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  1. tcool123

    The Imaginarium - The Imagineering Halls

    Welcome to The Imagineering Halls! Here supplemental material that coincides with the Imaginarium's main challenges. This is material is meant to show what has been in the past, and what could be done in the future as a reference. With that said let The Imagineering Halls open up! - Directory-...
  2. tcool123

    The Imaginarium - Competition Thread [Finale]

    The Imaginarium is a legacy competition that has history expanding far back into the forum's history with ties to The Imagineer and shockingly enough So You Want to be an Imagineer, which at the time was hosted on a whole different website. Now that a decade has passed since the Imaginarium...
  3. tcool123

    The Imaginarium - Discussion Thread

    The Imaginarium is a legacy competition that has history expanding far back into the forum's history with ties to The Imagineer and shockingly enough So You Want to be an Imagineer, which at the time was hosted on a whole different website. Now that a decade has passed since the Imaginarium...
  4. tcool123

    Bye Bye Poseidon’s Fury?

    Seems like today walls magically appeared around the queue and area of the beloved Poseidon’s Fury. If this is truly the end of this campy escape from the rain attraction what do y’all figure is the replacement? I personally bet on Legend of Zelda being the next IP here given it’s the best...
  5. tcool123

    Platinum Weekends: Whose Park Is It Anyways? - Play NOW

    Platinum Weekends: Whose Park Is It Anyways? Tired of all the hustle, the bustle and stress of an Imagineering competition? Then why don't you take a load off, and let your own laughter take over for the weekend! Returning for the first time after a long three year hiatus and the popular and...
  6. tcool123

    Where in the World - A Disney Photo Trivia Game!

    Hi everyone! So this year the Imagineering forums turned 20, and as such a lot of the members of the community are putting on competitions throughout the year and trivia games for the weekends. Given this is the Disney Trivia and Games forum I thought it would be a good idea to share one of the...
  7. tcool123

    Washington Heights: An In the Heights Inspired Land

    These streets are made of music Welcome to el barrio! While spending your time here get ready to be greeted by plenty of friendly faces from places all over. Enjoy an ice cold piragua from a friendly local vendor. Absorb all the chisme from the salon ladies while you're getting your hair and...
  8. tcool123

    One Sentence: Platinum Edition - A 20th Anniversary Special

    Welcome one and all to the return of One Sentence! This year as many of you know marks the 20th anniversary of the Imagineering forum's creation, and as part of the celebration the One Sentence Competition joins in the festivities as a way to celebrate the long history of the forum. The One...
  9. tcool123

    Platinum Weekends: Where in the World?

    Platinum Weekends: Where in the World Welcome to the long awaited return of Where in the World! Where in the World is a picture game that combines trivia with your familiarity of Disney Park surroundings. Unlike the competitions that the Imagineering forum is known for this is actually more...
  10. tcool123

    Legacies: 20 Years of Armchair Imagineering

    Legacies: 20 Years of Armchair Imagineering Welcome to Legacies, a celebration of the last 20 years of Imagineering projects here on this very forum! Legacies is a biweekly reflection curated by a few of us here on the forums to highlight some of the projects that many of us now may never...
  11. tcool123

    Disney Launchpad

    As some of you may or may not know this Friday, Disney is releasing a slew of short films from various directors from within their studios for Disney+. Today Disney released trailer for what seems like every short film in the collection! “THE LAST OF THE CHUPACABRAS,” Written and Directed by...
  12. tcool123

    Turtle Talk with Crush Returning?

    Was at Epcot today and noticed social distancing markers leading into Turtle Talk and even within the Turtle Talk space. Is it possible it’s getting ready to silently return? Not sure what else it could be a queue for?
  13. tcool123

    WDWMagic Imagineering's 20th Anniversary: The Platinum Celebration - Information Thread

    To all that come to this imagineery place, welcome. This forum is your place to create and inspire. This anniversary is dedicated to the celebration of creativity, ingenuity, and the fun that have helped to establish the Imagineering forum.
  14. tcool123

    Imagineering 12 Days of Christmas

    The 12 Days Of Christmas After taking a break from larger Imagineering projects for a while I decided to step back into the ring with 12 different projects spread across the 12 days, and every single project will be tied into the holidays making this Imagineering 12 Days of Christmas! Every...
  15. tcool123

    Shop in Store - Self Check Out via MyDisneyExperience

    As I was checking for a reservation at Chef Mickeys this upcoming Sunday a new option popped up in my app. Shop in Store is the new feature, and is currently in Beta mode. Currently this option is only available in Mouse Gear and Pop Century’s gift shop. Unfortunately missed out in...
  16. tcool123

    Fantasmic! Dragon missing? 2/1/2020

    Just finished watching Fantasmic, and noticed a key player of the whole show missing. The dragon! Any clue as to why it went missing? Hopefully the budget isnt so dire they’d start cutting key components of the show 🙄 Some video for those curious:
  17. tcool123

    Disney's Hollywood Studios : Reenvisioned

    The World you have entered was created by The Walt Disney Company and is dedicated to Hollywood - not a place on a map, but a state of mind that exists wherever people dream and wonder and imagine, a place where illusion and reality are fused by technological magic. We welcome you to a...
  18. tcool123

    Pre-Trip An Earth Day Weekend

    Hi everybody! I finished up my first trip report, and thought to myself: What was that Pre-Trip option when I was making my trip report? Honestly I'm not sure what it is :hilarious: But I'm guessing it's kinda like where plan out your upcoming trip? If I'm wrong then woops :oops: So we are...
  19. tcool123

    Trip Report My First Trip Report! *COMPLETED*

    My First Trip Report! Hi y'all! I'm tcool, and it's great to be here! For years I used these forums, and one day happened to come across this very forum I'm in right now! I thought it was an interesting idea, and have always wanted to create a report. However due to either never having the...
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