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  1. PJBuckeye

    News Primeval Whirl, Stitch's Great Escape and Rivers of Light permanently closed

    Something that I thought up when listening to your AK Marty Called episode would be a Prehistoric Jungle Cruise.
  2. PJBuckeye

    Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon

    What time did you notice registration open at?
  3. PJBuckeye

    Rumor Spaceship Earth Redo Shelved Indefinitely

    Sorry, just a nerdy accountant here.... can we please call this what this is... it's depreciation, not amortization. Carry on.
  4. PJBuckeye

    News New Play Pavilion to replace Epcot's Wonders of Life

    Yes, my arm chair Epcot involves moving Figment to the play pavilion w/ Dreamfinder. I like your sky pavilion idea. I equally like the @RSoxNo1 idea of putting IASW in EPCOT. That would be a perfect spot for it.
  5. PJBuckeye

    News New Play Pavilion to replace Epcot's Wonders of Life

    The could have easily said "Imagination is essential to innovation, exploration and creativity". This pavilion and Imagination being opposite ends of future world is so dumb.... They should be next to each other or just one pavilion.
  6. PJBuckeye

    RunDisney Virtual Series 2021

    And my 2022 WDW marathon hopes die.
  7. PJBuckeye

    Rumor The EPCOT Hotel

    I think he is meaning just the train... not the track. However, a hotel with access to the Epcot monorail station is a good sign for future improvements to the existing monorail lines/ trains.
  8. PJBuckeye

    Rumor The EPCOT Hotel

    I agree that the timing is right. The thing that I find puzzling about current strategy is that the mid 20's should be roaring coming out of this, and I would expect the rumor mill to be hotter about what they possibly will build once they get comfortable we are, in fact, coming out of this.
  9. PJBuckeye

    The World's Most Magical Celebration - Walt Disney World's 50th anniversary

    hmm... Night time water parade? I have been thinking of a way to have a nighttime parade in a post pandemic world. Maybe this is it.
  10. PJBuckeye

    Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend

    I am optimistic. Think it can be done with the following... - Rapid test at bib pick up. Rapid testing should be more available in January. - More corrals. - Require masks for first 1/4 mile and immediately after finish line. - Run through closed parks... shift operating hours until later...
  11. PJBuckeye

    Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend

    The lack of on course water is scary. I think not having high availability of water does more harm than good. The more I think about this, it is actually incompetent.
  12. PJBuckeye

    "Cancelled" Annual Passes Still Active?

    Thanks for starting this thread... my kids passes are still active too. I was concerned, but this put my mind at ease somewhat.
  13. PJBuckeye

    Any idea when they will finish demolishing innovations west?

    Hopefully, they don't... turn it into a festival center. The less things built under a Chapek-led Disney, the better.
  14. PJBuckeye

    News Big changes coming to EPCOT's Future World?

    You know what would be more family, relevant and Disney.... A Figment movie
  15. PJBuckeye

    News Disney names D’Amaro as Chairman Disney Parks Experiences and Products

    Optimism: This will be great... should be a positive for quality of service. Pessimism: Oh, great... more up charges
  16. PJBuckeye

    Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend

    So excited. Signing up for my first marathon tomorrow. Also, signing up my kids and me up for the 5k.
  17. PJBuckeye

    Rumor Something Guardians of the Galaxy may be coming to Hollywood Studios

    Wait, I thought I saw "E ticket Report" on a show schedule during Pete's live stream today... For some reason, I was like "nah, couldn't be"
  18. PJBuckeye

    Rumor Something Guardians of the Galaxy may be coming to Hollywood Studios

    Now... now... that's no way to get invited onto his show 😆
  19. PJBuckeye

    Refunds or cancellations of Disney World Annual Passes

    So, how long do we have to pick a partial refund or additional time added on?
  20. PJBuckeye

    News Announced: Mary Poppins Attraction in UK Pavilion

    Assumption at this point is that any project that hasn't began construction is on hold, including Poppins. This could eventually be a blessing. From all reports, the current plan was scaled back. Perhaps, we will receive something better in the future.
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