Jimmy Thick

    Disney executives have come up with the answer to rock bottom Cast Member morale

    Ok why then are people taking $10 an hour jobs when they know first hand it don't pay the bills? If you look online there are no experience warehouse jobs starting between $17-20 dollars an hour in the Orlando area so if you want a job at Disney or for some odd reason a front desk hotel job for...
  4. Jimmy Thick

    Disney executives have come up with the answer to rock bottom Cast Member morale

    The job market is the best its been for jobs seekers ever. If people are unhappy with their current employer, like Disney World employees, then its never been better to move on to a better paying job and work conditions. A nice belief statement sounds like a delightful way to get teams in gear...
  5. Jimmy Thick

    Anyone dislike the volggers content?

    Personally I feel the whole "vlogging/influencer" garbage has completely run its course and has become an embarrassment upon WDW for those who continue to do it. My recent trip saw people walking around carelessly speaking into their phones and in some cases bumping into people. Is that...
  6. Jimmy Thick

    Chef Art Smith's Homecoming, is it that good?

    Being totally honest here. My wife loved the food. I thought it was terrible and it made me sick and because of that I'll never go back. It was a breakfast dish too the Benedict. I'll go look for the picture of my meal when I have time, it looked incredible. I honestly believe restaurants can...
  7. Jimmy Thick

    2020-Gaming discussion

    Went to my local Best Buy to get a new food processor, took a peek at their pc parts and lo and behold in their empty as empty can be pc glass display case the had 2 RTX 3080’s. I tried to buy them both but they only let me have one which is good but now I finally get the chance to see if they...
  8. Jimmy Thick

    Where is the expansion to Marvel Super Hero Island that insiders said was coming? And when is Storm ride reopening?

    I heard a state of the art attraction that would have went into the studios just got canned because of COVID. Weep for that not anything Marvel which honestly had no chance to be added onto anyway.
  9. Jimmy Thick

    Nintendo partnering with Universal to make attractions.

    Mario Kart is and always has been a racing game since its inception. The problem is all the "theme park experts" made out the Nintendo World to be far far more than it was ever actually going to be. Just read this thread where people were predicting the Yoshi attraction could be an E-Ticket...
  10. Jimmy Thick

    Nintendo partnering with Universal to make attractions.

    https://www.pcgamer.com/the-super-nintendo-world-theme-park-is-under-construction-in-minecraft/ I propose people will flock to this Minecraft version because it will be completed long before the UOR version. As for the Mario Kart attraction I think people need to experience these things for...
  11. Jimmy Thick

    Kiehl's Opening in Town Center

    Can niche stores like this survive in DS for the long haul? I never even knew about this place and highly doubt I would have visited it even if I did.
  12. Jimmy Thick

    Rumor Muppets to Take Over The Hall of Presidents

    I wonder if Disney feels the general public are getting sick of how the perception of the office of Presidency has become so much they need to throw a change up and introduce the Muppets into the attraction which it shouldn't realistically need. I'm all for more Muppets but I'm more...
  13. Jimmy Thick

    2020-Gaming discussion

    Ubisoft does the micro-transaction's as bad as everyone else, they just don't get the bad publicity like EA or Blizzard/Activision. As for a Star Wars open world game hell yeah. Something like Assassin's Creed Valhalla or Witcher 3 would be a huge hit.
  14. Jimmy Thick

    2020-Gaming discussion

    Cyberpunk on the PC is freaking amazing! I don't know about console versions or their plight other than what I have read online but yeah Cyberpunk is worthy of everyone's attention and then some. Its basically a first person Witcher. 20 lovingly hours in Night City and I can't wait to get back...
  15. Jimmy Thick

    2020-Gaming discussion

    Does anyone even remember the old days when games on PC or console launched mostly perfect and no need for day one patches? Or in Cyberpunk's case a 44gb day one patch? Again we are paying to be play testers, so much so I think dev's count on it. Either way I got Cyberpunk up and running, with...
  16. Jimmy Thick

    Covid Vaccine Updates and General Discussion About Vaccines

    As soon as a vaccine is available I'm gathering the family, getting stuck and going to Disney World/ Universal for two weeks. Whatever anyone else chooses to do is up to them but I'll know my family and myself is going to be healthy and enjoy WDW without the stress of covid.
  17. Jimmy Thick

    2020-Gaming discussion

    The new consoles are terrible this time though. They are never in stock and if they are online they are gone in seconds because of bots. Unless your lucky or incredibly driven the odds are against you. Also noticed a huge line at my Best Buy, I go there and its a line for PS5's, I'm getting to...
  18. Jimmy Thick

    2020-Gaming discussion

    Playing Assassin's Creed Valhalla and... If you liked Odyssey and Origins you will like this. If you like vikings and Norse mythology you will like this. A lot. If you like really and I mean really long games you will like this. I've played 10 hours and I'm at 17% complete so I have to figure...
  19. Jimmy Thick

    Politics 28000 Layoffs coming to Disney's domestic theme parks - statement from Josh D'Amaro

    As bad as this is for Disney workers and my heart indeed goes out to them, other industries and workers have been devastated as well. People have lost businesses, some have lost everything. This pandemic does not discriminate.
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