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    Disney offering up to $1000 sign on bonuses

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    Return of onsite conferences - tracking thread

    We are all following indicators around hotels reopening, attendance caps and patterns, departure of Pop Warner, pro-sports bubbles, etc., so I thought we might start to crowdsource onsite conference announcements as an indicator of a return to "normal" business operations. You do not...
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    Daily Beast - "Workers Reveal Disney Is Covering Up Its COVID Cases"

    This seems worthy of a distinct thread as this is a rather serious accusation. https://www.thedailybeast.com/workers-reveal-disney-is-covering-up-its-covid-cases
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    AP Refund Watch

    This is admittedly a little early to post as Disney says vaguely "mid to late September" but there have been some anecdotal reports of refunds being issued. Based on other processes related to extensions, pauses, etc this is unlikely to be a totally smooth process or one that happens for all...
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    Breaking: Bombardier in talks to sell train-making division

    Seemed potentially significant enough to the parks for a stand alone thread (and not buried in the replacement rumor thread) but feel free to combine as needed. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/montreal/bombardier-in-talks-to-sell-train-making-division-to-french-multinational-alstom-1.5465925
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    Return of evening Extra Magic Hours?

    The 6-9am "Extra, EMHs" end on November 2. After that, only 1 hour of morning EMHs is listed on each Sunday. There are no evening EMHs listed through March 2020. Will evening EMHs return to DHS?
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    2019 Food and Wine?

    They announced 2018 dates on March 12, 2018. We are now a week past that for 2019. Is it the SGE announcement that has delayed FW dates? Something else? I would assume they will not shorten the event from 75 days, but I am curious when it will open. Thoughts? Tips? Insider info?
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    Dolphin Getting Internet Enabled TVs

    Our room on 12 was converted during our stay last week -- although it never worked properly. Services included: Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, YouTube, and Crakle. I would assume the Swan is as well.
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    Confirmed: Disney Parks Investor Waleed Bin Talal Arrested

    Reports from SA say that Waleed Bin Talal has been arrested. Talal was a significant shareholder (~9%) in Disney Paris up until a buyout this spring. He has been mentioned several times on this board as a possible investor in WDW, so I thought it might be of interest. ETA: A quick forum...
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    Mylan SignsAgreement with Parks and Resorts to Enhance Access to EpiPen Auto-Injector

    For those with or loved ones with allergies, this is a great development and good to know: EpiPen® Auto-Injector Locations Designated on Updated Guide Maps and Signage; New Multi-year Alliance to Increase Anaphylaxis Awareness through Multiple Educational Initiatives "PITTSBURGH, Nov. 7, 2014...
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    Garcia: With MyMagic+, Mickey will watch where you go, what you do

    Not an exclusively positive story. What a quote: "We are fortunate that many of our guests want to communicate and have a relationship with us," Disney World spokeswoman Kim Prunty said. "We are focused on sharing information with guests in a way that respects their relationship and enhances...
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    Disney and Universal: Two very different paths

    I thought this was worthy of its own thread, especially since a SPIRITED debate has buried most of this info. This OP is to recap recent announcements/coverage of Universal's shots across the bow of USS (HMS for our UK friends) Disney and Disney's (lack of?) reaction. Universal wants to add...
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    ESPN buying FiveThirtyEight after hiring Nate Silver

    According to Michael Calderone, Senior Media Reporter for The Huffington Post, via Twitter: ESPN is buying the FiveThirtyEight name and URL -- not a licensing deal. ESPN won't comment on how much the network paid for FiveThirtyEight. Nate Silver expects to hire at least one more person to...
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    Disney's Move: Uni planning major announcement Nov 1

    On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/UniversalOrlandoResort/app_375047952573142 Someone also posted this on the Uni Forum, but I thought it was relevant to the WDW rumors swirling these days - including at least three current threads here. It appears Uni has decided to move first. A few...
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    DVC Problems?: Chicago/NYC Sales Office to Close

    I think this is relevant to the parks and future resort development, particularly because I have heard that NY and NJ send the largest share of guests to WDW. It seems like an odd move given the current and rumored future expansion of DVC properties. Could it be that Disney thinks these markets...
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    NYT: "Universal....Takes Aim at Disney"

    Disney did not comment, but I am sure this is not the press they want. http://www.nytimes.com/2012/05/21/business/universal-armed-with-cash-from-comcast-takes-aim-at-disney.html
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    Rich Ross Resigns

    I posted this in the film forum, but thought it tied into enough ongoing conversations about the parks (ex: Muppets, Marvel) and Disney management to post here also. (Feel free to move.) http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/04/20/us-disney-ross-idUSBRE83J14320120420
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    Rich Ross Resigns

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    Next Gen Queue Confirmed for Peter Pan?

    This got deleted the first time, so I will try a different approach. There are rumors circulating online that PPF will receive an interactive queue during a refurb (no closing) that will begin next week. Apparently, the news has been shared with cast members. Can anyone confirm this? As someone...
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    Could customized shows be impetus for WOC at WDW?

    Saw this via a RT by __________ on Twitter: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=UMtGs65xgkM# Could the ability to sell WOC for after-hours shows be a big enough revenue generator to tip the scales on a similar experience for WDW? (The boost to attendance would not hurt...
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