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  1. MerMom1981

    Pre-Trip So...I guess I booked a Spring Break trip? UPDATING LIVE-ish

    Hello my Disney friends! I'm Ali (rhymes with Sally) Here I am with my husband Jim, our daughter Gwen, and our son Ethan at Disneyland back in June 2019 Nobody needs me to tell them what 2020 was like. We all lived it. My family and I have been among the lucky ones. We've endured...
  2. MerMom1981

    Trip Report Finally Made it to Wally World: A Van Griswold Vacation Grand Finale at Galaxy's Edge

    Hello Friends! For those of you who don't know me, I'm Ali (rhymes with Sally) and I'm married to a wonderful man who lets me choose our vacation destinations, and understands that it will be Disney World every other year until Rapture. This year, I found myself in a Disney park for the second...
  3. MerMom1981

    Pre-Trip An Accidental Anniversary Trip - June 2018

    Wait. What? What does that even mean? It means that we're headed back to Disney, and in my excitement to find dates that worked for the entire family, it didn't even occur to me that our trip would overlap with our 13th wedding anniversary. So, not only do I get to plan another wonderful...
  4. MerMom1981

    Anniversary Dinner Recommendations Needed!

    This is a great problem to have. It turns out we will be in The World during Hubby and my anniversary, and I get plan our date night! But I have no idea which restaurant to choose! Help! Any park, any resort, where would you celebrate? I'm dealing with a picky eater, so nothing too exotic...
  5. MerMom1981

    Trip Report The Happy/Merry Birthday/UnBirthday Wishes Come True TR

    We've only been home for four days, but we did so much on this trip, I'm sure I'll forget something if i don't get started! Let's do this! Who: Party of 10 That's me (Ali), my husband Jim, our son Ethan, daughter Gwen, Jim's parents (Mutie and Papa), Jim's sister, her husband and their two...
  6. MerMom1981

    Best Spot on Monorail Loop for Family Photo

    My family will be celebrating my MIL's 70th Birthday this summer. One of the few things she's asked for is a nice family photo of all 10 of us. We have dinner ADR's at The Wave and dessert at Cali Grill on the big day. Is there a particular spot at The Contemporary or another monorail resort...
  7. MerMom1981

    The Force is Strong in Rosemont IL

    I was in my local Disney Outlet store this afternoon with my son and my mother-in-law, adding to my son's lightsaber collection :-) He was VERY excited about his new Kylo Ren saber and couldn't wait to try it out. Lucky for him, the CM was up to the challenge! This guy made our day!
  8. MerMom1981

    Pre-Trip Party of TEN Birthday-palooza PTR

    I wasn't going to do a PTR. It almost feels too late to begin a PTR, but this trip is a pretty big deal, so here we go! Who: Party of 10! :) :) Me, I'm Ali (sounds like alley) my husband Jim, our kids (Gwen 8 & Ethan 6) my husband's parents, and his sister, and her husband AND their daughters...
  9. MerMom1981

    Golden Oak Outpost - No more sweet potato nuggets?

    I just noticed a menu change, and sweet potato nuggets did not make the cut. It's waffle fries all day :-( I know it's just a little seasonal kiosk, but I loved me some nuggets. Sadness
  10. MerMom1981

    Can I make plans for kids on a family member's MDE account?

    Here's my situation: I will be traveling with a party of 10 this summer, 4 of which are kids. Two are mine and the other two are my nieces. All the adults with MDE accounts are "friends" with access to each other's plans. We know how to make joint and separate plans for each other, but what...
  11. MerMom1981

    7D Mine Train or Princess Fairytale Hall?

    Which one does the rope-drop crowd head for first? We've got 8:05 breakfast ADR's for BOG, so we'll be in a great position to head off the pack, but where to go first? Both kids want to ride 7DMT & my daughter is eager to meet A&E. Am I a fool to think we'll be able to both before the lines...
  12. MerMom1981

    An evening at Epcot... what to do for dinner?

    We will be spending the afternoon and evening at Epcot and hopefully staying for Illuminations the first full day of our trip. I just don't know what to do about dinner! Here's why: My husband will be doing DiveQuest at 4:30, ending around 7:30. The kids and the grandmas and I will be able to...
  13. MerMom1981

    Pre-Trip 2 kids, 2 parents, 2 grandmas 1 condo

    Alright, alright, alright! I am shout it from the rooftops, dancing in public, maybe even wet my pants excited about my upcoming trip! Why? Well, we're going to flippin' Disney World! So there's that. AND we're bringing my mommy on her very first trip to Disney World! This will only be...
  14. MerMom1981

    Just scored Star Wars Galactic Breakfast ADR!!!!

    Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I'm so excited I could scream! My 4 y/o son (and my hubbs) is a crazy Star Wars fan, and I know this will be the highlight of our trip! Breakfast with Darth Vader at Sci-fi Dine-In. :-) :-) :-)
  15. MerMom1981

    Can't get my ADR :-( and nobody understands but you

    I was up at the crack of dawn on day 180 but the only time available for Be Our Guest was 8:55pm. Waaaaaaahhhhhhhhh! We're not doing the dining plan, so only doing a few special meals in the parks. I got Akershus breakfast with no problem, but BOG has broken my little Disney-loving heart...
  16. MerMom1981

    Trip Report The Walt Disney Family Museum (oh, and San Francisco too) TR

    I was not going to do a trip report. I did not bring my camera, because I was not going to do a trip report. But then, I had such a good time, and I SO loved the museum that I just HAD to! (The only pictures I have are from me smart phone, so there. You've been warned) Shall we begin...
  17. MerMom1981

    The "Skip It" List

    It starts at the airport as you're waiting for your return flight to depart. You're sharing your favorite moments, and someone says "Disney World was great, but next time, i'd do things a little differently..." We're planning a visit next spring, but there's a few things we just gonna skip...
  18. MerMom1981

    Is it time for a lineup change at Akershus?

    I was just thinking... or perhaps hoping... shouldn't Anna and Elsa be added to the princess lineup at Akershus? I realize the movie just came out, but it's got to be the plan, right? Norway is the present "home" they've been given and their M&G is so popular, it's probably easier to see the Pope.
  19. MerMom1981

    What's the best way to spend Day 1?

    Still in the pre-pre-pre-planning phase, but I can't help daydreaming... How will I spend my next Day 1? Explore the resort? Swim? DTD? Haul *** to MK? So many choices! What is the BEST way to spend the first day?
  20. MerMom1981

    Looking for the truth about Value Resorts

    OK, so, I've only been to Disney once. We stayed at POFQ and absolutely loved it! Since it's never too soon to start planning, I'm starting to narrow down options for our next trip...in May of 2015 :-). Anyway, a recent trip report has me almost sold on AoA, but I hesitate because of one...
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