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  1. artvandelay

    Impractical Jokers Fans?

    Any fans of Impractical Jokers? Season 8 hasn’t been the strongest, but I am looking forward to the movie.
  2. artvandelay

    Big Brother 20

    Anyone going to watch? I’m going to give it two weeks and see if it’s ok this season. If I see a returning player come back in the game I’m pulling the rip cord and bailing out!
  3. artvandelay

    Big Brother 18

    The new season of Big Brother begins Wednesday, June 22nd. Anyone else going to watch this season?
  4. artvandelay

    My Magic + is behind schedule

  5. artvandelay

    Going to HIlton Head for the first time...

    Heading down to Disney's Hilton Head resort next week for the first time. Any one have any tips or advice on things to do or places to eat?
  6. artvandelay

    Big Brother 15...

    Earlier this year. First episode is June 26th.
  7. artvandelay

    Explosion in Toontown Disneyland

  8. artvandelay

    Hall of Presidents Down 2/18/13

    Hall of Presidents Down since 9:30 am. CM's not sure when it'll be back.
  9. artvandelay

    NASCAR Testing at the Speedway Today

    Saw on Twitter that Joey Logano, driver of the #20 Home Depot Toyota, is tesing his car at the Disney Speedway today.
  10. artvandelay

    Big Brother 13...

    ...starts July 7th.
  11. artvandelay

    2012 European Cruises?

    Does anyone know when Disney releases the dates for the 2012 European cruises? Thanks.
  12. artvandelay

    Official Big Brother 12 Thread

    Less than two weeks to the premiere on July 8th.
  13. artvandelay

    New DVC Resort Near CSR Planned?

    Screamscape is reporting... New DVC Resort - Rumor - (5/31/10) Is Walt Disney World planning their next big DVC Resort? According to a new rumor sent in, plans may have been drawn up for a new resort project across the street from Disney’s Coronado resort that would feature some kind of...
  14. artvandelay

    Big Brother 12

    BB12 starts in 83 days.
  15. artvandelay

    MK Extra Magic Hours All Week?

    The WDW web site is showing morning EMH's all week next week (3/28 thru 4/4). Does anyone know if this is correct or a typo. I printed a schedule last week and it didn't have this. We're going next week, but not staying on property.
  16. artvandelay

    Survivor-Heroes v. Villians

    Video preview of next season with full cast. http://www.cbs.com/primetime/survivor/
  17. artvandelay

    Big Brother 11 Starts in 54 Days

    Every year I say I'm not going to watch, and then I'm up at 3 am on Morty's site to find out who won an endurance challenge.
  18. artvandelay

    24 is back tomorrow 1/11

    Jack is Back, baby!
  19. artvandelay

    2009 Dining Paln Prices?

    2009 Dining Plan Prices? Does anyone know when Disney is releasing the rates for 2009 DDP? Thanks.
  20. artvandelay

    Olympic Merchandise being sold in Epcot China?

    I was hoping to pick up some Olympich merch. and was hoping they have some at the China pavillion at Epcot. Anybody know?
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