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  1. The Visionary Soul

    Rumor My Genie Conclusions - The Future of WDW’s Ticketing

    Well, it’s been a while since I’ve written anything here, but it’s time I let the Genie out of the bag. Genie was announced at the D23 Expo quite a while ago now. We never knew what exactly Genie meant other than it would really change the way you plan your vacation. Until now. Some of this is...
  2. The Visionary Soul

    Orlando Becoming East Coast Headquarters for Disney Parks, Experiences, and Products

    In a stunning move, I’m hearing that Disney is moving thousands of jobs to Lake Nona, an area of Orlando just east of the airport. This is huge for Orlando’s economy and a big blow to California, especially to Glendale, where WDI and Consumer Products are currently based. The entire unit of the...
  3. The Visionary Soul

    Rumor Wreck-It-Ralph Attraction Likely to Replace Stitch’s Great Escape

    It has come to my attention that this on-again/off-again/on-again project is once again on-again. I’m not confident that it’s a 100% go at this point, because you know, budgets, but I can confirm that it is in active development and is currently moving forward. Any confirmation of this recent...
  4. The Visionary Soul

    News Epcot Center Drive Ramp to Close on July 6

    More of a reminder for locals than news, but drivers traveling southbound on World Drive from the Magic Kingdom area will not be able to access Epcot Center Drive beginning tomorrow, July 6, as the ramp is about to undergo construction. Being that this is the primary way for locals to access I-4...
  5. The Visionary Soul

    News Casey’s Corner and Main Street Ice Cream Parlor to Reopen at Magic Kingdom

    EDIT: This is now confirmed by the Disney Parks Blog. Casey’s Opens on June 30 and Plaza Ice Cream opens July 7. My sources tell me the delay on the ice cream parlor was due to freezer issues. I can’t confirm. Original post below: Now that the fireworks are coming back, people will want to eat...
  6. The Visionary Soul

    News Magic Kingdom and Epcot Fireworks to Resume July 1st

    UPDATE: Confirmed by the Disney Parks Blog, the fireworks at Magic Kingdom and Epcot are coming back July 1st. Obviously physical distancing rules have changed since then, so no need for the decals, but I’m happy to see Happily Ever After come back. Epcot Forever… well, I guess I’ll take what we...
  7. The Visionary Soul

    News Walt Disney World to End Temperature Checks

    Walt Disney World will be ending both Guest and Cast temperature checks in the coming weeks. The last day for Employee (Cast & Imagineer) temperature checks will be on May 7th and May 15th will be the last day checking the temperatures of Guests. This is most likely in response to Orange County...
  8. The Visionary Soul

    News 5G Cellular Service Installation Under Way at WDW

    It appears that new 5G cellular towers are popping up all over Walt Disney World. So far they are mostly being installed at the resorts first, but certainly more to come. 5G works best with direct line of sight to your device, and the towers are very short (only 10-30 feet tall in most cases)...
  9. The Visionary Soul

    Rumor Muppets to Take Over The Hall of Presidents

    Well, it looks like the cat is about to be unleashed. The Muppets will be taking over The Hall of Presidents. From what I understand, the Muppets will have mostly a narrative role in the show, with the basic principle of the show remaining in tact. The Muppets just posted a cryptic message on...
  10. The Visionary Soul

    Rumor 40% Capacity Soon? What if I Told You That We’re Already There

    My sources are telling me that WDW has increased the park capacity from 35% to 40%. This happened on January 1st, and it was a part of the park hopping rollout. You probably will see the difference in the parks when visiting in the days ahead. Also, all parks now allow same-day reservations...
  11. The Visionary Soul

    Staggs is Back?

    Tom Staggs was recently (as in the last couple weeks) sighted at Walt Disney World wearing a Disney name tag and greeting cast members. He was surrounded by other executives. Has anyone seen him lately?
  12. The Visionary Soul

    Rumor Is Indiana Jones Planning an Adventure to Disney's Animal Kingdom?

    Hello everyone, it has been quite a while, but I'm back once again. This time I'm hearing lots of rumors from multiple sources about Indiana Jones coming to Disney's Animal Kingdom. The most extreme of them include all of Dinoland USA being replaced with an Indiana Jones themed land. This would...
  13. The Visionary Soul

    News WDW Resorts to add fees for parking

    Well, I know it's been a while, but now I'm back with some new news. I wish I could say it was good news, but I don't know how to see this as anything but bad. WDW, by leadership of Bob Chapek, is planning to start charging resort fees and parking fees at all WDW resorts. They should begin as...
  14. The Visionary Soul

    News Disney Not Renewing Great Movie Ride Sponsorship Deal with TCM ; Attraction to Close

    I've heard from a very reliable source inside Turner that The Great Movie Ride Sponsorship Deal (Only a 3 year contract was signed) is not up for renewal. This was not a TCM Decision, it was Disney's. Evidently they have plans for a new attraction to take the location. The current ride will be...
  15. The Visionary Soul

    Ellen's voice is back in the ride... but her animatronic is probably gone for good.

    So, after riding Universe of Energy yesterday, I can tell you that it looks like they made a decision to re-work the "ellen vs. snake-like-creature" sequence permanently. They decided to edit the audio so Ellen is just heard and not seen in that sequence, and the snake-like-creature has been...
  16. The Visionary Soul

    I don't think the new building at DHS is a theater after all...

    Okay, so I've been doing some digging, looking at plans, and speaking to sources. Here's what I've been led to believe: It's becoming more and more apparent that the new building going up near Tower of Terror isn't going to be a theater at all. It is a black box venue... but only temporarily...
  17. The Visionary Soul

    Pandora Open in Magic Kingdom

    I have received word that the new Pandora store-within-a-store has opened inside the Magic Kingdom inside Uptown Jewelers. Anyone have photos?
  18. The Visionary Soul

    More Wrapped Buses

    On a recent visit to WDW I have noticed a vastly increased number of wrapped Disney buses driving around the resort. No photos from me because I was driving, but I was curious if anyone else has noticed the same thing. Agent Carter was on the most recent wrap I saw.
  19. The Visionary Soul

    Some little things at the MK

    So, I was in the Magic Kingdom this last week. Besides basically not riding any major attractions (Though I did get on Seven Dwarfs' Mine Train since it only had a 20min wait around 12:50am), I did notice some new details that haven't been brought up on here. First, the main middle railing is...
  20. The Visionary Soul

    Updates for the New Year

    Hi Everyone. It has a been a while since I've had anything fun and interesting to share, recently I've mostly been limiting my posts to single comments about topics posted here and there. But I wanted to let you know that I'm not completely silent and out of the loop. I've been quietly reading...
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