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  1. montyz81

    BGM for Listen to the Land

    I have been searching for the background music that plays when the ride starts and ends without narration. The start of the ride music is the sort of flute music that comes in before the thunderstorms. Then the music that plays during the barn and lastly the music plays as the ride ends. I am...
  2. montyz81

    News Mickey and Minnie are not popular anymore

    With all the IP that Disney has purchased over the past 10 or so years, it looks like they have pushed two iconic characters to a secondary level when it comes to the importance of merchandising priority in the parks and in the stores. Take a few minutes to read this article...
  3. montyz81


    Hello all, I’m heading to Aulani in a few weeks. Does anyone know if there are restrictions with using a drone in and around the beach?
  4. montyz81

    News Is Carousel of Progress getting a major refurb?

    I just read this article on Yahoo.com https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/one-ride-disney-world-never-210349211.html. where the following quote appeared "In fact, there’s a compelling reason to believe that Disney will opt for a revamp—a full script makeover, not just the paint job done in...
  5. montyz81

    Rented Aulani through Sell My TimeShare Now

    So I have a week at Aulani through SMTN. I rented a deluxe studio at a reasonable price. (taking a year off from WDW for a few years because of the construction and the impending large crowds expected) Was a little less than David's DVC. The question I have is: Has anyone ever rented through...
  6. montyz81

    Aulani, Hilton Head, and Vero Beach thread

    Since all the other resort areas have a dedicated thread area, would it make sense to create one, possibly under the "Disney Parks around the world" area? I know each of these are DVC resorts, but the DVC specific thread is located under the "Walt Disney World" heading. I just thought it might...
  7. montyz81

    This is the best merch I have found to date for Epcot. What is your favorite gift from the parks?

    https://www.shopdisney.com/thank-the-phoenicians-baseball-cap-for-adults-walt-disney-world-1462062?CMP=KNC-DSSYG&efc=DSI1004365 I am having this when I get there in 3 weeks.
  8. montyz81

    Only one FP for an entire day

    I am trying to book multiple FP on April 23rd at Epcot. The app is only allowing me to select one. If I select another, it asks me to replace the one I have already chosen. I have 3 FPs booked for the MK the day before and 3 FPs for AK the day after. I have a group of nine that I am booking by...
  9. montyz81

    CanaDisneyland??? It could happen!

    Interesting blog about the possibility of a third resort in NA. http://thedisneyblog.com/2012/08/20/why-disney-should-build-its-next-park-in-toronto/ I'm not sure if it would work. I can imagine the extra costs associated with setting it up for winter attendance. If Disney were smart, they would...
  10. montyz81

    Any news on HoP?

    My family is heading back in April. I have begun the planning now. I was looking on the MDE app and noticed it is still closed. Does anyone have any insider info on when this will be opened? (Please, I beg of everyone, no political commentary. There are other forums and threads for that. Let’s...
  11. montyz81

    Pandora Area Music

    The ride isn't even open and you can listen to the music on Subsonic Radio as if it was straight from the recording itself. How I ask? Anyway, the real reason for my post is that I am very impressed with the music. It feels like Disney and or Cameron spent some time making sure it was perfect...
  12. montyz81

    You are a Disney uberfan if....

    You see a crane in the back of one of @marni1971 's videos and know exactly why it is there. Crane in back of the 2015 Illuminations laser/fireworks update video and knew it was for Soarin's third theater.
  13. montyz81

    Star Wars Celebration: Not at WDW????

    http://www.starwarscelebration.com/ This is happening at the Orange County Convention Center. That seems strange since the parent company has more then enough convention space just down the street. Edit: I should have posted this in the General discussion area. Mods please feel free to move...
  14. montyz81

    Pandora BMG already on Subsonic Radio

    This is the first time ever I have experienced the music before the ride is even open to the public. How do they get the music so fast? The only other time was when TT 2.0 opened, someone got a phone recording of the music about a week before the walls were brought down (May have been more then...
  15. montyz81

    Land and Sea first timer questions

    Thinking about doing a LandSea trip in April 2018. First time going on any cruise let alone a Disney cruise. I could use some advice. How many days is best for the Sea part of the trip (ie: which cruise route is best)? Should it be Land Sea or Sea Land? We are planning on staying in a room with...
  16. montyz81

    SSE emoji

    How do I add an emoji to this site. I created this great icon for all to use:
  17. montyz81

    Land and Sea

    Is this still offered as a package? My family wants to cruise for 4 or so days and then go to the parks for 4 or so days. I thought there was a package offered on DisneyParks website, but I can't seem to find it.
  18. montyz81

    River Country Status

    I know they filled the pool in back in September. I think the park is in close proximity to the new DVC buildings for WL. Has there been any more work to re-purpose the land? Has anyone heard if and what else might be done with this land?
  19. montyz81

    Recommendations Request: Best cookbook for Parks and Resorts food?

    I'm looking to get a good WDW food cookbook. I've seen many over the years and would love to hear which people think is the best. I'm looking for one that best includes all the foods you try to have while vacationing at the resort. Thanks and I'm really looking forward to all your responses.
  20. montyz81

    Spaceship Earth's future witht he rumored changes coming.

    I had heard a few months ago and saw when I was there last year that SSE was suffering some failures with the "YourFuture" screens. The picture at the front was not making it to the end of the ride nor was it making it to Project Tomorrow. Have these effects been fixed? It has been 10 years...
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