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  1. WDWmazprty

    Disney dining reservations canceled until the end of the year..

  2. WDWmazprty

    What era would you like to have in a Disney park???

    Disney movies have shown many different parts of history...movies about pirates, knights, and cowboys to movies set in Prohibition times and the fun 80s all the way to our day. Above are a couple things each era is famous for. So, which TWO options would you like to have in any of the parks? ...
  3. WDWmazprty

    What park would you love to have all to yourself at night???

    All the parks have a different feel and atmosphere when the sun goes down. If you had access to all the rides, which park would you love to be able to enjoy with you and/or your family during evening and overnight hours?
  4. WDWmazprty

    What music from the parks/movies, etc. do you love playing at home ???

    I love to play a lot of the loops throughout the day while I'm working or just doing other things. Some of my favorites are the Jungle Cruise loop, Star tours, Illuminations, Innoventons, and La Nouba soundtrack...
  5. WDWmazprty

    What's the process for CM's getting tickets for family and friends???

    My cousin has been working for Disney for about a year or so now and she mentioned that she might be able to get us tickets to the parks whenever we come visit the next time. Now, the last time we got we got free tickets to the parks from friends that worked in Disney was over 20 years ago! I...
  6. WDWmazprty

    Pacific Rim ride coming to Indonesia theme park....

  7. WDWmazprty

    Any foods NOT at WDW that you wish were offered somewhere on premises???

    The World has soooo many dining options from all over the globe. However, it doesn't have everything. What is something that you wish you could eat at WDW that isn't currently offered?
  8. WDWmazprty

    Who is the best villain in the MCU???

    In Infinity War and now Endgame, Thanos was a pretty great antagonist and will definitely be remembered as one of the greats in villaindom...at least in the MCU. But is there another one you thought was better, more ruthless, cruel, etc? Or is there a villain you would like to see introduced in...
  9. WDWmazprty

    Albert Awol in upcoming Jungle Cruise movie???

    I'm holding my breath to see how the new Jungle Cruise movie will turn out. I'm hoping for the best.....anyway, if they try to stay true to the ride, one of the characters that should be included is Albert Awol. He is a pretty big part of the attraction and a favorite of JC lovers. Eventhough...
  10. WDWmazprty

    Galaxy's Edge vs. Pandora....

    I've heard some people say that once Galaxy's Edge gets online that Pandora won't be as popular anymore. That is understandable to a certain degree, but I think it'll still be pretty popular. What do you think?
  11. WDWmazprty

    What would be the background music for your life from the Disney Parks???

    The parks have such great music! From the attractions and queues to the parades and shows...so what music/songs would you say would be best as background music for you?
  12. WDWmazprty

    Best quick service in Disney Springs....

    Last year we were at Disney Springs and got to eat at Morimotos quick service...we loved it! I definitely would like to eat at the restaurant next time we go back. Of course we want to try the other quick services there too.... so what do you guys like? What else seems to be a good one there...
  13. WDWmazprty

    What's your favorite WDW attraction song old or new????

    We're talking strictly songs or tunes from the rides/attractions at the parks... Personally I've always loved the old CoP song "The Best Time of Your Life" and also "Listen to the Land" from the Land
  14. WDWmazprty

    What WDW restaurant is the best looking???

    Forget how good or bad the food is, what is/are the restaurant(s) that you look awesome architecturally, aesthetically, theme wise, etc. Personally I love Sci Fi Dine in theater for its nostalgic theater vibe and the car booths, and I also love the Hawaiian feel of Ohana.
  15. WDWmazprty

    What do you miss from the old Disney parks???

    What attractions, shows, food, etc. do you miss from going to the parks when you were younger? I miss a lot, for example I miss Mr. Toads Wild Ride and getting Disney dollars to spend at the parks. Anyone remember those? Lol
  16. WDWmazprty

    Bob Hoskins (Eddie Valiant) passes at 71......

  17. WDWmazprty

    Would you watch a reality show on the day in the life of a Disney guest???

    This could be really bad or really good. I think of a camera following 1 or 3 families from check in to departure , or maybe just one day at the parks. We would see the Disney vacation through the eyes of newbies and veterans alike. Enjoying the good times as well as despising complete...
  18. WDWmazprty

    Anyone going in October 2014???

    We've begun making plans to go back 'home' next October. ....anyone else?
  19. WDWmazprty

    Anyone ever use the babysitting service offered in WDW?

    Planning to have a night out alone at the World and thought about the sitter service that's available. Anyone have experience with this? Did you like them?
  20. WDWmazprty

    What Disney ringer/notification tones are you currently using on your phones right now???

    I have a bunch, but currently I have Soarin' as my default ringer and the chime from Star Tours as my notification.
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