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  1. dave&di

    Pros/cons Swan & Dolphin

    We're (OH and me) saving for a 10 night stay in September 2022. In the past we’ve stayed at GF, Poly, WL and POFQ for our last trip in 2013. We are pretty sure we won’t be able to afford a Deluxe again so our initial idea was to return to POFQ which we enjoyed. We’ve since realised The Swan &...
  2. dave&di

    Where to find sandwiches.

    Hiya guys! We (OH and I) last went to WDW in 2013, we are planning a trip in 2022. We travel from the UK and as much as we enjoy a burger or hotdog we sometimes want something not greasy like a chilled sandwich or wrap. We used to enjoy eating at Writers Stop and Starring rolls at HS 😢 these...
  3. dave&di

    Family & Friends list - MDE

    I’m trying to add myself to my OH’s account, when pressing “accept invitation” it says “we’re having trouble finalising you’re request”. I've tried this several times over a number of days. What am I doing wrong?🙄
  4. dave&di

    Are Magic Bands essential?

    Hi Guys, I’ve already posted in another section regarding smart phones, hoping to go to WDW in 2022, we’ve not been since 2013, “the era of actual tickets” 🙄. If we decide to just get a plastic ticket/room card, what CAN’T we do with that that we could do with the MB? Would we actually Be...
  5. dave&di

    Are smart phones essential at the parks?

    Hello! I haven’t been on this site for several years! Our last WDW trip was 2013, we were meant to return in 2014 but life got in the way, since then it’s not been possible to return, we are hoping to return in 2022, we will need to do lots of saving to achieve 10 nights (flying from England)...
  6. dave&di

    Info about this plate.

  7. dave&di

    Half Board Meal Plan

    Hi, We've booked for June and have the 25% off package which includes Half Board Meal Plan, which allows us breakfast in the park at counter service restaurants, we also get dinner voucher, when we research it we can only see plans that include buffet breakfast in hotels. Can anyone explain how...
  8. dave&di

    Will actual anniversary 12th April be really busy?

    Hi, My cousin has insisted on being at the Parks for the 12th April, the actual opening day 25 years ago. We'll be there 11th-13th. I usually visit WDW in September as I like the quieter time with no crowds or queueing times! Am I in for a nightmare! My cousin is on the Autistic Spectrum and...
  9. dave&di

    Prince related question.

    Hi guys, My OH has been desperately searching the Internet for a video.... Apparently years ago Prince surprised a Black Ameican male breakfast presenter by singing to him live on air on his last day in the job, they were pals I believe. Anyone know of this? My OH is pulling his hair out looking
  10. dave&di

    Cancelling WDW trip

    My OH found out last Sept that he was going to be made redundant May 2015. We had planned to do 10 days at WDW, 7 days at Uni,Seaworld etc and the 7 days at Clearwater. We do this every 2 years. Being optimistic we booked our WDW trip anyway, 10 nights at the WL our favourite resort, the rest we...
  11. dave&di

    How to send a private message to staff?

    pretty much as the titles states, I'd like to get in touch with Steve or a Mod privately Thanks.
  12. dave&di

    Naming a Cockatiel

    Hi guys, I have a new pet, a cockatiel. I've had it for 3 weeks and still can't think of a name, it's only a youngster so I can't tell yet if it's a boy or girl!!! Can anyone think of a Disney related name that's not too obvious, and also unisex!!! Appreciate any ideas before I end up...
  13. dave&di

    I've Disney-fied my house!

    I'm in Disney World!!!! Well .... I can dream! I bought this 'IASW' wall decoration which I've put on my landing! It's nice and private so it doesn't ruin the look of my house and other people won't see it so I can't be told how silly I am! :mad: I didn't realise Dave is still in the 'Disney...
  14. dave&di

    We've booked for 2015!!!

    I've avoided this site a lot since my return from WDW last September, way too depressing!:arghh: Now there is a light at the end of the tunnel, we're going back baby!!! :joyfull: We've booked 10 nights at the WL for Sept 2015, by booking through Disney (UK) we have the Dining Plan for free...
  15. dave&di

    Fellow UKers - Eurostar too expensive?

    Hi all! I've not been on here for months, as since my return from WDW in Sept, life is too depressing! Which brings me on to this subject! I can't return to WDW til Sept 2015 :arghh: I'm desperate for some Disney lovin' !! I'm being given £500 by my parents as they are moving and have...
  16. dave&di

    I have Monty Python tickets!!!!

    Hi guys, I just want to brag that I have spent 1 1/2 hours trying to get tickets for the Monty Python Show next July, they have added extra dates and I managed to get 2 for the Friday!!!! I'm sooooo happppyyyy!!!!!!! :happy::D:happy::D
  17. dave&di

    Maple syrup cookies-Epcot

    Hi guys, we were at WDW during the beginning of Sept. we bought several boxes of the Maple Syrup cookies from the Canada pavilion while we were there (couldn't get enough of them!) now back in the UK we would love to get more. Does anyone know the name of the company? I've googled but I don't...
  18. dave&di

    Trip Report Doing it 'live' baby!

    Good morning!!!! I'm at Gatwick Airport! We woke at 4am ready for my dear parents to drive us to the airport at 5am :eek: we arrived at 6:15am, checked in, went through security and browsed the shops for a while. We entered the British Airways lounge 40 minutes ago, I've had a complimentary...
  19. dave&di

    Candy covered pretzels

    Hi guys, I would love to try the dessert goodies box you can get at the Fantasmic amphitheater, BUT I have an ADR at HBD before the show and I know it will be fit to burst by then. Is there anywhere else you can get these pretzels at WDW, otherwise I'll have to get one and hope for the best...
  20. dave&di

    Pre-Trip Doing it 'live' baby!

    Hi Guys, Me and my lesser half Dave will be staying at POFQ from Sept 3rd-12th, NEXT TUESDAY!!!!!! We normally go to WDW every 2 years and go in style, staying at Deluxes, flying Premium Economy, then staying a week at Universal followed by a week on a beach! BUT upon our return home last...
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