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  1. HoraceHorizons

    Hours and Entry to GALAXY'S EDGE from July 2019 onward

    Does anyone know how the reservations and entry times will be handled after June 2019? I have a trip planned in August during D23 and I made the trip a full week assuming I could spend at least a day exploring Galaxy's Edge by day and by night. I don't think I'm interested in staying for a week...
  2. HoraceHorizons

    Morimoto and the Dining Plan - A Question

    I have reservations at Morimoto Asia for a Saturday evening in late October. We are on the Dining Plan, but when I look at the menu, the prices don't seem to be 2-Table Service in value. 95% of the menu on the My Disney Exp App reflects a lower price point than most 1 Table Service credit...
  3. HoraceHorizons

    JUNGLE CRUISE (2019) Film S.E.A. Tie-In?

    So Ive checked imdb.com on a whim, wondering if there would be a S.E.A. tie-in, in the film and I found some curious character names listed; including: Andy Nyman as "Sir James Hobbs-Coddington" and Mark Ashworth as "Society Member 1" The synopsis also mentions that there will be a...
  4. HoraceHorizons

    MARVEL Mini-Land at EPCOT?

    With the addition of GoTG at Epcot, I couldn't help but recall a statement at the last D23 where Bob Iger (If I remember correctly) described the Space-area as a new "Mini-Land." I realize the Marvel Contract with Universal is severely limiting but GoTG were in that film, and ANT MAN was not...
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