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  1. vitani88

    How many days in each park?

    We are FINALLY going to Disneyland early next year! We're about to purchase tickets and make park reservations. Although we're getting park hopper tickets, I'm not sure which park to start in each day. We'll have four total park days (Friday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday). How many days should...
  2. vitani88

    A/C Circulation in rooms

    This may seem like a strange question, but I'm wondering about how the air inside the resorts circulates. I know that each room has an individual thermostat, but does the air conditioning circulate between rooms/common areas, or is the air completely separate for each room? My husband wants to...
  3. vitani88

    Marathon Weekend vs. Princess Weekend

    This year I participated in my first EVER race with the Rival Run 5K. Despite the delays and the rain, I had an absolute blast and can't wait to do the next one! I've signed up for the 5K in November, but I'd love to sign up for a 10K in 2020. I saw that Marathon weekend sign-ups start tomorrow...
  4. vitani88

    Why aren't Captain Hook and Mr. Smee face characters?

    Just something random I've been wondering and I guessed someone here might know! Peter Pan and Wendy are face character so why not the rest?
  5. vitani88

    DLP must dos?

    My husband and I will be spending 2.5 days at DLP in September and we're wondering what there is that we definitely need to do outside of rides. Are there any amazing restaurants in the parks and resorts? Is there anything like the dessert parties at WDW?
  6. vitani88

    Is it just me or are MagicBands 2.0 bigger?

    I am a pretty petite (but fully grown pushing-30 adult) person and I've always worn my magic band hooked with one hole in the colored part of the band and one in the gray (example here), but it was still totally comfortable. I've noticed with MagicBand 2.0 they're SUPER loose and to get them...
  7. vitani88

    Is there any policy about fireworks cancellation?

    I was at Magic Kingdom last night with two other people who haven't seen the fireworks in years (and I've never seen the new show). We scoped out our spot and waited and the "Due to inclement weather, Happily Ever After has been delayed" announcement started about 10 minutes before the show was...
  8. vitani88

    When people just won't cooperate with plans

    My brother is visiting for a week and we're spending 5 days at Disney World because he received a 5 day ticket for Christmas. His friend is also coming to join us for 3 days starting this Friday. They asked me to plan what I could since I live here and go often. Over a month ago I talked to both...
  9. vitani88

    How to link with friends & add them to FP+

    I'm wondering if this can even be done and, if so, how. A friend is coming to visit but she already linked her park ticket to her MDE account. I've made FP+ reservations for my brother and myself via my account and she wants me to add her to our FastPasses. In the past when friends/family...
  10. vitani88

    Is there still a red velvet cupcake at DHS?

    My husband is away for work right now and I get to visit him later today. I was going to go to DHS and grab him a red velvet cupcake because his birthday is in a week and we're going to celebrate today, but I saw that Starring Rolls has closed. Is the red velvet cupcake available in another...
  11. vitani88

    Really worth doing?

    My husband is going to be taking a class in Ireland later this summer and I'm going to be able to meet him there. We plan to spend a week or two traveling and Disneyland Paris was on the top of our list until I priced it. The cheaper resorts are already booked, so it would cost us roughly $1700...
  12. vitani88

    Sailing Carnival (crying on the inside)

    My parents' 30th anniversary was this past September and for their anniversary they asked that we all go on a cruise together (parents, my husband and me, and my brother). DH and I have only cruised Disney in the past, but we knew that was not an option for the whole family because of the price...
  13. vitani88

    Can they make a ride without screens?

    I've always gotten sick on simulators, ever since I was a kid. Because of this, there's not a whole lot I can do at Universal Studios since most of their rides are at least partially simulations. This is one of the reasons I LOVE Disney! I can do almost everything there and I just skip the...
  14. vitani88

    Gold Pass vs Platinum Pass Question

    I just have a couple quick questions! My husband and I have been AP holders since 2012 and last year's changes took effect right after we renewed so this year we have to think about the different levels. My first question is, if we currently have a Platinum pass can we renew and get a Gold pass...
  15. vitani88

    Will a 9 year old like the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique?

    It has been a loooooong time since I was 9 and I don't have any kids, but my husband and I are taking our niece to Disney World later this year and are thinking about making a reservation at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique followed by breakfast at CRT. I haven't actually been around her since she...
  16. vitani88

    Hollywood Studios for a 9 year old?

    Hello all!! I go to Disney world often, but I've only been with a kid once and we only went to Magic Kingdom. My in-laws are coming to visit in October with my niece, who will be 9. We're definitely planning on spending a full day at MK, Epcot, and DAK, but I'm wondering about whether it will be...
  17. vitani88

    A brief review of last night's member party

    Last night I attended the 25th Anniversary and Beyond Bash at Magic Kingdom. The official event time was from 9:30pm - midnight, but I showed up around 7pm to get dinner and do a couple fast passes (Haunted Mansion and Space Mountain). Wishes was at 8pm, so I also saw that before the party...
  18. vitani88

    Top of the World Lounge during Christmas week

    I'm wondering if there are restrictions for the lounge during Christmas week. I just found out my husband will be home for our anniversary this year (December 21)!! It's our 3rd anniversary and he's never been home to celebrate with me because he works on ships and is usually away over the...
  19. vitani88

    Trip Report Solo Trip 2.0

    Hello, pixie dust snorters!! I'm back again with another trip report and I intend to finish this one! For those of you who don't know me (I've been a little scarce around the forums lately), my name is Tracy! I'm a 27 year old recent college graduate, veteran, and old married lady. This photo...
  20. vitani88

    Charging for coffee??

    I've been a DVC member since 2010 and have stayed in several DVC resorts over the last five years. One thing that has always been a huge plus over value resorts is that you have a coffee maker at deluxe resorts (or just DVC? I'm not sure). I'm fairly confident we've always had at least a couple...
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