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  1. 1DisneyDad

    Fast Pass for Illuminations Question

    Quick question: Making plans for April trip and was offered fast pass for Illuminations. Does anyone know what that does for us? Closer viewing spot? Thanks for the help!
  2. 1DisneyDad

    Need More Peter Pan Merchandise

    With the popularity of ride and one of the most enduring characters I always feel like we should see more PP Merchandise in the parks. Plenty of Tink but aside from one hat and pins I really don't see a lot. PP is my favortie character and would love to get a grown up shirt to wear. Do you agree?
  3. 1DisneyDad

    Hoop-De-Do Review

    Hello Everyone, After many trips to WDW we are finally going to see Hoop-De-Do! I have question for those who have seen show before. We are planning to be in MK that day (Dec 26th) and seeing 8:30 show. Question: Is easiest way to get to show boat from MK? Does it run after show? Thanks in...
  4. 1DisneyDad

    EPCOT Promo on MSN-Ending is awesome!

  5. 1DisneyDad

    +10 Trips to WDW and never been to Boardwalk area. Need advice.

    Hello Everyone, My family loves the Parks. Open and close them every day. + 10 trips in the past decade and never been to Boardwalk area. Since we have had so much time in the parks, should we take time to visit Boardwalk area? I've always thought it looked like fun. Headed down in 9 days...
  6. 1DisneyDad

    Beast's Castle

    Looking at pics of Beast's Castle going up. My daughter asked if you'll be able to see Beast's & Cindy's from Main St. Does anyone know how tall Beast's will be?
  7. 1DisneyDad

    Mailbox for Santa

    We'll be at WDW next week and wondered if Santa had a mailbox for kids to drop letters in when they visiting at X-Mas time?
  8. 1DisneyDad

    Mid Nov Trip-Decorations up other than MK?

    Hello Everyone-We are planning our next trip to WDW! Looks like it's going to be Nov 18-24, 2010. I see X-Mas parties start in Nov so I know MK will be decorated. Are the other parks/hotels decorated by then? Thanks for you help!
  9. 1DisneyDad

    East Coast Blizzard-What Disney Movie(s) Are You Watching

    DS and I just watched Brother Bear. Maybe Monsters Inc next. What's everyone watching?
  10. 1DisneyDad

    From Boxofficemojo.com. Is this a good opening?

    116The Princess and the FrogBV$25,000,000[SIZE=2][COLOR=#0000ff]+
  11. 1DisneyDad

    WDWmagic-Mobile Lite

    I can't get discussion board to switch back to full version from mobile lite on my home computer. Anyone have this problem? Suggestions? Feeling dumb and a little lite! Thanks!
  12. 1DisneyDad

    Pop Rooms

    Just booked our first time at POP! Heard so many good things from you nice folks. Arriving 12/17/08. Never seen WDW at Christmas. Very excited! One question. We booked a pref room. Where are those rooms? Any thing we should check out while at POP? Thanks!
  13. 1DisneyDad

    Hidden Mickey Potato!

    http://www.cnn.com/video/#/video/offbeat/2008/08/21/vo.mickey.mouse.potato.whag This guy lives in my town! I should make him a offer.
  14. 1DisneyDad


    I have a 9 year old son who's not afraid of anything. Which waterpark would be better for someone his age? I know they're both great from what I've read on these threads. Just wanted some imput. THANKS!
  15. 1DisneyDad

    WDW Magic Time at Work

    At the end of some work days I'm surprised how many times I've looked at this site. Does anyone else have those days or been busted by a co-worked/boss?
  16. 1DisneyDad

    How many people does it take?

    How many people does it take to reach capacity at each of the parks? MK EPCOT AK DHS
  17. 1DisneyDad

    VIP Seating for AP's?

    Disney told me to go to AP Site and I could book VIP seating for P&P fireworks. I can't find it. Anyone else able to locate it on AP site? Thanks for the help!
  18. 1DisneyDad

    Jan vs. Feb

    We've gone the last 3 Jan's to WDW and had a great time. This year we have to go in Feb (12th-17th). Are crowds about the same? Just wondering. I know we'll be ccoming up on a holiday but we've hit that with MLK Day in Jan. Thanks!
  19. 1DisneyDad

    Buying P&P Party Tickets on AP Site

    In the past I've been able to buy tickets on AP site and have them mailed. Now it's saying I have to call and pick up. When did this change and why?
  20. 1DisneyDad

    WDW Website

    Looks like it's been updated. I like it!
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