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  1. cfry06

    Go Pro Handler

    Hello all! Purchased a Go Pro for my husband for his birthday and we plan to use it on our upcoming WDW trip (leave Thursday, wahoo!). I know selfie sticks are banned, however I wasn't sure about the Go Pro "handler" which is their handgrip option. It's a stick that holds the Go Pro but it is...
  2. cfry06

    Looking for Miles - any word on Hollywood & Vine?

    We are headed back in December and have scheduled most of our ADRs. We are currently holding a spot for a possible Hollywood & Vine BFast. My son is 4 and loves all things Disney Junior. We have done the BFast before- had a great time - but really only want to go back if the characters change...
  3. cfry06

    Crab legs!

    Playing around with our ADRs for our upcoming trip and we are thinking of throwing in Cape May Cafe for dinner. My DH, Sis and her BF love seafood, and DH and I have eaten there before and enjoyed it. He especially loves the crab legs - but as I was wandering to the menu to check out the kid...
  4. cfry06

    Jiko Wine tasting

    Contemplating trying this on our fall trip. Any feedback? Thanks in advance for your assistance!
  5. cfry06

    ADR Head Count change

    Hello everyone! We are headed to WDW in Sept...can't wait! My sister and her boyfriend are also joining us for the trip. Since I booked our ADRs, both of them secured and started new jobs ( great ones, I'm thrilled for them) and due to that their time off is a bit limited. Instead of joining us...
  6. cfry06

    AKV Kidani vs. OKW

    Hello everyone, We are headed to WDW Sept 25th - Oct 4th with 4 adults (DH, Me, my Sis and her boyfriend) and 1 child (DS, 3). Currently we are booked in a 2BR at AKV Kidani b/c Boardwalk wasn't available (still debating a waitlist - as much as I want to try new places, I love BWV!). We've...
  7. cfry06

    Celebrating a 3rd Birthday

    Hello everyone! We will be heading to the World in 18 days to celebrate my son's 3rd Birthday! We are lucky to have taken him to WDW before and so he's already looking forward to the Monorail, Mickey, his first ride on the Barnstormer and seeing some of his new loves...the Disney Princesses...
  8. cfry06

    FP+ for Be Our Guest

    Hello All! I've started our party's FP+ reservations and would really like to add Be Our Guest to our FP itinerary. While I know others have done it, BOG is not showing in my available options. I've tried going to the age for BOG and click the link for FP+ off of that page, but it takes me...
  9. cfry06

    Small World Nursery

    Hello everyone! First time cruiser in Nov 2013 and we will be traveling with my 2.5 year old son. We also will be with our friends and their two sons, ages 5 & 7. We are considering having the kids in the Kiddo Care areas during dinner and then picking them up for the show (we have early...
  10. cfry06

    Annual Passholder Room discounts - fall

    As a first time Passholder, I'm unsure when the new room discounts will be released. I'm looking for September. Any guidance? Thanks in advance for your help!
  11. cfry06

    So excited!

    New DVC member and have already booked our first two trips!! And #3 planning is underway!! I'm incredibly excited to spend my first year as an annual passholder with three trips to the World. We bought into BLT via resale and couldn't be happier with our deal and ease of purchase. Yes, it...
  12. cfry06

    To online check in, or to not online check in...

    Looking for some opinions/experience with online check in. I did the online check in for our last few trips, and it was great. Super smooth, fast, we were on our way in no time. However, I can't help but wonder if I'm missing out on something by not going through regular check in? I'm...
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