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  1. Incomudro

    Can I Order Different Ticket Configurations for Different Days?

    Hi, Whenever we go to WDW, I get ticket - well Magic Bands, that are Park Hopper with the Water Park option for each family member, for every day of our stay. We never go to a water park on the first or last day of our stay. Can I configure access where tickets/Magic Bands are leave off...
  2. Incomudro

    Linking a Travelocity booking with My Disney Experience

    Ok, so I booked a stay at Dolphin through Travelocity. My Disney Experience asks for a Confirmation Number to link a stay, but Travelocity sent me an Itinerary Number - and this number is not taking hold on the Disney site. It's possible that it is too soon - Disney says it may take 72 hours for...
  3. Incomudro

    How does one get Magic Bands for a stay at Swan?

    Ok, after much personal debate - and a recent discussion with my wife - it looks like a stay at the Swan vs Caribbean Beach is going to be our choice for April 2020. For all our other Disney stays, I booked on line through Disney at we got our Magic Bands in the mail. Sinc
  4. Incomudro

    When does WDW Announce their Spring 2020 Discount?

    Hello, A couple of our trips to WDW were booked utilizing the discount that WDW offers for onsite hotel stays for April and May days. I don't remember what time of year these offers are usually made available though... Does anyone know? Thanks!
  5. Incomudro

    WDW/Universal vacation split. How long in Uni?

    Hi, I'm planning on taking the family to WDW and Uni this May. (May 7th - 14th.) We've gone to WDW for this very same week many season. We know how to do Disney quite well. This year, I would like to spend the first couple of days at Universal, and then go to WDW. My question is: How many days...
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