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  2. 13*Minute*Wait

    4TH of July Crowds...any chance the park will close due to crowd capacity?

    Hi all, We've never been to Disney for the 4th of July, but are going down from the 4th through the 7th this year. Upon arriving on the 4th, we'd planned on going to one of the parks for awhile, then leave to check into our hotel and rest, before heading out to the Magic Kingdom for the...
  3. 13*Minute*Wait

    Cigar Store Indian - Main Street

    Has he been permanently removed from Main Street? I didn't see him this summer when we visited, which made me curious as to how long he's been gone. Doing a quick Google search, I found an article from 2017 about the various buildings on Main Street that mentions him, but can't find anything...
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