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  1. mrerk

    Grand Floridian Suites to get new look

    Didn't see this posted elsewhere. @wdwmagic http://www.orlandosentinel.com/business/tourism/os-cfb-tourism-column-04-20-2015-20150419-story.html (sign up required) From the Sentinel: "Suites at the Grand Floridian Resort and Spa at Walt Disney World will be refurbished starting in May. The...
  2. mrerk

    Port or Starboard?

    Is there any reason to select a stateroom on one side over the other?
  3. mrerk

    Might want to watch out for this guy

    If you are driving to the Port and leaving your car, you might want to avoid this guy: Parking Lot Owner Caught Using Customers Car
  4. mrerk

    Obama: I'm going to Disney World

    In case anyone planned on visiting the MK Thursday: http://www.orlandosentinel.com/the-daily-disney/os-obama-disney-visit-20120117,0,1018781.story
  5. mrerk

    Sad News - Ranger Stan passes

    I didn't see this posted elsewhere. My apologies if it has been. http://www.orlandosentinel.com/news/obituaries/os-obit-stan-moore-20110729,0,7017023.story
  6. mrerk

    Passholder Room Discounts

    Is there a limit to how many rooms can be booked with an AP discount?
  7. mrerk

    Boardwalk question

    Is the parking lot directly in front of the resort restricted to resort guests? The reason I ask is we are one of the few (it seems) who prefer to drive to the parks ourselves. Several times we would come back to the resort and either have to valet the car or park across the street because the...
  8. mrerk

    StormAlong Bay question

    How deep is the pool, specifically at the end of the shipwreck slide?
  9. mrerk

    MK closing at 5PM on Sunday May 16?

    What's up with that? Wedding?
  10. mrerk

    DVC AP question

    Does a DVC AP qualify for the 15 month renewal?
  11. mrerk

    Something new (for us)

    We've never really felt the need to make ADR's, prefer to just wing it. However, with the free dining promotion extended into December I think it is time we made some ADR's. Our trip starts December 1. 90 days out is September 2. Am I correct in thinking we can make all our ADR's on Sept.2...
  12. mrerk

    Where would you add on?

    If money was no object and you were going to add on 100 points, which resort would you buy at and why? Home resort or something different?
  13. mrerk

    Candlelight Processional - Tentative List

    I have not seen this posted yet, if so forgive me: Isabella Rossellini -- Nov. 27-29 John O' Hurley -- Nov. 30, Dec. 1-2 Steven Curtis Chapman -- Dec. 3-5 TBA -- Dec. 6-8 Andy Garcia -- Dec. 9-11 Vanessa Williams -- Dec. 12-14 Abigail Breslin -- Dec. 15-17 Whoopi Goldberg -- Dec. 18-20 Brian...
  14. mrerk

    Skycap tip at OIA

    My wife, self and 4yo flew into MCO a few weeks ago. We were collecting our luggage from baggage claim and just as we got the last piece a skycap showed up asking if we would like some assistance. We figured what the hay, why not. He loads our 2 bags, one carry on and the car seat on his cart...
  15. mrerk

    Super Bowl in Tampa Bay

    The Super Bowl is in Tampa Bay on February 1, 2009. Does this normally have any effect on WDW?
  16. mrerk

    Pyrotechnic Convention

    Just stumbled upon this. The American Pyrotechnic Association will be holding their annual convention at the Yacht & Beach Club from September 16-20. Some highlights: Wednesday, September 17: General session I: Disney's Steven Davison (the man behind WDW's "Wishes" & DL's "Believe")...
  17. mrerk

    Bay Lake Tower take out restaurant? and opening date!

    I'm not sure if this has been discussed before, but it looks like the new BLT will have some sort of take out restaurant. From the Sentinel: Looks like there will be at least one take-out restaurant inside the Bay Lake Tower, which is the new Disney Vacation Club resort Disney is building...
  18. mrerk

    Shuttle Landing

    Shuttle Landing Soon For those of you in central Florida the Space Shuttle will be making a landing at KSC at 8:39. The current track shows the shuttle coming in over the Gulf of Mexico, making landfall just south of Tampa. That will put it on a track just south of Disney as it crosses the...
  19. mrerk

    Fav hard ticket event

    What is everyone's favorite MK Hard Ticket Event and why?
  20. mrerk

    Golf Tournament effect on attendance

    Just something I was wondering as I was watching the sports ticker on ESPN. What effect (if any) does this weekends annual golf tournament have on park attendance? My wife has always wanted to go for her birthday and we wanted to know if we should try to avoid the tournament. Or maybe some of...
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