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  1. trampdog

    Dining Plan Changes Coming in January

    More reasons to get sloshed! Alcohol will be added along with price increases. Word from an F&B manager was that those annoyingly hard to get rid off snack credits would buy you a beer.
  2. trampdog

    9/29 Both Pandora Attractions Closed

    What happens when you build one building for two rides? Answer: You get it done cheap but lose redundancy. There was a major transformer failure for the building last night. They are sacrificing the river journey to try and get backup power to FOP. Highly probable both will be closed until...
  3. trampdog

    Limited Edition Trader Sams Mug Coming October 5

    just confirmed through TS CM, that the mug comes out in 2 weeks. Same deal as last year. 200 per day until gone.
  4. trampdog

    RUMOR: WDW purposely restricting FOP fastpasses

    I just spoke to a CM friend of mine who works at HQ in the stats processing department. He said that Disney was experimenting with severely restricted FP at FOP to "manage" crowds and "enhance" guest experience. By manage crowds, it is designed to keep more people in the FOP stand-by for...
  5. trampdog

    Lilo has been a Bad Girl

  6. trampdog

    Hong Kong Disney Expansion

  7. trampdog

    Selfie Stick or Not

    Ok photo friends. I have the following item and plan to bring it on my next trip in a few weeks: http://www.feiyu-tech.com/products/30/ Do you think they'll nab me at the gate? It's NOT a selfie stick, but trying to explain that to brainless security might be troublesome. I also have this...
  8. trampdog

    Michael Eisner on Former Disney Colleagues, Rivals and Bob Iger's Successor

    http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/michael-eisner-disney-colleagues-rivals-914841 Pretty interesting article. I miss Eisner :(.
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