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  1. dreamscometrue

    All-Stars Most Recent Room Refurb

    It's been nearly 15 years since I've stayed at any of the All-Star Resorts. Does anyone know which of the 3 has had the most recent room refurb? And, regardless of that answer, would you suggest one of the 3 as best for other reasons besides most recent room refurb? Thanks for the help. :-)
  2. dreamscometrue

    FP+ Booking Question for Group Travel

    I've planned many trip for our family, other friends and families, and last year for a group of 37 people. But, I have a situation I haven't had before, with our group planning for this year. I'm taking a group (staying on-site) and all people will have 5 day park hopper passes. We will be able...
  3. dreamscometrue

    The Making of Pandora Video

    Mods please move if being discussed elsewhere, but couldn't find it. Thanks.
  4. dreamscometrue

    Few Quick Questions from Uni First Timer

    As part of a week long Disney World trip for 30 high school seniors, I'll be taking 7-17 year olds to Universal for a day from WDW property. None of us have been there. I'll be picking up the rental van at 7am, and Universal opens at 9am. We all have 1 day, park to park tickets, so we plan to go...
  5. dreamscometrue

    Disney Legend Tyrus Wong Dies

  6. dreamscometrue

    Quick Ticket Question

    Although we've been to WDW many times, we've always had annual passes or 10 day passes with park hopper. Next spring, I'll be going as part of a group trip, and we're getting 5 day passes with park hopper and water parks and more option. We'll be in Orlando for more than 5 days however. So, do...
  7. dreamscometrue

    Daisy de la Cruz from HM

    Daisy de la Cruz, the parasol/tightrope girl from the stretching room, making an appearance at HM. Has she been out and about before, or often?
  8. dreamscometrue

    Several Excellent 4K Low Light Disney Videos (Updated with Tokyo and Hong Kong post#8)

    Last night I found an excellent, recent, video of Dinosaur and started a thread so people could check it out. I've since discovered that there are several, all uploaded in the past week on 'So Cal Attractions 360' Youtube channel. The video for DHS's Tower of Terror was uploaded an hour ago, so...
  9. dreamscometrue

    Helicopter Flight Over WDW and Seaworld

    I love this video! It is 3 weeks old, so I must be late to the party and I'm sure this has been posted somewhere by now. I did a search but couldn't find it, so apologies in advance. Please link to thread, if one exists already. :-)
  10. dreamscometrue

    Must Watch Videos

    Many of us on the @wdwmagic site, absolutely love watching wonderful videos of current attractions and shows, as well as reading and watching documentaries about the history of Disney parks and attractions. I own every book that I’ve ever found on Imagineering, the Disney Parks, attractions and...
  11. dreamscometrue

    Your Attendance Change Predictions

    I was looking at theme park attendance numbers from TEA, to get a sense of the impact of significant investments in the parks, as was the case with WWoHP and the DCA makeover. From 2008 to 2013-the interval which saw the completion the DCA makeover-attendance increased at that park by 3 million...
  12. dreamscometrue

    Downtown Orlando/Orlando Magic Game

    Hi All I've been to WDW many times, around Kissimmee, and to Universal and the Capital One Bowl, but this will be the first time going downtown to the Amway Center. We'd like to go early afternoon to check out the area, get some food, etc. before the evening N.B.A. game. Any tips at all on...
  13. dreamscometrue

    New Resort Merchandise

    I didn't see this posted under 'News', 'General Discussion' or 'Resorts', and I wasn't sure where to post it, but the Disney parks Blog is showing some new resort merchandise. I know these are all DVC resorts-which is fine with me because I stay at these places, but hopefully new items will...
  14. dreamscometrue

    Eddie Sotto: Our Forum's Voice of Reason

    I must admit, that I have a love-hate relationship with these discussion forums. On the one hand, I appreciate all the knowledge, historical perspective and insider information. I’m open minded and enjoy thoughtful, and sometimes heated, dialogue. On the other hand, I find some people’s musings...
  15. dreamscometrue

    House Hunters International: Fantasyland

    Just like the tv show. :)
  16. dreamscometrue

    Missing in the Mansion

    Okay, since this Youtube video is 3 weeks old, which in today's world is ancient, I assume there must be a thread on it somewhere already, but I just can't find it. So, mods feel free to move, link or otherwise blow up this post if redundant.:) Love the hatbox ghost!! This is from Ricky's...
  17. dreamscometrue

    Fantasyland Website

    Sorry if this is 'old' news; found it at 'Inside the Magic'. I did a search and didn't fid it. :) http://disneyworld.disney.go.com/new-fantasyland/
  18. dreamscometrue

    When did the 'Picnic in the Park' return?

    Sorry if this is really old news, but I'm on here often and don't remember seeing it. We did the 'Picnic in the Park' at AK in late 2009, and not too long after, the test was over and it was stopped. I've asked about it during every trip since (including March of this year) and nobody seemed...
  19. dreamscometrue

    Aha! Disney Parks were never perfect...or were they?

    I enjoyed this blog/editorial by Jack. I never think much about the "What would Walt do?" line of thinking, but I found the information in the blog about Walt's 'questionable decisions' interesting. A quick read will show you where I'm coming from with this post...
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