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    Touring Plans

    How has the Touring Plans Lines app been since Genie+? Is it worth getting? Is it accurate?
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    Magic Kingdom Genie+ Strategy

    For those of you that have used Genie+ what has been the best strategy you have used to minimize waits and get the most out of the service? Will just be my wife and I on a Thursday (Dec 16th) for context. We will NOT be buying ILL for MK, we will just wait in line for SDMT and SM (or do them the...
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    Second Guessing Park Reservations

    We are going Dec 14th-19th and I am second guessing our reservations and would like some opinions. We have Magic Kingdom for our last day (Saturday) like most people do but I am getting a little worried it will be absolutely packed that day. I am wondering if we should switch and do Animal...
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    Resorts At Christmas

    What are the best resorts to visit during Christmas time at Disney?
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    Animal Kingdom Tours

    Does anyone have any insight when the tours or "treks" will be back at Animal Kingdom?
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    Making Reservations

    I am supposed to make reservations on Friday. Dining reservations usually open up at 6 or 7 AM EST? Also from recent experience what is the best way to make reservations? Web Browser (which one)? Mobile app? Any best tips to make sure it goes as smoothly as possible would be appreciated.
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    Switching Resorts

    How has switching resorts been regarding luggage? We are staying at Beach Club one night then headed to Saratoga Springs for four. Will they move our luggage for us so we can go to a park or do we need to move them ourselves?
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    When To Buy Tickets

    My wife and I are going for a 5 day trip in December, I was going to buy tickets today through TMobile discount tickets but I am wondering if I should now wait for Genie to be available to buy with tickets. I was thinking maybe it would be on the discounted site as well. I guess the main...
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    Saratoga Springs Buses

    Staying at Saratoga at a 1 bedroom in December so I started to look into the bus schedule/stops. There are 5 stops at Saratoga, how does Disney deal with making sure there is room for people at the last few stops especially with limited capacity? Are the last couple stops just screwed early in...
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    1 Bedrooms?

    I am trying to see what resorts have 1 bedroom suites and what is the average per night? My wife and I have 2 kids and probably would end up visiting once a year and would probably need at least a 1 bedroom to fit us all and be comfortable. So I am trying to see if DVC might end up being worth...
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    First Ride?

    We will probably be at MK around 11 or 11:30 on Friday after arriving. First trip for our daughter (2) and her godmother, what would be your first ride?
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    Flying With a 2 Year Old

    We are leaving in 11 days and I am getting worried about how our just turned 2 year old is going to do. We have a carseat for her, going to make sure she has a tablet with games and videos to distract her, and snacks but I am worried about her ears hurting her or her freaking out from the noise...
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    Spring Break Crowds

    Have spring break crowds started this week? I have been looking at wait times every day to get an idea for our trip in May and noticed yesterday and today have crazy wait times compared to last week. I thought it might be a week too early for SB crowds.
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    Reservation Questions

    I have a few questions. When making a dining reservation with a 2 year old, should they be included in the number of guests? 3 adults, 1 toddler= 4 guests I assume? Also how hard is it getting dining reservations for 4 people? I have been looking 60 days in advance to get an idea and April...
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    Picking Parks Suggestions

    We are making our way back to Disney May 7th-14th, 3 adults and a 2 year old at the Boardwalk. We plan on getting park hoppers mainly so we can visit any park (hopefully) in the later afternoon if our kid really loves something but mainly to come back to Magic Kingdom whenever for her. I am...
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    Old Magic Bands

    So I see my wife's and I's magic bands from Dec 19 under "Manage Magicbands or Cards" Do we need to do anything for them to work right when we get there? Will they automatically be linked to the reservation? I am not seeing a way to link them otherwise. Thanks!
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    Friend/Family Question

    My wife and I are going with our daughter and our friend, is it possible for our friend to have her own MDE login and attach a Credit card for her own purchases with a magic band?
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    Payment Options

    Back in December 2019 when we visited we received a gift card for turning down room service and we were able to load them onto Google Wallet and use that in stores. Is Disney still giving this option? We have a lot of money in gift cards and just trying to figure out the best way to use them...
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    Facemask for 2 Year Old

    First, I don't understand why Disney is requiring a two year old to be in a facemask, it is crazy to me. Second, has anyone had luck finding a facemask their toddler will actually wear? And how did you get them to keep it on? We are going in May and our daughter will be 26 months old and at...
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    Cancellation Quesion

    My wife, 1 year old daughter, my brother, and I are planning a trip next April. We have decided to stay off resort to save a little money and have more room but we really don't want to shell out the $1,600 to get tickets for us all at once. If I were to book a vacation through Disney with a...
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