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  1. BoardwalkGlenn

    News 2018 Epcot Festival of the Arts dates revealed

    As rumored, the Epcot Festival of the Arts is expanding to 7 days a week in 2018 January 12-February 19th. Hooray!! https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/events-tours/epcot/epcot-international-festival-of-the-arts/
  2. BoardwalkGlenn

    Do you want a BOG ADR for 2 on Wed 12/18?

    Does anyone want an ADR for Be Our Guest on Wed 12/18 for 2 people at 7:50pm? If you're interested, let me know. We can try to arrange a time when I cancel it and you can try to get the reservation right away. Maybe it'll work... -Glenn
  3. BoardwalkGlenn

    23 F&W Booths, 6 Visits to Epcot, 4 Star Tours, & an Engagement Oct 2011 Trip Report

    Cast from L to R: Lauren, me (Glenn), my boyfriend (Michael), and Kirk. At this point, Michael and I are in between newbie & veteran status while the other 2 are almost all newbie, so we took the lead on showing them around. Day 1: Wednesday, October 26, 2011 On our last trip, we took...
  4. BoardwalkGlenn

    Online Check-In for 2 DVC Rentals at 1 Resort?

    Hi everyone - We're under the 30 day mark (so excited!!!). :sohappy: We rented DVC points from a friend, but she had to book our trip in 2 reservations: Night #1: Paid cash at BWV Nights #2-5: DVC points at BWV When the reservations were made, notes were made to hopefully keep us...
  5. BoardwalkGlenn

    Renting DVC Points

    Hello everyone - Can anyone tell me about renting DVC points from members? Has anyone done it? How did you go about doing it? I know there's some risk involved because it's an agreement between you and the DVC member (and not Disney directly). Thanks. edit: woohoo Post #100!
  6. BoardwalkGlenn

    Fall 2011: YC, BC, or Boardwalk?

    Hello everyone - I am in the EARLY stages of planning another trip for Fall 2011 to everyone's favorite place. The trip would be for my partner and I. In the past I've stayed at the moderates (POR, CSR, & CBR). But we're thinking of trying a deluxe next fall (hopefully with a discount)...
  7. BoardwalkGlenn

    Bistro de Paris news article

    See article below (especially part in BOLD). Anyone know what that could mean?? Les Chefs de France and Bistro de Paris Written by Scott Joseph Monday, 28 June 2010 02:58 Les Chefs de France remains my favorite inside-the-park restaurant. On a recent lunch there, I was treated...
  8. BoardwalkGlenn

    My Shopping List for upcoming trip

    So, my boyfriend & I are going to Orlando to visit his family in a few weeks, and I'm trying to convince him to make a stop in a park (preferrable EPCOT). My argument is because I need to pick up a few things. Walt Disney Quote "Why do we have to grow up?" T-Shirt (Mouse Gear in EPCOT)...
  9. BoardwalkGlenn

    Garden Grove - Swan

    Hi everyone - I just wanted to know if anyone has been to the Garden Grove in the Swan. There are limited reviews on sites. Plus I'm not sure which night is which theme dinner. http://disneyworld.disney.go.com/resorts/swan-resort/dining/garden-grove/ Main page says Wednesday is A Taste of...
  10. BoardwalkGlenn

    Can you cancel Cinderella's Royal Table?

    Can you cancel an ADR at Cinderella's Royal Table and get the money back? I know the website says you'll be charged if you cancel within a day.... Thanks.
  11. BoardwalkGlenn

    No Exp. Tickets Question

    Hi... I hope someone can help. I have a 10-day park ticket with park hopper, and water parks & more with the no expiration option. Do your # of visits to water parks, pleasure island (gone...i know), and disneyquest expire when your 10-days of park visits are gone? Can you use one of the...
  12. BoardwalkGlenn

    Fantasmic schedule

    I'm making my next trip 9/30-10/5. First of all, I hope that the park schedules come out earlier than they have in order to have 90 days to make my ADRs. But I was wondering if anyone knew where the Fantasmic dates are posted once the calendars are up? Thanks, Glenn
  13. BoardwalkGlenn

    i need character dining help

    ok so the boyfriend & i are going to WDW in the fall, and i want to do a character dining. any ideas? i was thinking about Cinderella's breakfast or the Princess Breakfast but i am afraid that it'll be a whole bunch of kids with their parents and then 2 guys. what are the crowds at the...
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