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  1. Spike-in-Berlin

    When is your favorite time of the day in the parks?

    When is your favorite time of the day in the parks? Do you enjoy the evening hours more, when finally crowds begin to diminish and the lighting turns the park into something completely different in appearance compared with the daylight? Or do you prefer this "fresh" feeling in the morning hours...
  2. Spike-in-Berlin

    Present AC situation at the Pop

    With the possibility of a WDW trip this year during the searing summer heat (I HATE the heat but my GF wants to go, I wouldn't go before November) the question arises about the present situation at the Pop concerning AC. I read a lot about problems with the motion sensors of the ACs at the...
  3. Spike-in-Berlin

    How strict are the CMs in TDL and TDS about filming

    I was quite surprised to find on nearly every ride description on the resorts official website, the sentence: "Please don't take photos or videos during the ride". Actually I was shattered because I definitely want to film JttCotE and about everything else ihn both parks. You will find tons of...
  4. Spike-in-Berlin

    How old are your oldest videos from WDW?

    Yesterday we watched the oldest video I ever videotaped, and it was from January 1991. It was the camcorder of my late father in those days, because I was still a high school student then and could not afford my own one. He borrowed me his one because I travelled to the US and for the first time...
  5. Spike-in-Berlin

    Question about AP offers fall/winter

    We would like to know if any AP holders know the special rates for passholders staying at WDW resorts this fall and winter from October, 8th, to December 24th, because we are considering to purchase APs if it pays off.
  6. Spike-in-Berlin

    Present visible security measures in the parks

    It's been a while since this topic was discussed for the last time so I consider it alright to ask this question again: What are the present security measures in the parks and especially at the entrances of the parks? Are there metal detectors or other kinds of electronic detecting devices as...
  7. Spike-in-Berlin

    Crowds before Thanksgiving

    I know there are already other threads where this question was asked, but the most recent one is still several years old and I recognized there has been quite an increase in the crowds in the last years so here my question. We are considering a trip to the World in late fall (somewhere between...
  8. Spike-in-Berlin

    Two additions - And I would purchase an AP for DLP

    I went to DLP the last time in 2014 and so far I have no plans for returning in the near future. Although I have to finally concede that Marni was right, the DLP is beautifully designed and even superior to the MK in some aspects (PotC is better for example), it lacks new major attractions...
  9. Spike-in-Berlin

    Was ever a "White Christmas" (or at least snow) at the Wilderness Lodge?

    A discussion with my GF made me curious, was there EVER since the Wilderness Lodge opened in 1994 a White Christmas at the WL (and WDW) or at least a day with a substantial snow layer (substantial meaning a closed or nearly closed layer)? I know that there is snow in the Orlando area perhaps...
  10. Spike-in-Berlin

    Iger says HoP is preparing for new President Trump

    The outcome of the presidential election has reached WDW and the MK. In the New York Post Iger announces the oncoming preparation of the HoP for president-elect Trump. http://nypost.com/2016/11/12/trump-to-be-immortalized-in-disneys-hall-of-presidents/
  11. Spike-in-Berlin

    Present refurb of Yacht Club: How much is it?

    We are just planning a possible long trip to the World in September (stay at least 10 days) and are also planning a stay in the Yacht Club. As the YC is at the moment undergoing a refurb we need to know how much are they doing, can it influence in a negative way a stay there, does it include for...
  12. Spike-in-Berlin

    Need help for our WDW-Pop Century Nostalgia dinner

    We are planning a little WDW-Pop Century Nostalgia Dinner this evening as this is the fourth year since our last stay at WDW (and DLP is NO equivalent substitute) :( with beverages from the old refillable mugs and food similar to the one we ate at the foodcourt of the Pop (and WDW trip movies on...
  13. Spike-in-Berlin

    Crowd level this February?

    We are thinking about a trip to the World in the midst of February, around 17th to at least 25th, to celebrate my GFs birthday (18th) at WDW. We have absolutely no experience with winter trips to WDW so we appreciate any information concerning the expected crowd levels in 2nd half of February...
  14. Spike-in-Berlin

    What's going on in the resorts on Halloween? And in the other parks?

    We are considering to stay at WDW at Halloween for the first time ever (our first Halloween in the USA to b exact) but as the tickets for the MNSSHP were sold out long ago and we only can go on November 1st we want to know what is the Halloween night like at WDW if you are NOT at the party in...
  15. Spike-in-Berlin

    Crowd levels on Columbus Day and weather in October

    We are just planning a possible fall trip to the World and as we travel for the first time completely during October we need to know about the crowd levels during Columbus Day, especially useful are informations if and when do crowds start to grow BEFORE Columbus Day and when are attendance...
  16. Spike-in-Berlin

    When do the parks start to fill up before Christmas?

    After a more or less failed Late-Fall-Early-Winter vacation including DLP we are planning an additional spontaneous trip to WDW before the Christmas crowds start to fill up the parks. As we never have been to the World so close before Christmas we have no experience with the crowd levels at this...
  17. Spike-in-Berlin

    Water temperature in the resort pools in December

    We are reconsidering our vacation plans for our late fall/early winter trip to the US and plan to go to WDW instead of New England, but we never were in WDW in December before. What is the water temperature of the pools in the resorts we have to expect around December 3rd to 13th. Are the pools...
  18. Spike-in-Berlin

    Best way to get to Universal from the Pop/AoA

    Finally we are planning to go to Universal too when we visit WDW this December. Because we are at least considering to stay at the Cabana Bay Beach Resort for 2 nights to see Universal instead of going to Universal from WDW, we would like to know which ways are there existing to get to Universal...
  19. Spike-in-Berlin

    Urgent! Do they still sell the 2014 Adventureland Mug in WDW?

    Since early 2014 a new Adventureland Mug was sold in the MK, DL and the Disney Store, a true beauty with a lot of motives from the AL. You still find it here: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Walt-Disney-World-Adventureland-Mug-NEW-/400764196233?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item5d4f685589 But when I...
  20. Spike-in-Berlin

    Was there ever a rumour (or more) about JTTCOTE coming to WDW?

    Since I saw videos about Journey to the Center of the Earth in TDS on youtube and elsewhere I am absolutely fascinated by this ride, I consider it one of the major reasons to visit TDS (and entire Mt. Prometheus of course) and one of the most fascinating rides in the world of Disney attractions...
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