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  1. mandib

    Who else isn't ready? Warm Thoughts!

    Well folks today was the first snow in Chicago. Ugh. I really feel like crying. This means getting up early to get snow/ice off my car and slick roads and people driving like you know what. And shoveling. All the things that make me depressed. So to all of you who are in the snow with me...
  2. mandib

    Oregon Trail game

    We've been talking in history about the Oregon Trail and with that came talk of the old computer game. Now I'm talking about the original with the crappy graphics, but the good old stuff. I mean to float the wagon or not to float the wagon now that was the question. Please tell me someone...
  3. mandib

    Trip time 6/8-6/17 (wdw, usf, cocoa beach)

    Hello everyone hopefully I'll finish this and it won't be too long or boring! First off the gang consisted of my parents, my younger sister Meli (10) and me (16). We have Ap's to WDW and UF. We left right after my last final on the 8th and headed down to Orlando. We arrived around 6ish...
  4. mandib

    Au Revior!

    Todays finally the day! I'm off to Disney for 9 days. :) Our plane leaves Midway at 3:25. Hope everything goes well. There's a lot of rain in the forecast but hey who cares its Florida its expected. I'll put a trip report up when I get back if I remember. Bye everyone!! :waves:
  5. mandib

    Replica of Epcot

    I was reading a Disney trivia book and it said that before epcot was opened there was a model in which everything was scaled down to the size of 1/8th of an inch. It still ended up being 1,428 square feet. Now my question is what happened to it? Was it demolished? Is it somewhere on...
  6. mandib

    Xanga Blogring

    Hey everyone! I was just wondering if WdwMagic had a blogring on xanga. I couldn't find one so I was wondering how many people are interested in making one. I'm not sure if I know how but if theres interest we'll see. :)
  7. mandib

    Decided on Dates! And some questions...Mothers Day?

    When things go bad what does my family do? We decide to go to WDW. The last week has just been horrible-my sister didn't make the play at the local college, I didn't make the softball team at school when I was on it last year, and my dad has so much stress he actually got out of the car at a...
  8. mandib

    I'm off off and away!

    Away to Disney I go! I leave right after school tomorrow. It's going to be the longest 8 periods of my life. Oh well. If anyone else is going down there maybe we'll bump into each other. Here I come "world"! *edit*-I can't type! :)
  9. mandib

    Opening time of TTC

    Our Disney trip is fast approaching, Thursday!! On Friday we're scheduled to eat breakfast at the Crystal Palace at 8:30. Problem is we need to have our APs renewed because they came up Nov. 3rd. We have the green cards and everything just need them processed. So my question is when does TTC...
  10. mandib

    Disney "feature" article-suggestions?

    I know there's a bunch of creative people out there so here is my plea. I need to do a feature story for journalism. It's supposed to be light hearted "soft news". What better thing is there than Disney? Now there comes my problem what about Disney would make a good feature story? Any...
  11. mandib

    Brrr...is anyone else freezing??

    As far as I'm concerned winter is here. It's 3:30 and only 44°! Chicago weather is icky,ucky, and everything inbetween. So I'm wondering are you all hot weather or cold weather people? I don't know how anyone could live somewhere like Alaska. Brr... Enough complaining...which do you enjoy?
  12. mandib

    November park hours are up!

    Just wanted to let everyone know that we can stop waiting and go hop on over to disneyworld.com because November park hours are listed. I'm not to impressed with the Studios hours but I can live with the others. Go take a look! (I didn't see this posted yet)
  13. mandib

    Mickey on the Cubs game!

    OMG it's the 7th inning stretch and guess who's singing take me out to the ball game? Mickey and the daper Dans! I knew Mickey loved the Cubs. Wow my 2 favorite things all in one. Just had to post from pure excitment! :)
  14. mandib

    Swatch commercial

    I can't figure out what the song is in this commercial. It's the commercial in the stadium that they play a lot during the olympics. It's for the swatch watch. lol If someone could tell me who sings that and what the songs called I'd be happy! :) Sorry this is vague I'm tired too much...
  15. mandib

    Australia makes NO sense!

    I was watching olympic softball this morning and the US was playing Australia. Australia's flag colors are red,white, and blue. Well then I look at they're uniforms and they're green and yellow. Now why is that? The more I thought about it the more I realized they always wear yellow and...
  16. mandib

    Priority Seating timeline

    Does anyone know of where I could find a countdown until I need to make priority seatings. I know its 90 days but I always seem to count wrong. lol I thought I saw one somewhere but I can't remember. Thanks!!! :)
  17. mandib


    Well I'm sitting here day dreaming about Disney and a plane just flew over my house. It happens a lot since I live right by Midway (13 min to be exact). Anyways I always wonder if they might be going to Disney either the world or land. Does anyone else do that? Maybe I'm weird (well I know...
  18. mandib

    Boardwalk-Just to walk around?

    We have always stayed off-site since we rent houses. I've been looking for new things to do this coming trip (November) and was thinking about going to Boardwalk. Is there stuff to do there? It seems like a cute place to go have dinner and take a walk. Am I right? When do you think is the...
  19. mandib

    Booking Family Magic Tour

    I have a few questions about this. It seems like a really fun time but has anyone recently been on it? How was it and how many people were with your party on the tour? How long in advance can you book the tour? I figure 90 days but I might be wrong. Also to get the AP discount do you have...
  20. mandib

    Basin/The Body Shop

    While I was using my Basin body butter last night I got to thinking if they were related to The Body Shop. The seem to have a lot of the same kind of items. Those are also the only two stores that I have ever seen body butter in. Just wondering if anyone knows! I love both these stores though!
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