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  1. Sammy5150

    Toy Story Land soft openings

    Any word on soft opening dates for Toy Story Land?
  2. Sammy5150

    OKW in June... I have questions...

    We booked OKW for June 13-20. A 1-BR. We will have a car. It is me, my wife, 15 year old daughter, 16 year old son and possibly 19 year old son ( depending on summer baseball schedule). Are there specific one bedrooms that have been refurbished? Are 1-BR’s locates throughout the property...
  3. Sammy5150

    Dining Plan Question(s)

    Friends of ours are going down for 8 nights. Four people will be there the entire time, One will be there for 4 days. They are thinking about getting the deluxe dining plan for four people and "sharing" it with the 5th party member coming later in the week and leaving before all of the rest of...
  4. Sammy5150

    Going to Disney World Alone (Sort of)

    My wife has a work trip Planned for October 5-8 (Sunday-Wednesday). I will be going with her and we are staying at the Embassy Suites Lake Buena Vista. We just got home from our trip with the kids today, drove down and back from Pennsylvania. We stayed the first three nights at the same hotel...
  5. Sammy5150

    Driving To WDW from Philly Area... Any Travle Suggestions?

    We are headed down for an 8/3 check in. Thinking of leaving on Friday 8/2 around 8:00 pm and going straight through. Staying at the Embassy Suites Lake Buena Vista. Wife, Me, Son (14), Son (11), Daughter (10). Any driving tips? Sanity Keeping Suggestions? KCCO!
  6. Sammy5150

    We Just ate at Maya Grill.....It wae Great!

    Had dinner our first night here in Disney at Maya Grill. It was awesome! From the appetizers through the entrees and dessert, Simply great! We are on the deluxe dining plan for 10 nights and had one meal left and needed to fill dinner on day one. We wanted to do the Plaza in MK but could not...
  7. Sammy5150

    Where to Saty at Animal Kingdom Kidani Village??

    We are going to The World in 7 Days!! We are staying at Animal Kingdom Kidani Village, Where should we try and request a room? Sunset, Savana, Up high, lower floor etc... We are in a 2 bedroom and only there for 2 nights before moving to BWV 2 bedroom for 8 nights. Let me know your...
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