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  1. S.I.R. the Robot

    Bring Akio Back!!

    A long time ago, in January 2018, I made a thread in the Imagineer section detailing a dream Wonders of Life attraction called "Tooth Protectors." It was basically an animesque simulator in which Dr. Sakura (Allison Janney??) goes into the body of a "bespectacled, blonde male" named Akio (voiced...
  2. S.I.R. the Robot

    Personified EPCOT

    I've created personified versions of the classic EPCOT rides. They are all diverse, kinda like the American Sailor Moon pilot (look that up and prepare to die laughing. I genuinely like it, though.) Gary Carson - A personified version of World of Motion. Yes, you know where his name comes from...
  3. S.I.R. the Robot

    Ride the Comix

    As a fan of superheroes, this attraction would've been my favorite at DisneyQuest. It involved using a joystick to fight villains in a virtual world. All the villains were based on Disney Villains. For example, Mistress Khan was the Evil Queen, Ms. Skinner was Cruella DeVil, Tzuan was...
  4. S.I.R. the Robot

    Alien Encounter pre-show but it's Space Ghost Coast to Coast

    I know they probably had nothing to do with each other, but one can sense the similarities between S.I.R. from the old ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter attraction and Space Ghost from Space Ghost Coast to Coast. Both are uncaring characters who abuse aliens; but whereas Space Ghost's treatment...
  5. S.I.R. the Robot

    Guess the ride by the quote

    1. "Oh, shut up scruffy, you're not BURNED, you've just got a healthy glow." 2. "Control, I've got Dr. Lair." 3. "Your client is Big Bird?" 4. "Goodbye, dearie!" 5. "OK, I've always wanted to do this!" 6. "Paging Morrow, Tom Morrow..." 7. "I see a bright and wonderful future." 8. "What journey...
  6. S.I.R. the Robot


    Hi, I'm Danielle, and I used to have an account on here back in the day but I got banned because I was being too stupid and couldn't control my opinion about a ride. I calmed down a while later, and when I got back into Disney, I tried all I could to get my account back, but they never responded...
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