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  1. Princess Leia

    Get Back

    I’m currently in the middle of the first episode, and wow, Peter Jackson did a great job with this footage. Really beautiful editing. Also, this should be Disney’s go-ahead to add edgier content for the US version of Disney+. There was a warning about the language at the very beginning of the...
  2. Princess Leia

    First trip to TDR suggestions?

    When it is safe to do so, I am planning to go to Japan, and will be spending 2 days at Tokyo Disneyland Resort. As this is a once in a lifetime trip, I plan on doing as much as possible, but are there any restaurants or experiences I shouldn’t miss? Also, just any Japan tips would be very much...
  3. Princess Leia

    Avengers Endgame Spoiler Discussion

    Any spoiler talk about the film goes in here, not the other thread. If you haven’t seen the film, and you’re reading this, I suggest you leave now.
  4. Princess Leia

    Captain Marvel spoiler thread

    Seeing it in 2 hours! Thought it best to get a spoiler thread up now.
  5. Princess Leia

    The Umbrella Academy

    Anyone else watching? I’m about seven episodes in, and while I want to like it, the pacing of the show is driving me nuts.
  6. Princess Leia

    Academy Awards 2019- nominations for Disney/Pixar/Lucasfilm/Marvel

    Best Picture Black Panther Animated Feature Incredibles 2 Ralph Breaks the Internet Animated Short Bao Sound Editing Black Panther Sound Mixing Black Panther Production Design Black Panther Mary Poppins Returns Original Score Black Panther Mary Poppins Returns Original Song Black...
  7. Princess Leia

    Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse

    Just saw it, and I cannot believe how good it was. Believe the hype and reviews, people, that movie was flawless. Stunning animation, great story, cool characters, the best Stan Lee cameo that we are ever going to get, and what is probably the funniest post-credits scene to happen in a Marvel...
  8. Princess Leia

    Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

    https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/heat-vision/doctor-strange-2-scott-derrickson-returning-direct-1168156 Scott Derrickson (the original director) is returning, looking like a 2021 release date. For everyone trying to remember when the first one came out, it was November 2016, so there will be...
  9. Princess Leia

    American Film Institute 100 Years... 100 Movies- 25th anniversary list speculation.

    I'm a pretty big film buff, and I'm trying to work my way through all of the AFI's film lists (main and the offshoots). If you're not familiar with the lists, or want a refresher, here's the link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AFI%27s_100_Years...100_Movies So far, I've watched 74/100 of the...
  10. Princess Leia

    The Good Place (SPOILERS)

    Alright, due to the pace of how this show moves, I think that if you’ve only watched the first season, this thread might not be for you And maybe not even the second season. Alright, if you’re caught up with last night’s episode, you may be having the same question that I’m having- how...
  11. Princess Leia

    Trip Report A Disney Wedding (not mine) and a Universal Proposal (also not mine)

    I have now been back from Florida for 2 1/2 days, and while I wanted to start writing this, I’m still too tired to commit to the posts. But at least I have a title. What- a trip to Florida that was focused on a friend’s wedding at the Boardwalk. Where- WDW and Universal. I stayed at Pop with...
  12. Princess Leia

    Daredevil Season 3

    Anyone else watching? I just started episode 5. I’m liking this a lot more than season 2.
  13. Princess Leia

    Saturday Night Live

    Season 44 premiered last night, and I thought it was mostly pretty decent. Some quick thoughts I had. Adam Driver seemed like an odd choice for the premiere host. He was good in all of the material, especially the career day sketch, but they couldn’t get an Avenger or Guardian to host? Pete...
  14. Princess Leia

    Pop Century & mini fridges

    I had known that the rooms at Pop don’t come with mini fridges, but what I didn’t know was that one of my traveling companions next month will be bringing medication that requires refidgeration. Is there a way to rent a fridge at the hotel? I just learned about the meds last night, and it’s too...
  15. Princess Leia

    Marvel's The Eternals

    Might as well start the thread since there's a director attached now. What is it: a post-Avengers 4 film about The Eternals (who I know nothing about) When is it: after Avengers 4 (after 2019, probably between 2020-2024) Who is directing: Chloe Zhao Where is it: space?
  16. Princess Leia

    American Horror Story: Apocalypse

    Just finished watching the first episode! Is anyone else watching this season?
  17. Princess Leia

    Website/MDE Major Errors (September 2018)

    I had a bit of stress today when a) I realized that Disney cancelled my FP+ for the day I'll be arriving early for the Halloween party and the day after, and then b) when the site glitched and I lost all records of my hotel room and FP+ on the app. Luckily, I can still see everything on my...
  18. Princess Leia

    Rope Drop for Flight of Passage

    I will be at Animal Kingdom in mid-October, and I was wondering what rope drop was like now. I was there an hour before park opening last November (park opened at 7, we got there a little before 6), and they were letting people in early to be able to ride FoP. While I doubt that’s still the...
  19. Princess Leia

    Reminders in MDE

    I’m planning a trip next month with some friends (one of them is getting married at the Boardwalk!), and I noticed in our plans that reminders had been created by the bride’s mom for certain shows/meals without reservations. How can I do this? I’d like to add Trader Sam’s, Satu’li and Rivers...
  20. Princess Leia

    Don Bluth films

    I just watched Titan AE for the first time last night, and I realized that I missed Bluth’s style of animation in the current CGI heavy world. Yes, the movie also used CGI (some instances worked much better than others), but there was still the traditional 2D art in there as well. I grew up in...
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