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  1. afar28

    Where can I get older maps?

    Hello. It seems like every Disney vacation I grab a ton of maps, but I can't seem to find them all now :banghead:. I want to add one map of each park from each of my Disney vacations to my photo albums (as far back as 2003), so is there anywhere that has old maps? Not scans of maps, but the...
  2. afar28

    Must see Orlando Attractions

    Sorry if their has been a recent thread on this, but I can't seem to find anything. My family and I have been going to WDW for years, and really only visited Universal and Sea World aside from Disney, but we definitely are looking at other options this year. What places would you recommend...
  3. afar28

    Avatar 3D ride news

    Found this post and thought a new thread should be started as I did not see anything about it. Feel free to move if it belongs in an existing avatar thread So it looks like it will just be an upgraded version of Soarin. If this is the anchor of the land it will be a bit disappointing in my...
  4. afar28

    2013-2014 NBA season

    Any NBA fans out their? Tip off is finally here, and ill be going hard for my Knicks. My prediction is a Warrios Heat finals with Miami coming out on top.
  5. afar28

    Xbox one or PS4?

    Which one of the next gen consoles will you be getting? I'm still undecided. I currently have Xbox 360. I was originally going to get PS4 because of the whole used game/always online Xbox policies. But now that those are gone, I am on the fence about it. So what will you get?
  6. afar28

    Disney would you rather!

    Thought this would be a fun game :) I'll start. Would you rather- See a 5th gate or a makeover to DHS?
  7. afar28

    Big Thunder evacuation

    Strange thing happened tonight. About 30 minutes ago (10:00 PM) Big Thunder Mountain and the area surrounding it, like the smoking section below and the geyser next to it, where roped off with security surrounding. Dogs were brought in and were sniffing the area for something. Explosives I...
  8. afar28

    Buzz lightyear animatronic gone?

    I just rode Buzz Lightyears Space Ranger Spin and the Buzz AA in the queue was behind a curtain. I didnt see any posts about this so does anyone know why or how long it will be gone? I assume it's just for maintence but just asking. Sorry if their already is a thread about this and I missed it.
  9. afar28

    Trip Report Live from Orlando! A post as we go August trip report

    Welcome to my August 2013 trip report! Thanks for reading! This will be my first trip report, so comment what you think! This will also be a live trip report where I will try to post at night. And one more thing before I start. Sadly, most of my pictures will be taken with my iPhone since my...
  10. afar28

    Will Kang & Kodos' Twirl 'n' Hurl use express pass?

    I will be heading down to Uni in a bit over a week. I have express pass, and am wondering will the new attraction in Springfield, Kang & Kodos' Twirl 'n' Hurl, feature express pass? Thanks!
  11. afar28

    Underrated Universal attractions?

    What do you guys think are the most underrated Universal rides at both parks? I'm heading out there for the first time in 3 years, and last time we went we just hit up the big name attractions. So what attractions do you think are most underrated?
  12. afar28

    Revenge of the Mummy comparisons?

    Quick question. I'll be making my way down to Universal in August (so excited :D) for the first time in 3 years. Last time I was there I didn't get a chance to ride Revenge of the Mummy. Now that I have express pass I will definitely try to ride it this time. My main questions is if someone I am...
  13. afar28

    RSR in need of a refurb?

    Radiator Springs Racers is now one years old, and as a birthday gift a refurb looks like it would be a great gift. From this article on Theme Park Insider: More here: http://www.themeparkinsider.com/flume/201306/3525/ Does anyone know if those effects have been fixed and it was just a one...
  14. afar28

    Universal hints at Simpsons announcement

    The official Universal Orlando Facebook page posted a status saying "We've got some exciting news to share tomorrow! D'oh" So what do ya think, the Simpsons land expansion finally being announced?
  15. afar28

    Outside of Disney

    We have a 10 day trip to Disney in August (yay) and we are considering going to an outside Orlando attraction, either SeaWorld, Universal Studios, or Islands of Adventure. With SeaWorld, we went their last year for a day and loved it. They now have the brand new Antarctica section of the park...
  16. afar28

    Magic Kingdom entry posters?

    Let me just preface this by saying I am horrible at describing things, so my description to where the posters are might be horrible. When you enter MK, in the room with the maps, there are posters on the wall. Does anyone know if they are able to be purchased, whether online, at the parks, or...
  17. afar28

    March madness..

    Who else's brackets are destroyed? I had New Mexico in my final 4 and Georgetown and Gonzaga in my elite 8. Well it was a good run of 1 day with a perfect bracket. What's your championship game? I have Louisville over Indiana.
  18. afar28

    Which one of these resteraunts should we eliminate?

    We are doing our ADR's this Tuesday, and we came up with a list of 10 resteraunts we could pick from, but we only have 9 days. So, we have to eliminate one. Which one of these should we eliminate? All are dinner unless otherwise noted. Kona (breakfast) Be our guest (probably already booked, but...
  19. afar28

    Which one of?

    We can book out reservations for our August trip this Wednesday. We can book 9 resteraunts. We came up with 9 resteraunts to eat at for our 9 days: Kona (breakfast) Be our Guest (bit of a push for diner as its most likely booked already, but worth a shot I suppose) Whispering Canyon (dinner)...
  20. afar28

    Is there anything Disney could do that would make you not go?

    Is there anything Disney could do that would make you not go to WDW? I don't know if there would be many things for me, but I wanna hear what you have to say.
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