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  1. geekza

    Trip Report A Nostalgic Nerd and a Newbie experience WDW over Thanksgiving and, somehow, remain married.

    This one has been a long time coming. In order for you to know what you're in for, you have to know a little bit about me before diving in. My first trip to WDW was in 1976. I was four years old and traveling with my family. Mom, Dad, older brother, Grandma. We drove down,, like most folks did...
  2. geekza

    People who drive to WDW, how do you choose to get to the parks?

    I'm getting ready to drive down to WDW next weekend and am staying on-property. I'm trying to decide the quickest and most-efficient method of getting to the parks. I've read conflicting information about what that method might be. If you have access to a car while staying on-property, what is...
  3. geekza

    Do the parks sell larger-sized clothing?

    I noticed at the Shop Disney site that the largest size they sell in men's clothes is 2XL. Is this true of the parks as well? I'd really like to get a Haunted Mansion shirt while I'm there, but I typically wear a 3XL shirt. At least if I know ahead of time that I'm too fat for Disney I can save...
  4. geekza

    PO:FQ to TTC in plenty of time for Rope Drop?

    We're staying at PO:FQ the week of Thanksgiving. Since my wife has never been to WDW, I want to give her the full old-school Disney experience and take the monorail from the TTC to the MK. To me, that's the best way to first travel to the park. We're driving down to Orlando, so we'll have our...
  5. geekza

    Who designed more modern attractions?

    This is just one of those thoughts that came to me in an elevator. Looking back at attractions from the "classic" years of WDW, we seem to know a lot about the individual Imagineers responsible for creating them. For example, Marc Davis, Claude Coats, Tony Baxter, etc. I don't see much mention...
  6. geekza

    Mission Space: Green worth the trouble?

    The last time I was in WDW was right when M:S opened and the line was so long that I just wasn't going to brave it. I'm finally heading back down next month and have been considering going ahead and giving it a shot. With that said, my formerly-iron stomach has gone away in the past twelve years...
  7. geekza

    Procedure for Candlelight Processional Meal

    We ended up making dinner reservations for the opening night of the Candlelight Processional. I hadn't originally planned on booking one of the special meal things that included preferred seating at the Candlelight Processional, but it was there and I figured, what the heck? My question is, how...
  8. geekza

    Post-1984 Magic Kingdom Attraction Quality

    Okay, this is just a thought experiment. For the record, I still love WDW and look forward to visiting. I realize that everyone has their own likes and dislikes and that differing viewpoints about things like this are equally valid. Just for giggles, however, lets take a look at just the...
  9. geekza

    Why the hate for Little Mermaid ride?

    The thread title sort of says it all. I've read and heard a lot of folks mention the Little Mermaid ride in less-than enthusiastic tones. I can't really figure out why. I should probably be up front and admit that I will be riding it for the first time this November, however I've seen multiple...
  10. geekza

    Memory Maker Question

    I apologize for starting a topic that has, I'm sure, been covered ad infinitum, but I can't get the search function to bring up actual posts. My wife and I are going to WDW for the week of Thanksgiving. I haven't been in over 12 years and my wife has never been. I will definitely want a lot of...
  11. geekza

    Good things that *haven't* changed much since opening?

    My formative experiences at WDW were between the mid-70's and mid-80's. There have been some great and (many) not-so-great changes to WDW over the years. I'm planning my first trip to WDW in over a decade and want to show my wife, who has never been, some of the cool things that I remember from...
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