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  1. TravisMT81

    First Look of Ariel's Undersea Adventure

  2. TravisMT81

    Orange Bird Merchandise

    I know that the merchandise was mentioned last month, but I didn't see any pictures posted. Today, I was at Epcot and took some pictures with my phone.
  3. TravisMT81

    Next Stop: Walt Disney 42nd Street?

    Renting subway trains and stations to corporations such as Disney could raise tens of millions of dollars a year and stave off an upcoming fare hike, a board member of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority said yesterday. While the MTA looks to straphangers' purses and additional state...
  4. TravisMT81

    New 50th Celebration Commercial!

    I just watched the new commercial on tv, who else has seen it?
  5. TravisMT81

    WDW Operating Hours for 9/3

    WDW Operating Hours for 9/3 Due to the impending threat from Hurricane Frances, the Walt Disney World Resort has adjusted the following operating hours for September 3, 2004: Magic Kingdom -- 9am - 8pm Share a Dream Come True parade - 3pm Wishes - 8pm Epcot Future World --...
  6. TravisMT81

    OMG my cable is back

    I could kiss the brighhouse cableman (only if he was cute) I just woke up from a nap of total boredom to find the cable/internet working again. We fared well during the hurricane. I am so glad to be back!!
  7. TravisMT81

    cell phone networks

    Today I ventured out to the Sprint store to buy a new phone well I found the one I wanted and the guy asked me how long I have had the other phone I said "I'm not sure" and he said "well you will have to pay full price if you haven't had it for 18 months" well I felt stupid and just left, but I...
  8. TravisMT81

    Quintuplets on Fox!!

    I just got done watching this show, I had never heard of it but it was squeezed in between the Simple life 2. Anyway the kids on this show are hilarious!!! I was actually laughing out loud. It probably won't last but I enjoyed it just the same.
  9. TravisMT81

    'Shrek 2' Tops 'Nemo' to Become No 1 Animated Film

    http://news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&u=/nm/20040614/film_nm/leisure_shrek_dc_5 LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - "Shrek 2," the movie about the big green ogre and his princess bride Fiona, topped last year's "Finding Nemo" to become the highest-grossing animated film of all time in the United States...
  10. TravisMT81

    Oh Steve!!!

    I can never get you to answer you email so I will just ask on here, can I get my SN changed to TravisMT81 ??? thanks in advance. -Travis
  11. TravisMT81

    Indian Jones Font

    Where can I find the Indian Jones Font???
  12. TravisMT81

    Shrek makes 125.3 million this weekend!!

    hmmm not to bad..... http://movies.yahoo.com/movies/feature/weekendboxofficer.html Shrek 2," a cartoon revolving around a green ogre and his princess bride, trampled even the most optimistic forecasts as it set several new opening records at the weekend box office and kick-started the...
  13. TravisMT81

    Shrek 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Just got back from Shrek 2 at AMC Pleasure Island, that had it playing every 20-30 minutes and in both 3 story theaters. Anyway it was fantabulous, I thought it was a lot better than the first in fact. This one should really rake in the money for DreamWorks. It will probably bury anything...
  14. TravisMT81

    Pixar ends partnership with Disney

    Pixar Animation Studios is ending talks aimed at continuing its relationship with The Walt Disney Co. and will seek a deal with another studio, Pixar chief executive Steve Jobs said Thursday. Pixar, which co-produced last year's top-box office draw, "Finding Nemo," said it will look for an...
  15. TravisMT81

    Hey Pam!!!

    empty your mailbox it is full!!
  16. TravisMT81

    Rode Space Today!!!

    Rode Space Today!!!(again) Went to Epcot today with a friend and happen to wonder over to space and it was open. 20 minute wait LOL. Anyway I had a great time!!
  17. TravisMT81

    PO-Riverside opening the other 1.000 rooms

    They are opening back up the rest of the buildings at Riverside. I believe the date I heard was July 12th. If they are having over selling issues I don;t know why they just don;t upsell them to the animal kingdom lodge who has low occupancy.
  18. TravisMT81

    Le Cellier

    Yum just got home and ate at Le Cellier tonight!!! I love the atmosphere and it was so freakin good!! Now my favorite place on property. -Trav
  19. TravisMT81

    PO-French Quarter to close!!!

    I don;t think there is any other PO CMs here, so I am hoping they get called before someone else tells them. But my manager just called to tell me before it hit the press that French Quarter side is closing. So I get reassigned, but they are still scrambling to get things organized...
  20. TravisMT81

    Saratoga Springs sign update

    Well on my way to work I passed form DI site and they had one side of the wall with the new sign up and working on the other side. I wonder if this is just permanent or if they will build a whole new one when the villas open up.
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