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  1. gwhb75

    Canadian and UK point extension due to COVID

    I didn't see this posted already... I was on the phone with DVC member services yesterday to book a trip for January 2022. I would normally do it online myself, but I wanted to see what I could do about points that I had banked from 2019 that I have been unable to use due to travel...
  2. gwhb75

    Pre-Trip An August pre-trip report (with a mini Nov trip report thrown in)

    Hi again everyone…did you miss me? LOL. Unfortunately, despite @Tuvalu ’s promised/promotion of a non-existent November trip report that I was supposed to write, I just got way too busy. I kind of dropped off the WDWMagic radar for a while, but now I’m slowly coming back…which is great...
  3. gwhb75

    Trip Report So we went to Disney again... - an August/17 trip report

    Intro Hello again everyone, and welcome to the 2017 (part 1) Burnett family trip report. Hopefully you'll enjoy following us through another fun/crazy/childish humor filled trip report If you want to see the pre-trip report...
  4. gwhb75


    Just saw an article that indicates Disney is considering offering gift cards if a person opts out of having housekeeping come to their room during their stay. Anyone else heard this? Here's the link to the article...
  5. gwhb75

    Pre-Trip Double your pleasure, double your fun (someone stole my original title, so you get this instead).

    Like what I did there @Tuvalu ;) - even got in a reference to another 80's ad Hello again everyone. Trust you are all well. So, it’s that magical time of year again…our next Disney trip (or is it trips? – more on that in a minute). Without further adeu, I present….the pre-trip report So whose...
  6. gwhb75

    Trip Report What do Harrison Ford and I have in common? We both played solo - a mini trip report

    Sooooo...How's everyone If you followed along with our August trip report (http://forums.wdwmagic.com/threads/completed-allll-the-fun-and-other-musings-an-august-trip-report.917713/), at the end I mentioned that I was going to be in Orlando near the end of October for the AFP Conference and...
  7. gwhb75

    Trip Report *COMPLETED* Allll the fun...and other musings - an August trip report

    Some preamble Hello everyone, and welcome to the Burnett Family Trip Report – Summer Edition. Before you commit to reading this, be warned that it may take a bit of time to complete this as I have 10 days to cover with something like 900 pictures to pick from and a busy next few weeks. Some...
  8. gwhb75

    Pre-Trip How much fun will we have? Alllll the fun!!! - August 20-29 PTR

    Pre-trip report Hi again whoever happens to be reading this (or, if this is the first time you’re reading something from me, just “hi”). So we’re about 7 weeks away from our next Disney trip (our 10th as a family), which means…PTR time. The title is a nod to a stupid joke that the kids and I...
  9. gwhb75

    Jungle Cruise movie

    Didn't see this when I searched.:
  10. gwhb75

    Trip Report *COMPLETED* SURPRISE.... Christmas Road Trip

    Christmas Road Trip Intro Hello again everyone. This is a kind of an unexpected trip report about a kind of unexpected trip. Let me explain… If you read our last trip report (http://forums.wdwmagic.com/threads/complete-and-thats-how-you-give-a-cat-a-pill-an-august-trip-report.904022/), you...
  11. gwhb75

    Trip Report COMPLETE...And that's how you give a cat a pill - an August trip report

    Hello all. Thanks for reading the 2015 version of the Burnett family trip report. Hopefully you find it enjoyable. I'll add days as I find time, but this may take a while. Anyone want to read the pre-trip report - here's the link...
  12. gwhb75

    Driving to Disney from Ontario

    Hey there. We're thinking of doing a driving trip to Disney just after Christmas, leaving from Hamilton, Ontario. Looking for what is a realistic point to stop for the night on the way down from anyone who has done this before. I'm thinking somewhere around South Carolina is doable, but would...
  13. gwhb75

    Pre-Trip The trip that almost wasn’t….

    Hey all… Figured we’re getting close to the 90 day mark for our upcoming trip, so it’s time for a little PTR. First the intros (which, if you’ve read any of my previous trip reports, will look pretty much identical to any of those). There’s my DW Tammy, DD Stephanie, DS Liam and me...
  14. gwhb75

    Trip Report Completed - Relaxation, Stress, and everything in between - an August 2014 trip report

    Well, we are just in the door. Who's up for a trip report?
  15. gwhb75

    BLT - thoughts/suggestions

    Hi all. Our wait list for BLT came through a few weeks ago, and we are kind of excited about it. It's our first time staying at a monorail resort, and we're really looking forward to it. However...we're also a bit concerned since we've stayed at AKL the past few years and really loved it...
  16. gwhb75

    I could see this happening....

    With Magicbands & Fastpass+ now rolled out to pretty much all guests, and with the ability to link a credit card to the Magicbands, I could see a day where you can purchase "instant" fastpasses at an attraction. I'm not talking about charging for Fastpass+ selections (the 3 or more or whatever...
  17. gwhb75

    Pre-Trip Well this is something new...an August PTR

    (Updated on August 1)Well, here we go again.... For anyone who wants to catch up on last year's TR, here is the link: http://forums.wdwmagic.com/threads/oh-september-well-miss-you-so-a-sept-18th-to-the-27th-trip-report.874410/ So our trip will have the same cast as every other trip we've...
  18. gwhb75

    Trip Report Oh September - we'll miss you so - A Sept 18th to the 27th trip report

    Hi everyone. Well, we’re finally back from a 10 day trip to Disney, so it’s time to start a trip report. Anyone interested in the PTR can find it here:http://forums.wdwmagic.com/threads/a-revised-we-always-knew-this-day-would-come-september-pre-trip-report.873402/#post-5711274 First, the...
  19. gwhb75

    Last Day for Turnstiles at Magic Kingdom

    We were at MK today, and as we were going through bag check a CM was standing by the construction walls where the new magic band/RFID tap entrances are being installed, directing anyone who wanted to use the old turnstiles one last time to go to the far left side of the walls. Apparently today...
  20. gwhb75

    Pre-Trip A revised "We always knew this day would come" September pre-trip report

    Wow, where has the time gone. Hard to believe that the countdown clock to our upcoming trip is showing 4 days. I had previously done a PTR at the 180 day mark, but so much has changed since then I decided a re-do (or re-mix) would make sense. So, once again, the intros From left to right DS...
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