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  1. Rich T

    Tomorrowland Should Become a Branson/Bezos/Musk Competition Zone

    Today was so wonderfully Scrooge McDuck, and the beginning of a new era in Spaceflight. This is the answer to the Tomorrowland problem: Turn it into a three-way competive mock spaceport for Branson, Bezos and Musk. Give each a plot of land and let them design and fund their own...
  2. Rich T

    Aladdin the DL Dark Ride: 1955, 1983 & Now

    Imagine if Aladdin had been made in the early 1950’s and was adapted into one of the three Opening Day FL dark rides... 1955: ALADDIN’S ARABIAN FRIGHTS Ride scenes: - CAVE OF WONDERS: Ride vehicle enters through stone tiger’s mouth painted on exterior mural. Abu steals gem. Treasure and rock...
  3. Rich T

    Happy Holidays & You All Have a Restaurant in Planet Coaster Now

    I had some stay-at-home time on my hands, so... in this Planco park I’m working on, right near the Crazy Yeti Bobsleds and guarded by an out-of-place AA knight, you’ll find Club WDWM/DLR. It’s open to anyone who knows the password (Baxter Davis). The fancy dinner costs $200, but I recommend the...
  4. Rich T

    Changing Critter Country to Match Frog Mountain

    I would love to see Disney build a Tiana’s Palace restaurant/AA show on the site of Hungry Bear and Pooh—Basically bringing the movie’s finale to life. Having a top-notch Louis AA leading a band through renditions of the film songs plus some jazz classics would not only represent Disney...
  5. Rich T

    Hilarious Galaxy’s Edge Retheme Rumor

    From a Youtube SW fan channel: If GE is still underperforming by February 2020, Disney is going to retheme the land to Aladdin. 😄 Boy, as much as I’d love that to be true... this just serves as a shining example of Youtube at its silliest. The host just picked various comments from various...
  6. Rich T

    What Merch Opportunities are Disneyland Management Overlooking?

    I was watching an episode of the England-based Theme Park Worldwide vlog on Youtube (highly recommend: lots of fun and they take you to wonderful European parks and fairs you might never have heard of before as well as the big names) and saw this eye-opener: Blackpool Pleasure Beach sells its...
  7. Rich T

    Less Immersion Improves Galaxy's Edge

    A close friend tweeted me pics from Galaxy's Edge last night, and in just a few shots changed my mind quite a bit about Disneyland's newest land. I haven't been able to see it in person yet, but all the shots I'd seen up to that point--both from family, friends and various media sources--made GE...
  8. Rich T

    What Do DL & WDW HM Fans Think of the New Paris Storyline?

    Just curious what all of this forum's HM fans think of Phantom Manor's (somewhat) new story. I think it's not as dark, narrow, and sad as the original version. Somehow, however, despite even *more* men getting murdered in the backstory, it comes across as more comedic--but just as creepy. The...
  9. Rich T

    Things Only Theme Park Fans Do

    Pretend I'm on a dark ride nearly every time I go though an automatic door. At the Portland Airport, they have a nifty setup for exiting the secure area where you walk through three sets of automated doors one right after another. I always make sure I pick an aisle with no one immediately ahead...
  10. Rich T

    How to Fix the Pier Using only Signage and Paint!

    This seems so easy I can't be the first to have thought of it, so please forgive me if you've heard this before: Repaint the Fun Wheel cabins back to Mickey & Co., rechristen it Mickey's Fun Wheel and never use "Pal-Around" ever again for anything. Retheme Emotional Whirlwind to "Donald's...
  11. Rich T

    Best Non-Disney Park/Attraction Posters

    Just realized this one exists. Gotta get! :D
  12. Rich T

    What Do You Actually Call the Rides?

    Jogged by a recent discussion in the Misc. Thoughts thread (and the unwieldliness of SW:RotR), I thought about ride names and how the public generally shortens them to something easy and to-the-point. Here's my list of what I, my family and my friends usually call the rides at DL: The Train...
  13. Rich T

    News That Makes You Thankful For DL

    I might never criticize Galaxy's Edge again...
  14. Rich T

    The Santa Monica Ride That Beats Any Flat Ride at DCA

    Seriously, this thing's a work of Tilt-a-Whirl theming genius. How could Disney have let this idea get away as a perfect ride for the Pier? I mean... it would even have fit the new Pixar theme! :D
  15. Rich T

    Rank the Classic-Style DL Dark Rides

    Alice in Wonderland Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride Peter Pan’s Flight Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin Pinocchio’s Daring Journey Snow White’s Scary Adventures Pooh Snow White would be higher if it only had an ending. Pooh’s the only one I wouldn’t mind seeing replaced. Mr. Toad remains an amazing...
  16. Rich T

    How "Non-Fans" View Theme Parks

    This references Universal Orlando, but it applies to the public's view of Disney parks as well, and it kind of reflects comments I hear from non-park fans all the time when a park announces something new. This particular one just seems to sum it all up. So, a non-park website posted an article...
  17. Rich T

    Congrats to Spiderverse!

    I'm very glad the Oscar went to the film that really deserved it this year; something sharp, fresh, and not looking like generic CGI.
  18. Rich T

    Disneyland Time Machine: THE FLIP BOOKS!!!

    Here's a classic bit of DL merchandise that the park really should bring back: The wonderful flip books featuring hand-drawn animation of classic characters. These affordable, simple souvenirs were sold in baskets on park sales counters for many years, and it seemed nearly every family who...
  19. Rich T

    Favorite Disneyland Purchase (As a child and as an adult)

    As a child: As an adult: (Bought 8 of them).
  20. Rich T

    That New Poppins Song You’ll Hear in Every Park Show From Now On

    You know it’s coming. “Trip a Little Light Fantastic” (you can hear it on YouTube) from Mary Poppins Returns is a great song. A really great song. But the first time I heard it I suddenly realized what a perfect light-the-night fireworks song it is—both lyrically and tempo-wise—and then it hit...
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