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    Disney Springs on a Saturday Night...

    I just went to the new Disney Springs for the first time since the changeover. My first time was today, a Saturday at 8pm. I felt like I was at an EDM Concert. And I'm 23 and live near New York City. I'm supposed to be able to handle this stuff. Maybe I just don't want to cuz I'm on...
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    Rumor: Details on Disney's Hollywood Adventure

    Mods, feel free to put this in the rumor thread if you'd like. But this one had a lot of stuff so I figured it may deserve its own thread. Disney's Hollywood Adventure- Not much of an original name, but so be it. Here is the article via, The Infamous A lot of stuff here. Some new. But a...
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    New Theme Park - Patriot Park!

    Who wants to go? http://www.theguardian.com/world/2015/jun/16/vladimir-putin-opens-russian-military-disneyland-patriot-park
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    D23 - what are you hoping for?

    https://d23.com/hall-d23-presentations-2015/ With the D23 expo coming in just 3 months, what are you guys hoping will get announced or what we'll get to see progress-wise? Personally, I'm hoping for the Star Wars announcements we know we want, an update on Hollywood Studios and EPCOT, and...
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    Lack of Water Rides at Hollywood Studios

    I personally have always wanted a water-ride at Hollywood Studios because there is a lack of ways to get you wet and cool you off in a park that to me seems to get the hottest (my guess being it's just lots of buildings, no shade and cramped on the streets). I know the way the park is currently...
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