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  1. Silver Figment

    Disney's All Star Music Resort Intermission Food Court closing for major refurbishment this summer

    I was planning my trip for mid September before this news was announced. I was originally going to stay at Music but my parents called that this refurbishment would happen based on the Sports refurbishment last year. Now i'm staying at Sports; glad to not have to deal with the refurb, although...
  2. Silver Figment

    Trip Report *Completed* The Rain Filled Graduation and Cancer Free Celebration Trip

    I'm loving the TR so far, can't wait to see more!
  3. Silver Figment

    Disney Magical World

    I've unlocked I wanna say somewhere around 5-10 doors(if that's what they're called).
  4. Silver Figment

    Eat it Or Spit it

    Eat it Steamed turnips
  5. Silver Figment

    Eat it Or Spit it

    Eat It Mac and Cheese pizza (I've had it before)
  6. Silver Figment

    If you could have one back...

    It was close for me but Alien Encounter nosed out Journey into Imagination just slightly. I'm a huge Figment fan and would like to see either the original Journey into Imagination back, or a good overhaul of the attraction while still keeping Figment. I chose Alien Encounter because I feel it...
  7. Silver Figment

    Has anybody ever visited WDW alone?

    I was thinking about making my upcoming September trip a solo trip but ended up planning the trip with a friend of mine who has never been. I chose to go with a friend for monetary reasons and I believe that I'd end up lonely by the end of the trip. I think it depends on your personality. Some...
  8. Silver Figment

    wrench in the plan

    I hope the weather cooperates for you!
  9. Silver Figment

    Disney Magical World

    I have this game, although I haven't played it much. It was decent, but I was hoping it would be more open ended like Animal crossing and the linear story line wasn't what I thought it was going to be. Does it become more open ended once you've completed the main story?
  10. Silver Figment

    Eat it Or Spit it

    Spit it Bacon Mac and Cheese
  11. Silver Figment

    Should a new Disney World Racing game be made?

    I've been playing a lot of Mario Kart 8 on the Wii U recently and it got me thinking. A long time ago I had a Disney World racing game for the Gameboy Color and I played it all the time. Even back in the day I loved WDW. The game was also on the Playstation. I played it for that system as well...
  12. Silver Figment

    The Spirited Seventh Heaven ...

    I love Maelstrom, and to be honest I think Frozen was a good movie. Good, not overly amazing. With that said, I don't think they should put Frozen in Maelstrom either. They added 3 Caballeros to Gran Fiesta Tour and that seemed a little awkward. Maelstrom seems like a much larger focal point to...
  13. Silver Figment

    Appalling state of the monorail cabins

    I'm heading down in September and I'm looking forward to seeing how the cabins compare to the last time I was down there. Last time being Sept. 2013.
  14. Silver Figment

    "Rapid Fill" Mugs Coming to Walt Disney World Hotels

    Does anybody know how often you can get refills with the new system?
  15. Silver Figment

    New Disney Parks CD to release this year!

    I would buy a new CD if they would come out with one. I have 4 parks 1 world and would like an updated version, something they has different kinds of music on it. Expedition Everest is something i'd like to have some audio from, personally.
  16. Silver Figment

    Ultimate Walt Disney World 2013

    I've been waiting for them to make a new version of this. I watch the 2010 version on netflix all the time.
  17. Silver Figment

    Imagination! Being Replaced w. Dr. Doof?

    They could make it work, but I still feel like they'd be dragging his character down... again.
  18. Silver Figment

    Imagination! Being Replaced w. Dr. Doof?

    They would be taking out something special though. The current ride is nothing great, but the character of Figment is. If they really did put Doof in then I don't think they would bring back Figment. His days would pretty much be over and a lot of people would be upset. I'm all for revamping the...
  19. Silver Figment

    Miceage Update: New Soarin film by 2015, DHS refurb on the way.

    I sincerely hope that we get a new Soarin' video at Epcot. :rolleyes: Here's hoping.
  20. Silver Figment

    Animatronic functions turned off at Dinosaur?

    It's unfortunate really because I love Dinoland so much but it could be so much more than what it is now. Dinosaur is one of my favorite attractions, at AK and all of WDW, but it needs some TLC.
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