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  1. ShookieJones

    Trip Report Shookie's Family Four Pack...Plus Two (I think that equals six)

    Hey Everyone – My daughter convinced me to jump back into the TR game. She says this is going to be an epic trip, and I must agree. It is the first time the family 4 pack is back together in almost three years (wooHOO)! It's going to be our longest WDW/Uni Vacation ever (almost thirteen full...
  2. ShookieJones

    Premium Membership

    @wdwmagic Hi Steve - Not sure what's up, but my premium membership seems to have 'expired' checked my Paypal and I am all paid up. FYI - I thought it had expired or bank info had changed and I inadvertently upgraded my membership to 'contributor' status. Not that I am opposed to it, but I...
  3. ShookieJones

    Closures for Halloween Party Overlays

    How are my Left Coast lovin' Disney peeps doing? I am going to be bringing the family to the OG Park that started it all from August 15 through the 19. Am I in danger of having Pirates and SM down because of the overlay. I saw that the date were released recently and they seem a ways off but...
  4. ShookieJones

    Interesting WDW Survey Questions

    We've been going to WDW every year for the last 12 years. During that I time I've filled out more than a few of these surveys. This however is the first one I've done that had these type of questions. This did go to the email address that was NOT associated with my Disney.com address, so...
  5. ShookieJones

    May 12 - 18th

    If anyone is in the World Between May 12th and May 18th a couple o' coveted dinner ressies for a party of 4 are about to become available....;)
  6. ShookieJones

    Memory Maker Ride Photos

    I'm tossing around the Memory Maker idea. I know it's linked to your Magic Band --- One question: Do I have to wait in line with everyone else looking to purchase on ride photos or do they have a MB kiosk set up where I can scan my MB pic our photo and get the he!! outta there?
  7. ShookieJones

    Nightcap: my view

    Hope all is well back on the boards... Everything is a-ok over here....
  8. ShookieJones

    0 days left..yeah I'm bragging.

    Came here for one reason: To flaunt my zero days status. Leaving for the World tomorrow at 8:10am Catch you all on the flipside!
  9. ShookieJones

    MNSSHP - No Space Mountain?

    I just saw the MNSSHP Guide. Space Mountain was not listed. I remember it being open at last year's party. I know it was down for refurb, but thought it was up now. Anyone know anything?
  10. ShookieJones

    The coolest dude on earth just got mail

    As Jesse Pinkman would say: Yo! I got Mickey mail b-tches!
  11. ShookieJones

    Can I join the "Paid in Full" Club?

    I humbly submit my application below in hopes that current members @draybook, @sgtmgd, @Tinkerbell397 and anyone else can review and approve my membership request:
  12. ShookieJones

    Finnegan's or Lombard's ?

    Based on it's almost legendary praise around here we're already doing Mythos our first night. I'm looking for another sit down meal for our second night and I'm tossing around Finnegan's or any other place you might think of at US or IOA.
  13. ShookieJones

    Some Decent On-Site Resort Savings!

    Hey I don't know if this has been posted already or not, but I just got a typical informational email from Uni, and I noticed a link to the some savings on select dates. I got lucky and our October 3rd stay fell within the dates so I saved 50 bucks. Not a whole lot but better than nothing. I...
  14. ShookieJones

    Pool Towels

    Anyone here anything about there no longer being towels available at the main pools at moderates? it came up in another thread - seems ludicrous..
  15. ShookieJones

    I am going to be about 35 minutes away from the World!!

    But unfortunately it's only for an hour long lay over at MCO before heading to Louisville. We are cruising at about 30000 ft right now - took off from Hartford this morning and should be touching down shortly. My best bud and I are heading for a five day guys only vacation with one of our good...
  16. ShookieJones

    Universal Discounts

    So I consider my self a seasoned WDW vacation planner. I've been lucky enough to get discount pins or have taken advantage of bounce back offers or free dining, etc. etc. I realized that the last two years I've booked my Universal park tickets and stays sight unseen without doing an research...
  17. ShookieJones

    Ohh..So P.O'd right now...

    I'm not a morning person. Went to bed late last night (playing walking dead tell tale game with my son until 2am) I know my bad staying up late when I gotta get up early...but spending time with my son and the Walking Dead combined are too much to pass up. So..... I Get up at 5:30 so I can get...
  18. ShookieJones

    Shookie Hates Walt Disney World

    Only because I'm not there. ;) So I did the PTR - I did the LTR - Now it's time for the ROTR (Regular Old Trip Report) Lots of awesome trip reports around here many from the same time I was there so I will try to keep this sweet and to the point without too much babble.....(that's going to be...
  19. ShookieJones

    Best place for a QS lunch?

    Hey guys at uni waitin in line. When we came here last year we were super disappointed in the food choices - any suggestions?
  20. ShookieJones

    Live Trip Report: Shookie at WDW

    Okay so I thought I would follow up the PTR with a LTR - a Live Trip Report - What I'm going to TRY to do is just give you some what interesting updates from the parks and our day. So something from day one -- We landed today at 9 am and were in unpacked in our rooms and at the parks by...
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