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  1. flynnibus

    Post your old classic WDW keepsakes/souvenirs

    Was going through some boxes today and came across some of my souvenirs from the around 1985 that I thought were fun. Share some of your long ago keepsakes.. The first is the classic every kid remembered from Pirates... the OG pistols! These are the first time I learned you couldn't carry...
  2. flynnibus

    Great video tour of the classic Disneyland Hotel

    I never experienced it in it's heyday... but this is a great video showing much of what made the Disneyland Hotel a resort upon itself through the early decades. This shows so much more than I ever knew was there.. and that's after following the DL Hotel thread on micechat for years.
  3. flynnibus

    Group Sales and Fastpass/MDE

    Anyone know how Fastpass and MDE is handled for people who are going to WDW on group sales tickets? Kid's band is going to WDW and so tickets are being handled by the large group organization. Anyone know if they get a paper ticket they later scan the code into MDE? Anyway to get FP before...
  4. flynnibus

    Template change for ignored posts

    @wdwmagic can we go back to the style where ignored members were hidden completely, and not the placeholders that are there now? blackhole should be blackhole :)
  5. flynnibus

    Disney's worst nightmare.. CM on trial for molesting child in Youth Club (UPDATE: Charges dropped)

    I guess this is DCL's worst nightmare when it comes to screening employees... a CM being accused of crimes against a child in the Youth clubs on the ship...
  6. flynnibus

    Trip Report A Villain's Party Trip...

    So.. I figured I'd give my perspectives and tale on attending Disney's new Villain's party I was in town solo for work and didn't have any old tickets lying around to make visiting the park all that attractive. Plus, I wouldn't have full days, mostly half days at best. I got discount tickets...
  7. flynnibus

    Posting broke with chrome and iPad

    When replying to a thread in chrome on ipad2 the page does not scroll up to fit the keyboard... hence the editor box is hidden behind the keyboard. In safari, the web content slides up so the editor and keyboard are both visible.
  8. flynnibus

    flynnibus deep thoughts about WDW - after nearly 10 years away

    Ok, it's not really been 10 years for me... but NEARLY that for taking my whole family to the world. Technically, not everyone went this trip, because trying to get 4 women to align their schedules is like herding cats. But I pushed forward, and got at least 4 of 5 people on the bus and we...
  9. flynnibus

    Thanos' Rules for Theme Park guests

    Thanos has always wanted to bring stability and balance to the universe. And now that he has the Infinity Gauntlet, I suggest he start his mission with those who are the scorns of visiting theme parks. Thanos decrees Thou shall not walk more than two abreast, or Thanos will take one of...
  10. flynnibus

    MK Fireworks viewing areas

    Ok, so Disney sells the Fireworks Dessert party, which has an option for Plaza Gardens viewing. But is there any other reserved viewing area options for the castle fireworks? What about the other fenced in area in the gardens, what's the use of that space? Where is the Handicap viewing area...
  11. flynnibus

    How to check availability of FP without first releasing your existing?

    Is there an easy way? I want to check for Flight of Passage FP availability... but I already have FPs booked for each day, and I can't even try to add FPs for DAK if I already have FP booked elsewhere for that day. Any easy way to check for DAK FPs?
  12. flynnibus

    Search problems

    @wdwmagic the search results are returning links that can not be followed. For instance, trying to search for all posts by lentesta in the https://forums.wdwmagic.com/threads/len-testa-crowd-analysis.938751 Using search, I said search for all posts by user.. it finds posts and generates...
  13. flynnibus

    Big Brother 19 - summer of temptation

    no thread about this yet? Ok I'll go... I like the cast so far... except Cody was a bet blanket from the get go... and now he is the center of attention. Ugh And what's up with the meltdown Josh ? It's like 24hrs... sheez Some serious lookers this season too
  14. flynnibus

    Invading Orlando and seeking other addicts

    Hey all, I'll be in WDW-land for business March 27-30 and staying at Bonnet Creek. I've left time for Wed afternoon and Thursday to be Disney centric. Anyone interested in getting together for a meetup and/or general goofing off? A Disney Bar+telling tales.. or visiting the parks? @71jason...
  15. flynnibus

    Follow NFL Football? Play along with your WDWMagic Disney Friends!

    Each season the local NFL Football fans here on WDWMagic chat away in the Sports forum about our favorite teams and the NFL as a whole, but to bring even more fun to the chat.. we WDWMagic forum users form a Pick'em Group exclusively for WDWMagic Fans! What is a Pick'em Group? In a Pick'em...
  16. flynnibus

    Imagine if there were no iPhones or iPads inside Disney attractions

    Check out this story... they refer to concerts http://www.metalsucks.net/2016/06/29/apple-planning-make-taking-concert-photos-videos-lot-difficult/ http://gizmodo.com/new-apple-patent-could-stop-you-from-taking-photos-and-1782732782 But the premise would be the same.. apple could disable...
  17. flynnibus

    The Shanghai Disneyland spoiler rich attraction preview thread!

    ok people's, the limited previews/test opens at Shanghi have begun and you all have been sprinkling you pr social media finds all over the site. Let's create one super thread where we can all share and get our latest fixes for the new Shanghi Disneyland. No need for spoiler tags here... This...
  18. flynnibus

    Anyone with any experience with the Dessert Party at DHS Obsborne Lights?

    anyone done this yet this year? Anyone know of any constraints about when you can enter for the party? The time is 7pm, but can you come at anytime later? With all the talk about crowds getting to SoA.. is there any problem getting TO the Dessert Party location? We are doing it on Thursday...
  19. flynnibus

    Yes disney... You got me

    So I haven't taken the family to the parks in quite some time... And we never go in the fall... But since this is the last season of Osborne lights and I've not seen them in person, I'm actually trying to pull together a quick 2 or 3 day trip in early December. Yup Disney, you've got me...
  20. flynnibus

    Peter Pan's Flight - DLR vs WDW now...

    Now that DLR has been refreshed with some new effects.. I thought it might be fun to hear people's opinions on the different attractions and how they differ some. DLR's load starts you in the roof-tops and you fly into their window... MK is more vague trees and you fly into the room. Pro: DL...
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