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  1. "El Magnifico"

    Why No SNL Attraction?

    On record saying I don't like the Fallon Ride. Also not a fan of F&F. I think an SNL type attraction spanning the last 40 plus years would be better than either of those. Could revisit some of the classic sketches and explore some legendary moments. The merchandising opportunities would be...
  2. "El Magnifico"

    She's Beautiful

    A friend of mine just got one. I'm too old for her now (this type of car I mean). But WOW. Mid-Engine. Under $90k fully loaded. And Fast. Very Fast.
  3. "El Magnifico"

    Anybody been to Dezerland yet?

    I think they're having some previews for folks. Seems like a nice half day option. Saw a YT video on it. I'm wondering what they are paying in licensing fees for things like Mater, The Mystery Machine, Flinstones, Bond, and other franchises.
  4. "El Magnifico"

    Cool! I like Legoland

  5. "El Magnifico"

    GIF Test

  6. "El Magnifico"

    Legoland Pirate Hotel

    Can't say enough about how I'm impressed with this hotel. Disney is missing something pretty big with the room layouts. Lego nailed it. Was supposed to go originally in May, rescheduled for 2 nights last weekend. Props to Emmet and the gang. I just rebooked for Brick or Treat.
  7. "El Magnifico"

    Is there a problem right now with uploading Avatars?

    Might just be me. I've tried a couple of Gifs and they never load. Switched off to a straight image and a few load but others don't. I'm not ruling out my connection speed or computer. But just curious as if we are experiencing a known issue with this. I tried the "magical" fix-all of...
  8. "El Magnifico"

    Out of the Box - D+ - What could they do?

    With the D+ distribution channel and the underused IPs they have. Disney could easily create a Season or Two, or Three - leveraging some of these IPs and creating some original content. What IPs in the Disney arsenal do you think (would like to see) this might work with. Top of my list is The...
  9. "El Magnifico"

    Has Anybody Been to Legoland Recently?

    Got 2 nights at the Pirate Hotel at the end of the month and was wondering if anybody had any experiences they'd like to share about the current situation.
  10. "El Magnifico"

    Disney vs Non Disney Owned

    1000% in the Non-Disney Owned camp. Best Steakhouse Best Asian Best Comfort Food Best Seafood Even the Best Burgers and the best "bars" don't come from Disney. How has Disney fallen so much in this regard? Is it that they just don't care and the rent being paid by these third party...
  11. "El Magnifico"

    Being Stuck on a Ride - Which ride scene would damage your mental well-being the most?

    Most of us have been stuck or evac'd off a ride at some point. Suppose you were stuck in a Disney ride scene for 30 minutes - with the scene replaying in a continual loop. Which one(s) would cause you to have the greatest chance of "losing it". The White scene (at least I call it that) - aka...
  12. "El Magnifico"

    True Cost of an AP

    Anybody ever put down the equation of true cost for your AP? No wrong or right here. Just curious as to where I stand vs some of the other AP's. The basic assumption is that we'd all go to Disney using the same pattern, frequency, spending habits as we do now. Not going to include tickets in...
  13. "El Magnifico"

    The Disney Star Wars Trilogy

    Since there has been some derailment on some of the other threads. Figured I would start this one to discuss the overall arc, storytelling, acting, plot, plot holes, effects, reception, and in general The Star Wars Disney trilogy. First off, there is no way Disney could have done justice to...
  14. "El Magnifico"

    Favreau and Filoni

    You got a couple of weeks Kathy. It better be good. If not, you need to step aside. F&F can move this forward. If even half of what the "Fandom Menace" is preaching is true - Ep. 9 may be a dumpster fire. And Kennedy and Johnson become the answer to a Trivia question - "Who Destroyed Star...
  15. "El Magnifico"

    Parking Question for Swolphin

    Usually when I go to Shula's I'm staying at one of the Boardwalk properties. Thinking of hitting it next Saturday. As Swolphin charges for parking - do they validate if you have a dining res? Looked online but couldn't seem to find that info.
  16. "El Magnifico"

    Critical Drinking

    Top 3. (Please limit to 3 honorable mentions - okay maybe 4) - What are your "Go To's"? Honorable Mention - Rum Dole Whip (Animal Kingdom) Honorable Mention - Frozen Coke and Bourbon (Various Locations) Honorable Mention (tie) - Frozen Kirin (Japan Pavilion and Disney Springs) / Guinness (Rose...
  17. "El Magnifico"

    Is Coronado the new moderate mold?

    Because I'd be okay with it - if it was. A lot of options when compared to other moderates. Toledo (Signature), Three Bridges (casual), Rix's (casual/sports bar), Maya (tweener between casual and signature), The Barcelona Lounge, The Dahlia Lounge (where the views are great), The outdoor bar...
  18. "El Magnifico"

    Anybody try this?

    If so, any good? Seems interesting. I missed it by two days
  19. "El Magnifico"

    Galaxy's Edge - Orlando

    So.......For Those that have been to Orlando......
  20. "El Magnifico"

    For all the 80's kids

    Going to Vegas! A week and a half away. This was Opening Song on Opening Night..
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