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  1. JenniferS

    Happy Birthday @trr1

    Happy Birthday. Happy Valentine’s Day. Happy, happy, happy.
  2. JenniferS

    Happy Birthday Bestie

    Happy Birthday @NYwdwfan ! Cake, prezzies, and best wishes for your best year ever! ❤️
  3. JenniferS

    Happy Birthday Eric!

    Happy Birthday @Eric1955 Forget the cake. For your birthday, I went old school ... Hope you have an awesome day. ❤️
  4. JenniferS

    Trip Report JenniferS (and Mike) will be live 9/2-9/13 ... maybe!

    Yes, it’s that time of year again, time for another live trip report from two of your favourite Canadians ... which means of course, that another hurricane is headed to Florida. This will be my fourth live WDW trip report. The “who” and “where” remain the same, but the “how” and “when” are...
  5. JenniferS

    Happy Birthday Eric!

    Happy birthday @Eric1955. We all know what a great cook/baker I am, so for your special day, I baked you TWO cakes. (Sorry, no savannah view.) And a totally different kind of “king cake”. Have a good one!
  6. JenniferS

    Trip Report JenniferS is live - 9/3 - 9/16

    Technically this is a pre-trip report, but we’ll be going live in less than a week! This will be my third live September trip report. 2016: https://forums.wdwmagic.com/threads/jennifers-is-live-9-7-16-9-17-16.918342/#post-7389286 2017...
  7. JenniferS

    Live(ish) Trip Report - Celebrating 25 Years of Wedded Bliss in NYC

    For my convenience (ha ha) I’ve decided to do a live trip report for our upcoming NYC trip. We will be there 5/21 - 5/25. This will be our third trip to the Big Apple since August, 2017; fourth overall. Most of the people who are likely to follow this trip report already know all about me, so...
  8. JenniferS

    What is up with Tutto Italia

    I made my ADR’s almost three weeks ago for our September trip, 9/5-9/15. At the time, Tutto was not showing as available, so I booked Chefs as a placeholder for dinner on 9/11. I phoned Disney Dining last week to see if they were showing availability. They were not, but suggested I wait a...
  9. JenniferS

    Trip Report JenniferS was live! 9/6/17 - 9/16/17

    This will be my fourth live trip report in a year, and after NYC last week, I thought Hubby had reached his limit, but he says, "No, go ahead, do a live trip report. It lets me control the tv while you talk to your friends." (As we meet more of my WDWDisney friends, he uses finger quotes...
  10. JenniferS

    Live From New York, it's JenniferS' birthday ...

    and Hubby's too. But mostly mine. As many of you know, Mike and I are headed to NYC to celebrate our birthdays. Me on the 15th. Mike on the 18th. There's not a lot of background to this story, other than I don't want to be in town celebrating this milestone birthday. Not that one actually...
  11. JenniferS

    Happy Birthday @Andrew C

    Happy Birthday @Andrew C. I hope you have a wonderful day, and are able to forget about those three grey hairs. No seriously, forget about them, because where there are three, there are THREE HUNDRED! You really deserve two cakes!
  12. JenniferS

    Spring Training, with a dash of Disney. Live.

    Hey Peeps, we're on our way down to Dunedin for some Spring Training, Blue Jays style. I'm kind of disappointed that the WBC is on right now, as we will be missing some marquee players. No worries, Florida Auto Exchange Stadium is an intimate little setting compared to SkyDome, so whoever we...
  13. JenniferS

    RIP Princess Leia. And now her dear mother, Debbie Reynolds.

    This doesn't sound good. http://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/2016/12/23/actress-carrie-fisher-in-critical-condition-after-cardiac-episode-on-london-to-los-angeles-flight.html
  14. JenniferS

    Trip Report JenniferS Is Live - 9/7/16 - 9/17/16

    Hi, my name is JenniferS, and I am a Disneyholic. I have been accused of being a Pixie Dust snorter. I've been accused of worse, so no biggie. Once we get home from a Disney trip, I am always in a bit of a funk, and never really up to doing a proper trip report. For those of you who know me...
  15. JenniferS

    Ginger or Mary Ann?

    Not even sure how Hubby and I get on these topics, but get on it we did. Help me out here, and answer the age old question - Who'd you rather?
  16. JenniferS

    Are Vampires > Zombies?

    Okay, we kind of touched on this in WITWIBS, but now I'm putting it out there. When the Apocolypse finally comes, which mutants will be last "men" standing? Vampires or Zombies? A brief explanation defending your pick would be appreciated.
  17. JenniferS

    How to Remove a Security Tag

    As I have mentioned numerous times, I was in the World 09/23 - 10/02, with my SIL and nephew. As usual, when I travel without hubby and kids, I buy a ton of stuff for them; usually t-shirts, boxer shorts/sleep pants and hats. Even though this year's trip was earlier than last year's, I bought...
  18. JenniferS

    ... And here's what we missed:

    Earlier today, I shared some new dining experiences during our recent trip, 9/23 - 10/02. The following is what we never got around to trying/visiting, despite our best intentions. POR - Magic Cookie Bars. We spent too much time in POFQ (which we had never visited before) and just never made...
  19. JenniferS

    Finally got around to trying ....

    Just got back from 10 days in the World, and am happy to report that I was able try a few NEW ITEMS. This was our 6th or 7th trip using DDP. First up - took the boat from DTD to POFQ to try the beignets. We paid OOP for a serving of 6 puffy little pillows to be shared by 3 of us. Verdict -...
  20. JenniferS

    BOG still slammed for lunch?

    Now that the summer hordes have gone home and overall crowd levels are much lower, is it still necessary to get in line at 10:30 for lunch? We were lucky enough to score a dinner ressie last year before BOG officially opened. Last year's borrowed "kid" was my niece. This year I'm bringing her...
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