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    Is Victoria and Alberts ever coming back?

    Couldn’t disagree more with this take. Having eaten at almost every single 3 Michelin star places in the country, VA does not come close. Sorry. It’s a nice place. Very good food but it’s not what those places are. also, Capa is more than a steakhouse. Bad take.
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    San Angel vs La Hacienda

    IT was loud.... The service was pretty bad and you can get frozen pizza at Whole foods that is better.... For what they are charging, I would consider it terrible.... I was so excited when my wife and I went for the first time..... I wouldn't go back if you were paying
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    Steakhouse 71 coming to Disney's Contemporary Resort along with new dining at California Grill

    Having been to his places in Napa, Vegas and philly, the Disney location just doesn't compare..... So disappointing......
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    San Angel vs La Hacienda

    This is correct.... Via Napoli is terrible
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    Reservations for 14 people. Mission impossible?

    I would just set up two or three tables.... Serving 14 people at once never goes that well with the food or service..... Cold.... Over cooked ect
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    Steakhouse 71 coming to Disney's Contemporary Resort along with new dining at California Grill

    If their mission was to make an ugly ugly room, they hit a homerun.... Man, Disney can't figure it out anymore....
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    Return of Dining Plan

    It just came to me... Church Street with the Cheyenne Saloon.... Just couldn't think of it.
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    Return of Dining Plan

    Not related to this thread... I know you have been to Orlando many times... Do you remember the name of the Cowboy theme, fake gambling theme place.... It wasn't apart of Disney and near Orlando?
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    WDW Food Pictures Of The Day Part II

    All the ones I eat do. Where do you work Applebee’s?? Sorry I’ve never seen a piece of beef even close and yeah every single person knows beef can be cooked different temp. That beef was road kill but carry on.
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    WDW Food Pictures Of The Day Part II

    Huh? Prime rib can look amazing so i have no idea what you are talking about... Lets compare.... One looks like road kill the other looks amazing.... Of course it has fat which means more flavor, everybody knows that....; The Disney pic is prison food....
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    WDW Food Pictures Of The Day Part II

    Doesn't matter how good the cook is when the ingredients suck... The quality of beef at the YM Steakhouse is a joke, which is a sham because that place was very very good at one point.... They probably buy their beef from Stop and shop.....
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    WDW Food Pictures Of The Day Part II

    Correct. If they give me good service, I don't blame the poor server... Not there fault Disney has turned their food into Applebee's and Olive Garden....
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    California Grill Question

    Yeah, this. I can’t imagine going to Cal grill if I could go to Capa. It’s not even close. We have watched amazing fireworks there.
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    If you could design the Disney dining plan-what changes would you make?

    Lol this would get rid of DDP real quick. People not on DDP should get early res since that plan has destroyed the food at disney
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    Getting from Beach Club Resort to Wlderness Lodge

    Uber... Quickest and easiest by far
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    Any word on Takumi Tei?

    It's not even close to being a fancy place... I guess we have different idea what fancy means....
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    Beer in the parks

    Someone you can't trust ;)
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    Be Our Guest or Skipper Canteen for dinner?

    Skipper and it's not even close. BOG sucks....
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